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What dreams sweets: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of sweets: cakes, candy, chocolate, cake, cookies and others

Most dream books interpret dreams of sweets as a symbol of receiving pleasure, joyful news. Such a plot also foreshadows career advancement and the resolution of material problems.

The exception is dreams in which the sleeper sees stale or tasteless sweets. In this case, we should expect unforeseen obstacles in all the cases initiated, gossip and intrigue of envious people.

If a man sees in a dream a lot of sweets, then soon he will meet a nice girl who can create comfort in his house.

For women, such a plot foreshadows the acquisition of what she had long dreamed of. If the dreamer saw a dream about different types of sweets, then in reality she lacks attention and care.

However, do not doubt the feelings of a loved one.

There are sweets in a beautiful wrapper — a symbol of the fact that when meeting a man the dreamer draws attention to the appearance, not the character of the guy.

A large number of sweets on the table is a dream when a person is waiting for something important. See a lot of people at this table — for the arrival of guests from afar.

If you happen to eat sweets alone, then this is a warning sign that you should not open your soul to others.

What dreams sweets: interpretation of the dream

One of the key points for the correct interpretation of sleep is exactly what sweets dreamed a person.

What dreams sweets: interpretation of the dream

If a man dreamed that he ate a cake, it foretells a feast with loved ones, and if a woman — to pleasant troubles. If the dreamer bought a confection, it is worth preparing for material difficulties.

If the cake was a dream for a girl on the eve of the wedding, this sign is a warning that the wedding ceremony may not take place.

It is important to pay attention to the appearance of the cake:

  • Small and neat — the dreamer realizes his capabilities and strengths.
  • Big, pompous — a sign of high self-esteem of a sleeping person.
  • The product is plentifully watered with chocolate — to move up the career ladder.
  • Custard cake is a symbol of strong family relationships.
  • If sweets are decorated with sweets, then it promises a fateful meeting with your soulmate.

What dreams sweets: interpretation of the dream

Buying cookies means that you have to work hard to achieve the goal.

Bake cookies — for the arrival of unexpected guests, meeting with whom will leave unforgettable memories. If it came out bitter or salty in taste, then it’s time for a dramatic change.

Do not be afraid to change your usual rhythm of life.

Chocolate cookies — to meet with the man of his dreams, small — to replenish the family.

Looking at cookies, but not being able to eat them is a sign that the dreamer will soon have to make an important decision that will affect the lives of many other people. To avoid a big mistake, you should seek advice from elders.

Gingerbread dreams to receive a pleasant letter or a worthy reward for their labors.

If the cakes were fresh, then the dreamer will be able to earn money with honest labor. If they were callous, then the sleeper will try to be drawn into some kind of scam.

Seeing someone bake gingerbread is a symbol that someone is trying to use the dreamer’s goodness.

Engaged in baking the most — good luck in all your endeavors.

A dream of candy promises profit. However, it is important to pay attention to the appearance and taste of sweets:

  • If they were made of chocolate, then the dreamer will receive a substantial cash income.
  • Candies of small size warn the sleeper that expectations from the started business will not be justified.
  • Thawed candy — a sign that the dreamer will soon enjoy love joys.
  • Toffee promise a quick meeting with old buddies.
  • Candy «Chupa Chups» suggests that the dreamer has a secret admirer who has long been in love with her, but does not dare to talk about her feelings.
  • Lollipops promise a pleasant surprise.
  • The dreamed caramel speaks of the moral and physical exhaustion of the dreamer. You need to rest, otherwise you will not be able to avoid health problems.

The spoiled sweets promise difficult but productive work that will bring not only moral but also material satisfaction to the dreamer.

New sweets, the taste of which is unknown to the dreamer, are a symbol of the fact that soon a person will go to another city or even a country to receive new knowledge.

Treat sweets — to receive messages, which for some time will knock the sleeper out of a rut.

For a girl, a dream in which she ate candy, predicts one partner and an early marriage. For a man, such a dream foreshadows troubles and worries.

