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What dreams pit: interpretation of the dream

What dreams pit: interpretation of popular dream books

The dreamed pit can be interpreted as a negative symbol according to most dream books. We need to remember the size of the pit and other details: what was in it, where it was located, what were the actions and emotions of the sleeper.

For the correct interpretation of the dream, it is necessary to take into account the sex of the dreamer, his age and marital status. An unfavorable omen is considered to be a plot in which a person falls into a deep hole and cannot get out of it.

According to the Eastern dream book, sleep speaks of danger.

The general meaning of the dream about the pit in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationValue of sleep
EnglishThe sleeping person is expected poverty and material need.
FreudThe dream symbolizes the female genital organs
MillerTo receive important news
TsvetkovaThe sleeper will fall into the trap.
OrientalA dream cannot be called positive: it warns of an impending threat
VelesovTo death soon
NewestIf a cesspool dreams, irreparable things can happen
RussianHard times come to the dreamer’s life, fate prepares for him an unpleasant surprise
AzaraThe sleeper is on the verge of life and death.
FamilyThe dreamer will perform a low deed towards his relatives, after which his relatives will not want to hear anything about him, and after a while will turn away from him
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaIt is necessary to be afraid of a dirty trick from the close companion
Modern combinedAll previous actions were wrong, and soon the dreamer will see this.

What dreams pit: interpretation of the dream

Depending on the personality of the person who fell into the pit, the interpretation of the dream changes:

  • Woman. If a bottomless pit dreamed of a woman in love, her object of adoration would not reciprocate. For lonely ladies, a dream of a pit foreshadows failure in real life. The dreamer will have to find a way out of a difficult situation. However, a dream in which the sleeping woman saw the coffin in the burial pit promises her a quick marriage or marital happiness with her spouse.
  • The man. Interpretation of a dream for a married man: the beloved will betray the sleeping one. For guys, this could mean betraying a close friend and his treacherous act that hurts the dreamer.
  • Merchant, businessman. The case, which previously brought a steady income, will become unprofitable. Man will go broke and lose faith in his own strength.
  • Farmer. Fall into a pit in a dream — to the death of cattle and a poor harvest.

The actions of the sleeper associated with the pit, also affect the interpretation of night dreams:

Dig your handsTo self-destruction
Dig by excavator or other equipmentThe dreamer has a developed wit and knows how to benefit from any situation.
To go downThings leave much to be desired
FallTo the tragic accident and irrecoverable losses
Stand in the pitHabitual lifestyle will be broken
Stand on the edge of the bottomless pitIt is time to reassess life values ​​and internal changes
Jump over the ditchBy a happy coincidence. The dreamer will be able to realize his plans and goals, but for this he will have to risk his life
Pull someone outTo see a child fall and help him get out of a deep ditch — a person from close surroundings will need the help of a dream dreamer. If the mother had a dream in which she happened to drag her son or daughter out of the ditch, you need to talk openly with your child and find out what disturbs him. The conversation should be in a friendly and calm manner, without teachings and notations.
Drop somethingMiss a brilliant opportunity, do not take advantage of a unique chance. If a person managed to get the thing that he dropped from his hands in a dream, fate is favorable to him and will give more than one chance
Throw moneyA dream means that a person spends money on absolutely useless and unnecessary things, and then he wonders why he does not have enough money for what is really needed.
Look down and see the bottomTrouble will be of short duration
Get outThings will go smoothly, but this will not happen immediately. After the sad events, the dreamer will get back on his feet, gain self-confidence and inner harmony
Cover the ditchA person who has had a dream will do something that will radically change the opinion of others about his person.

What dreams pit: interpretation of the dream

Dream interpretation gives ambiguous interpretations to dreams in which a person happened to see a pit, depending on certain circumstances:

  • In the floor — The dreamed hole symbolizes the dark sides of the sleeper’s soul, its vices, negative thoughts and actions. If, in a dream, the house collapsed into the hole that had formed, the dreamer will soon have to endure a great tragedy that will happen to one of his family members.
  • On road — to the danger that awaits the dreamer on the road. The car fell into a ditch — a warning about frustrated plans. Unexpected circumstances will prevent implement. To pull the car out of the pit and fall into it yourself — the sleeper will make a fatal mistake.
  • In sand — the dream indicates the fragility of the sleeping person. For risk lovers — a warning that you should not play with fate, otherwise it will end badly.
  • With water — a drop in dirty water portends a loss of reputation and a sharp deterioration in health. In the net — to unforgettable emotions.
  • With mud — the dreamer will fall into debt trap, and he will have to borrow a large amount of money that he cannot pay.
  • With beasts — the sleeper started a case involving unscrupulous and tough people who are hard to find an approach to.
  • With flowers — the dreamer will soon feel joy and relief. There may be pleasant surprises from a loved one and close friends.

According to dream books, a ditch littered with garbage foreshadows material gain in reality. Very soon in the life of the dreamer an event will occur that will have a positive impact on his financial situation.

The more trash in a dream, the more money a sleeper will receive.

What dreams pit: interpretation of the dream

A deep grave pit is dreamed of in the ground — a person’s life can end at one moment.

Depending on the plot of the dream about the pit in the cemetery, its final interpretation changes:

  • Dreamer digs a hole in the graveyard — dismissive attitude to their health. The sleeper does his best not to live to be old. He leads a wrong lifestyle and does not consider it necessary to undergo regular examinations by a doctor.
  • To see in a dream a friend or relative sitting in a dug grave — this man is in great danger.
  • Empty burial pit in the cemetery can prophesy the loss of someone close.
  • If the dreamer was at night in a grave dug in the cemetery, dream foreshadows betrayal of friends or betrayal of the beloved.

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