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What dreams sperm: interpretation of the dream book

What dreams of sperm men and women: the interpretation of dream books

According to the dream books, sperm in a dream can have both negative and positive meaning. The interpretation depends on the details seen: where was the seed, what caused ejaculation, whether there was sexual intercourse, what did the dreamer and other nuances do to it.

For the final interpretation, it is important who dreamed a dream and what felt like a sleeping one at the same time. If a man dreamed of collecting sperm for analysis, dream books do not give very happy predictions.

To properly understand what a dream about sperm means, you need to remember where you saw it:

  • In the mouth — to the suspicion and jealousy on the part of the dreamer in relation to his sexual partner.
  • Throughout the body — the desire of an erotic nature and bold sexual fantasies.
  • On the floor — a dismissive attitude to life.
  • On clothes, soiled with seminal fluid — a public shame awaits a sleeping person. He will fall into an awkward position and will want to fall from shame through the earth.
  • On the bed — to the appearance of a rival or rival in a love relationship.

To dream a lot of seed — to replenish the family. A drop of male sperm warns of strong love disappointments in real life.

What dreams sperm: interpretation of the dream book

The unpleasant smell and unnatural color of seminal fluid indicate health problems of the sleeping system of a sleeping person in real life. If the male sperm smells nicely — nothing threatens the dreamer state.

Seeing blood in the seminal fluid — the sleeper is at risk and risks catching a sexually transmitted disease due to promiscuity in sexual relationships and unprotected sex.

What dreams sperm: interpretation of the dream book

Dream interpretation gives several interpretations of dreams about spermatozoa, depending on the gender of the dreamer:

  • For an unmarried woman or girl, the seed means the possibility of forcible sexual intercourse by an unprincipled and cruel man.
  • Married sleeping dream of her husband’s sperm foreshadows the exquisite pleasures of an intimate nature in real life.
  • A man in a story in which ejaculation occurs after a long sex promises an emotional discharge and getting rid of the accumulated negative. If he dreams that he is taking seminal fluid for analysis, the dreamer worries about his ability to conceive a child. A man considers himself inferior, he is visited by various obsessive thoughts.

Spermatozoids that fertilize an egg are dreaming — the dreamer is fully prepared for the continuation of the species. For a woman, such a dream can foreshadow a long-awaited pregnancy.

If a man dreams of a wife who swallows his seminal fluid — to parting with his wife because of her adultery.

What dreams sperm: interpretation of the dream book

Deciphering a dream about sperm by different dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
Denise LynnSuch a dream symbolizes power and great potential.
FreudThe plot of the semen foreshadows the rapid development of events of the intimate plan in real life
LongoMeans helplessness, useless attempts to rectify the situation
SummerSuch a dream foreshadows impotence and indicates possible infertility.
SpringPromises frank talk, secret communication
ChristianIt means an empty pastime, a waste of your time and energy.
IntimateSays the dreamer has a need for respect, general recognition and authority

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