If a woman saw a dream in which she was making candy, then it promises her a large number of fans. If a man gave her a box of candies, then it means that the dreamer will soon be invited to the party.

Sucking lollipop candy — for short-term pleasure. If the candies were sour to taste, then it promises disappointment and unfulfilled hopes.

See chocolate — a sign of rapid take-off on the career ladder. Dreamer expects new position and salary increase.

Breaking a tile — changing your attitude towards business partners. If sweetness was tasteless or stale, then this dream predicts disappointment and resentment.

Buy chocolate — start a new profitable business.

Melted chocolate can dream about making an important business deal.

One slice of tile promises deception of a loved one.

Other types of sweets are presented in the table.

Kind of sweets

Value of sleep

  • If a person often dreams of cakes, then this characterizes the dreamer as a naive and dreamy person. It is necessary to learn more to look at simple things and not to believe everyone.
  • A basket cake foreshadows a big family celebration, and the sweetness with custard promises a strong and long marriage
  • There is a sweet cake in a dream — to receive good news. Sleep prophesies family happiness.
  • Engaged in baking pies — to a happy event in the house.
  • Helping yourself to the pie — to get important news.
  • Look at the pies, but do not eat them — to the losses and the need

Sleep promises prosperity and material wealth. It is important to observe your detractors as they prepare to harm the dreamer.

  • There are waffles — to get a profitable business offer. If they turn out to be tasteless, it promises disappointment.
  • To treat someone — to deception and betrayal.
  • If a person cannot decide in any way what waffles to buy at the store, then the reality of the dreamer is an indecisive person, and this prevents him from living
  • There is a favorite cupcake in a dream — soon become the owner of some property.
  • A raisin cake offers great love and success in dealing with financial issues.
  • To divide the confection into parts — to the pleasure of visiting the theater
  • There is pudding — gossip and false rumors about the dreamer. Engaged in baking pudding — to the dismay of your beloved person in reality and breaking the relationship with him.
  • For a married woman, a similar dream foreshadows sexual problems.
  • Seeing in front of you a fresh, fragrant marshmallow — to receive a pleasant gift.
  • According to the modern dream book, if a girl dreamed of a white marshmallow, then a date with a pleasant young man awaits her.
  • A sign that the dreamer often spends money on unnecessary things. Such an attitude to finance can cause serious financial problems.
  • If the dreamer was eating cakes, then soon he will have everything he dreamed of in life.
  • Beat meringue — dreamer work will be appreciated
  • There is marmalade — to the disease, to do — to a pleasant home environment.
  • To dream of melted marmalade — the dreamer is waiting for someone else to solve his problems.
  • There is a fruit candy — a symbol of the fact that the dreamer is engaged in an unprofitable business.
  • Buying sweetness is to the disappointment of those events that the sleeper has long dreamed of.
  • A stale pastila foreshadows a quarrel with a close friend.
  • To feed the sweetness of children — to receive good news or an unexpected gift.
  • Look at the pastille in beautiful boxes — a sign of love and loyalty
  • To see jelly is a sign of a series of small troubles that will arise because of the dreamer’s gentle nature.
  • For an unmarried girl, such a dream foreshadows a difficult choice between two fans.
  • Pour dessert into molds — to the unrest, anxiety and hassle. If the sweetness quickly froze, then this is a good sign. He says that most problems will be solved by themselves.

There is ice cream — to success in all endeavors. Seeing how children eat sweetness is an auspicious symbol. He says that happiness and luck will accompany a person all his life

