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What dreams shoes on the values ​​of dream and folk will

Dreams of shoes — what it can mean for different dream books

Footwear is the oldest element of clothing on which survival directly depended. Man needs to protect the delicate skin of the foot, which falls twice the load, compared to the four-legged.

Currently, footwear performs not only protective, but also representative functions.

From shoes it is easy to determine the well-being and inclinations of a person. Sports shoes in everyday life indicate a shortage of funds, poverty, practicality and undemanding person. High heels give out pretentiousness.

Well-chosen shoes demonstrate taste and well-being. To understand what dreams of shoes and what shoes mean in a dream, let us turn to the recognized dream-books and national values.

What dreams shoes on the values ​​of dream and folk will

Basic Values

  • Footwear in psychoanalitic matters of protection and sexual identification. The shoes are determined by sexual and social status, property status, prospects. According to the keen observation of the heroine of the old Soviet film, dirty shoes mean no social ambitions. The choice of shoes shows the attitude of a person towards himself. To see shoes in a dream usually means a need for a change in social status.
  • A significant number and a rich selection of shoes means the choice of partners. Specialized shoes — for running, tennis, horse riding, dancing, walking — in each area a person will find new interesting partners. The number of quality shoes shows the breadth of aspirations and, accordingly, a wider range of communication and interests, high status.
  • By the type of shoes in a dream, you can determine your chosen one, even if you are not ready to admit to yourself a conscious choice. The diplomat is unlikely to choose sandals. So, patent leather shoes or classic oxfords show you the right path.
  • Shoes — recognized fetish and powerful sexual symbol. Many people project their sexual desires onto the delightful shoes or tender feet of their partner. Foot fetish is equally common among men and women. Women evaluate the future partner in his shoes, and this is a fairly reliable criterion. The prince searched for Cinderella for his shoe and did not lose. To dream shoes, sneakers, shoes — means to choose a loved one with whom you will be comfortable and interesting. To a large extent, your choice determines your own behavior strategy.
  • New shoes — joy, happiness.
  • Old ragged or dirty — to serious trouble, stained reputation. Throw away old stuff — get rid of the burden of unpleasant memories. Leaving old shoes on the doorstep or windowsill means marking a territory.
  • Change shoes when entering the house — change the type of behavior to home, free.
  • Rough shoes — to heavy behavior, hooliganism. The more sophisticated the shoes, the more complex and interesting the behavior. Deliberately rough shoes mean provocative behavior, deliberately insulting others.
  • Suede boots — restraint. Brilliant, sparkling varnish shoes — the desire to live beyond their means, to splurge. Slippers — ease.
  • Buying, choosing — to take the plunge in life.
  • To steal is to deceive with your family. Perhaps a partner on the side.
  • Give — confess your feelings.
  • Repair shoes in a dream — your practicality gives contempt to others. You are sure that the old proven tricks will work. Perhaps you are mistaken. Come up with something new, try to surprise, show off.

What dreams shoes on the values ​​of dream and folk will

What does footwear by authoritative sources mean

  • According to the people’s dream book, a girl who has a lot of shoes always has a rich selection of gentlemen. If a woman thinks about a new dozen of model shoes — she thinks about changing her husband or gentleman, flirting, trying to increase her attractiveness. New shoes in a dream — a sign of new relationships, love, passion, affection.
  • Dream Vanga promises treason or a new hobby. Inconvenient shoes, rubbing — you are experiencing discomfort in the current relationship. If you specifically choose tight shoes in a dream — self-restraint, the pursuit of perfection by any means, perfectionism and high demands on yourself.
  • Freight’s dream interpretation recommends paying attention to heels. Trampled mean high popularity. High — ambition, desire to jump above the head, make an impression. Choose shoes, shoes for the evening — to determine the strategy of behavior. Your own positioning depends on the chosen shoes.
  • Nostradamus in his dream book ties shoes with marriage bonds. The choice of shoes shows your attitude towards an existing or proposed union. Limited choice may be due to external reasons. If you choose rubber boots, because in your dream it is raining, felt boots — because it is snow, boots, because football — this shows your high adaptability and dependence on circumstances.

What dreams shoes on the values ​​of dream and folk will


To dream shoes — an excellent sign of change for the better. The desire to change the shoes means the real need to revise outdated principles.

The refusal of the usual rules leads to the need to change and shoes. In the dream, you strive to make sense of the new steps and define a strategy for change.

Spoiled shoes mean the impossibility of returning to the old life, disappointment.

If you throw your shoes off and go barefoot, it shows the absence of the chosen strategy, complete openness, vulnerability, vulnerability. Perhaps even the collapse of a previous life.

In some cases, rejection of shoes in a dream is a declaration of peace and demands for accepting you without any changes as they are.

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