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What dreams soap and fragrant soap for dream books

Dreamed of household soap and fragrant — how to interpret

Soap, soapy root, various foaming compositions of plant and animal origin have a history more ancient than the Egyptian pyramids, Etruscan wall paintings and clay cities of Mesopotamia. Let’s try to figure out what dreams soap and the basic values ​​of soap in a dream.

Several values ​​of soap — it is hygiene and sanitation, the desire to wash something, remove dirt.

Sexual value — soap hides smells and evidence of adultery, financial value — soap until recently was accessible to financially prosperous citizens. Even today there are expensive brands of soap, which stand, like good perfumes, sometimes personal soap, with essential oils.

To dream soap means to strive for cleanliness, to hide something, to strive for well-being and comfort.

What dreams soap and fragrant soap for dream books

What do terrible dreams with soap

Quite often in a dream the nightmares are built on the contrast — a young girl in the shower washes with soap and foam, as befits a respectable, clean and naive bourgeois — a display of all light.

At the same time, there is a terrible maniac or a slimy monster attacking a girl in the shower when she is most defenseless. Such a dream shows that everyone has secrets, you can pretend to be embodied purity and innocence, but your monsters are in the cleanest and most frothy bathroom.

You should take it easy, if nightmares are obsessive or are transferred to real life in the form of fears — contact a psychologist.

Children’s nightmare with soap — in a dream soap is thrust into the mouth, the body shudders in emetic spasms, foam comes from the mouth. This is a direct mapping of parental threats to “wash your mouth with soap”.

Many children are trying to get rid of the nightmare, biting soap in reality — nasty, bitter, but not fatal.

What dreams soap and fragrant soap for dream books

Basic values ​​of soap in a dream

  • To blow bubbles — to build castles in the air, beautiful and meaningless plans, to fool your head, to lead an irresponsible easy flirt.
  • Washing with soap is an easy and enjoyable life.
  • Baby soap — sometimes you want to return to a carefree past. Perhaps simple solutions will be the most correct.
  • Laundry soap — you have something to hide. Violently rub the garment with soap — you are trying to forget something and do not remember, close your eyes to something. The second value of soap in a dream — you have to give justifying explanations, report on their affairs.
  • Antiseptic soap, special soap from ticks and parasites — you diligently corrode traces of interference in your life, a sign of the revision of values.
  • Bath soap often means friendly gatherings, a trip somewhere with friends, friendly pranks and good-natured jokes.
  • Figured soap — your ideas about reality and basic principles will soon be revised. You will be able to maintain your position if you have time to independently detect errors.
  • Beautiful glycerin soap — with flowers, petals, fragrances — you dream of your own cozy home.
  • Black soap — to get rid of the disease.
  • Play with soap, play around, put it in a soap box, roll on a rubber duck — it looks like your fantasies in love are inexhaustible. You will find a fascinating and easy-going love affair with an influential man. One or several depends only on you, your determination and readiness to use people in your career.
  • Soap slips out of your hands — you play and risk losing luck. Lost bar in muddy water means a hidden threat. Everything can be spoiled at one moment and completely by accident.
  • Step on the soapy floor, slip — you risk becoming a victim of fraud, if you believe the «slippery» people who are trying to get into trust.
  • Oscarous, dirty, unpleasant remnant — there will be serious tests, problems associated with uncleanness of others. Your financial well-being is at stake. You will not be able to prove your innocence if you do not take urgent and decisive measures.
  • Choose, buy soap in the store — you are busy searching for your own style, looking for effective solutions for business.
  • If you dream that you are carefully washing a pile of dirty things, you will have to work hard to hide the trouble. Pay attention to whose items you had to wash.
  • Wash clay, excrement, oily sticky dirt — to ruin.

What dreams soap and fragrant soap for dream books

What does it mean to see soap in a dream for dream books

  • In the female dream book, a bar of soap that you wash means unpunished betrayal. This applies particularly to the soap and antiseptic effect. Liquid aromatic gel soap — to a luxurious life. For women, soap in a dream has an exceptionally positive meaning and, in addition to mental renewal, there is an urgent need to update and refresh the wardrobe, to clean up the house, to create a cozy nest.
  • Pastor Loff in his dream book argues that soap in a dream means a strong desire to have a perfectly clear conscience. If you wash your hands with soap, then you are trying to isolate yourself from some dirty business. Wash yourself entirely — strive to become better, try to keep yourself clean.
  • Home dream book recommends to treat the soap as tidying up abandoned cases. Scented toilet soap of mass production for all dream books means an unsuccessful fight against premature aging.

What dreams soap and fragrant soap for dream books


In general, to see soap in a dream is a good sign, especially if you are able to heed warnings in time and use caution. The purity that soap gives can have an ambiguous interpretation, from the desire to preserve the purity of one’s own soul to hiding dirty affairs.

If you dream of a soap making process — you are on the threshold of interesting financial decisions, you are moving in the right direction, but have not yet found the right scope for your talents.

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