  • For a woman, the dream says that she will receive unequivocal signs of attention.
  • If the souffle dreamed of a man, then soon he would meet an economic and sweet girl who would become his wife.
  • To see how others eat sweetness — to the invitation to a big celebration
  • Enjoy the taste of halva — to a secret trip abroad with your soulmate.
  • Buying sweets — soon the dreamer will prepare a pleasant surprise for his family members.
  • To treat someone with halva is to help a friend with employment.
  • Stale sweetness is an auspicious sign: a person with whom the dreamer has quarreled has long been secretly dreaming of reconciliation.
  • There roasting — to cardinal changes in life. Most changes will be favorable.
  • Receive a gift of sweetness — to great surprise, to buy — to meet a man who will soon become one of the dreamer’s best friends
  • There is a jam — to big profits, cook — to the hassle and worries.
  • Seeing jam in cans on the table is a sign that in order to implement the planned event, you will have to spend much more time and effort than previously expected.
  • Eating jam is a pleasant surprise.
  • Cook — to meet with old friends, which will bring only pleasant memories
  • There is a sandwich with jam — to make an unplanned expensive purchase, which will adversely affect the budget of the dreamer.
  • Brush with sweets — a warning sign. He talks about the presence in the immediate environment of a hypocritical man who is trying in every possible way to spoil the reputation of the dreamer

To changes in personal life. Soon, the dreamer meets a man who will give him many moments of happiness and joy, fill life with meaning

  • There are candied fruits — for gifts, winnings.
  • Cook — to fulfill the cherished desire.
  • Another interpretation of this plot: the dreamer will try to arrange the life of a loved one

Sherbet to gossip. Should behave more restrained, so as not to give the dreamer ill-wishers a reason for intrigue

There are Easter cakes, Easter eggs, funeral pancakes in the dream — a symbol of the fact that an event will soon happen that will radically change the life of the dreamer

In order for the interpretation of sleep to be more accurate, it is important to pay attention to the dreamer’s actions, his behavior.


Interpretation of sleep

  • According to the Islamic Dreambook, there is a large amount of sweets in a dream — a sign that the dreamer will soon solve all his old problems and acquire peace of mind.
  • To feel the sugary taste of sweets means to endure a strong shock. However, the dreamer will bravely endure all the trials of fate, which will arouse universal respect

Consider candy wrappers from candy

Soon the dreamer will hear a lot of pleasant words in his address. The main thing is to be able to distinguish sincere words from falsehood and flattery.

To an unreasonable waste of money that will cause a difficult financial situation

To the unexpected receipt of a large amount

Symbol of what close people consider a sleeping person to be an optimist

Look at the sweets through the window

To get what you want, you have to work hard.

Watch someone eat sweets

This story is a dream for women who have sexual problems.

  • Soon the dreamer will have to make a difficult choice.
  • Paying for sweets — hard and hard work will produce results

Get a gift

For a woman, sleep foreshadows a large number of fans.

Soon the dreamer will reach new victories and peaks. For the sake of achieving his goals he will be ready for much

Treat kids with sweets

Symbol that the dreamer has an open soul and a pure heart

Detractors can take advantage of the kindness and naivety of the dreamer

See how sweets are made

Soon the dreamer will witness an interesting event.

Sleep promises support from influential people

Hide in your pocket

The dream characterizes the dreamer as a thrifty person.

To disappointment in love

Many famous seers, psychoanalysts, astrologers and forecasters have their own point of view about what dreams are about.

Dream interpretation


  • To feel the taste of sweets is a sign that in a difficult moment the dreamer will behave with dignity.
  • To see a lot of sweets in your home — to improve the financial situation.
  • If a person is in a quarrel with someone, then the story of sweets promises reconciliation.
  • Cooking dessert — for an invitation to a romantic date

Dream Interpretation warns that the dreamer needs to take a more serious approach to choosing a sexual partner

  • The dream book of Tsvetkov says that dreams of sweets are a symbol of a lack of tenderness, attention, care and affection on the part of a loved one.
  • If a similar plot dreamed of a woman, then soon she would meet a man much older than her.
  • For a man, a dream of sweets promises wealth.
  • Buying desserts — empty hopes, unrealizable dreams
  • See a lot of candy on the table — the children will give a reason for joy.
  • Help yourself to sweets — to positive changes in the fate of the dreamer.
  • Prepare desserts — for the arrival of long-awaited guests from afar.
  • Stale sweets — a symbol of deception and betrayal

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