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What dreams tangerines on dream books Vanga, Miller

What does it mean if you dreamed of mandarins: interpretation options

The appearance of mandarin in a dream is positive. This promises you a quick holiday or the arrival of guests.

There are many more meanings of this dream — in reality it can be expressed in the most bizarre way.

The overall interpretation of sleep may be vague. It is better to take a closer look at the details.

What dreams tangerines on dream books Vanga, Miller

What is the meaning of the dream tangerines?

Tangerines in a dream is a good sign, but the vision can have serious consequences in reality. For example, you watched as someone treated to fruit.

Suppose it was a little boy or girl, it means that you will accomplish something that will affect relationships with loved ones. You divided the fruit into slices and the juice fell on you — this is a sign that a big trouble will happen, which will be connected with your character. Mandarin was rotten — in reality there is likely a conflict with relatives.

There will be deceit or betrayal if the fresh-looking fruit is rotten.

What dreams tangerines on dream books Vanga, Miller

If it happened to observe immature or green tangerines in a dream, in this situation it is worthwhile to put off holidays and parties for the time being, as it is possible to get an infection or a disease. In the dream, they saw that they were eating sour mandarin — this is a sign that soon you will not have the desire to go towards your own goal.

You have observed in a dream a tree that has blossomed — this sign promises you to achieve your goal in the coming days.

You can dream a variety of things associated with the image of a tangerine — it may be, for example, citrus juice, spilled from a container for drinking on your or someone else’s clothes. All the events that you saw in the dream, differently reflected on reality.

Clearing a mandarin peel in reality can be a forerunner of the addition to the family, if the fruit is rotten, there is a risk of catching an infection and seriously getting sick.

Interpretation of different dream books

What dreams tangerines on dream books Vanga, Miller

Eastern dream book. You have to rest and calm down in the event that in a dream you felt the pleasant aroma of citrus.

The girl who bought rotten tangerines, waiting for deception. Things will be more productive if you have eaten a lot of fruit in your dreams.

Dream interpretation E. Avadyaeva. Bought tangerines in a dream — this is a sign that the dreamer is waiting for love. Selling fruit will lead to the goal.

Bargaining for a long time — getting the benefits of the planned enterprise

Dream Vanga. In a dream, they grew tangerine trees, which means you will certainly get what you want.

Engaged in the sale of orange fruit in their dreams — it promises you a quick illness. The fruit turned out to be rotten when you opened it — this indicates an imminent loss of strength and the lack of desire to perform the tasks assigned.

Dream Miller. In a dream, you enjoyed the tangerines — you should trust the people from your surroundings less, otherwise you will soon have to face enemies or traitors.

If a man dreamed of how a tangerine tree blooms, this is a good omen — order and welfare will soon reign in his family.

Combined dream book. It was possible to eat in a dream a sweet and juicy citrus fruit, which means you need to avoid contact with strangers in the near future.

You will do a good deed, provided that in a dream you were treated to tangerine slices of a child. In a dream, you divided the fruit into slices and poured over it with juice — this means the appearance of trouble that will happen through your fault.

Great Dream. Wait for guests in the event that in a dream saw a tangerine. You trust too much to others — this is indicated by the fruit you ate in your dream.

A woman dreams of a tangerine — it is a harbinger of the fact that her husband hides a secret from her. You are treated to a treat by a child in a dream — you can expect that you will commit an act that will serve as a reason for a change in the attitude of those around you.

In their dreams they saw how citrus juice got on clothes — wait for trouble. Tangerine fruit tree most likely means the emergence of well-being and success in business.

Ancient dream book. You dreamed tangerines, it is worth preparing for the imminent arrival of welcome guests from afar.

Or maybe a holiday is planned in the house? The road to success will be very difficult if you ate mandarins in a dream.

You saw how the tangerine tree grows — you expect growth in the field of career, and if it had time to appear and ripen the fruits, then the profit will appear in large numbers. Mandarins were rotten or tasteless — this is a sign that you will meet a person who will not be the person he claims to be.

Selling or buying fruits you obviously need to think about maintaining your own health — there is a considerable risk of getting sick. There are unripe fruits in a dream — this is a bad sign, which is a warning about an undesirable situation with unkind people.

Allow it to be very difficult.

Medieval dream book. It was believed that in a dream to eat a rotten fruit means to lose a relative in life or to feel deception and betrayal about yourself. You saw that someone divided the mandarin into slices — a sign that you will soon spend a considerable amount of money wasted.

To give a fruit in a vision to someone means a new acquaintance in reality.

They observed in their dreams how the tree grows and bears fruit — with a high probability you will find an addition to the family. Well-being and profit foreshadows a dream in which you saw a lot of mandarins.

Very juicy and large fruits in a dream speak of the emergence of new opportunities for which you will have time and money. Over-ripe tangerines are a sign that an event will soon happen that will change your life, and for the worse or for the better, depends on the degree of ripeness of the fruits seen.

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