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What dreams of wrist watches

What dreams of hours: dream forecasts

To find out why the clock is dreaming, remember your dream in full detail. And then read the interpretation of dream books, prepared in this article.

I chose the most truthful predictions for you so that you can better understand the upcoming events.

Dream Vanga

Wanga rightly believed that dreams are of great importance in human destiny. And her predictions often come true, so they should be given attention.

What dreams of wrist watches

Here are the predictions of the most mysterious diviner of all times:

  1. Vintage, antique clocks — a sign indicating that a person needs to slightly slow down the hectic pace of life and reflect. To think about how worthy he behaved in the past, to forgive offenders and to apologize to those who are to blame. It is also worth considering whether you are fulfilling your purpose, are you going the right way, are you not wasting your time.
  2. Wall clocks say that the dreamer devalues ​​his life. He often risks and destroys himself. It is time for him to change his behavior, lifestyle and thoughts, if he does not want a sad ending for himself.
  3. The wristwatch is a symbol of fast passing time. Also, some very significant event will happen soon that can change a lot in a person’s life.
  4. A watch without a dial predicts a serious tragedy that has long been brewing, but the person did not pay attention to the signs of fate. He can avoid it if he rethinks his thoughts and actions in the past.
  5. Not to see the clock, but to hear only their knock, is an auspicious sign. Your life will soon improve, you will be able to fulfill what you have long dreamed of, and become an absolutely happy person.
  6. Seeing such dreams, be sure to listen to the prophecies of Vanga. This will help to behave properly, to avoid trouble and take the right place in life.

Dream Miller

This is my favorite dream book, the predictions of which come true almost always. Listen to them and you.

What dreams of wrist watches

  1. Glancing at a time in a dream is an auspicious sign. He promises to win the lottery, on the stock exchange or betting. Luck will turn your face to you, and you can easily get a large amount of money, even if you take the risk.
  2. Wristwatches are an unfavorable sign. Your efforts will be in vain because of the machinations of detractors. Try not to get upset if you fail to achieve your goal because of this, have patience and be persistent.
  3. Broken watches dream of financial losses and difficulties in love. It may seem that a black line has arrived in your life. But remember that any problems can be solved, and failures are temporary. You are able to solve everything.
  4. A clock with broken glass speaks of the dreamer’s frivolous behavior in the company of people. He often makes decisions in the heat of the moment, because of which his reputation may suffer. Try to carefully weigh every word, so as not to spoil relations with anyone completely.
  5. If a woman dreamed of how an elegant watch slips off her hands, she will start having problems in a family with children and a spouse. She also needs to take care not to spoil her reputation.
  6. If you gave a clock to someone in a dream, then in reality you are in for big trouble. They will arise for reasons beyond your control, therefore it remains only to submit to circumstances.
  7. Loud hour battle — to the sad news, because of which the dreamer will be very worried and upset.

Dreaming nostradamus

Alchemist, doctor and soothsayer, Nostradamus made predictions that relate not only to the most immediate events, but also to the distant future. Therefore, his predictions will suit those who are accustomed to plan their lives for many years to come.

What dreams of wrist watches

Here are his predictions:

  1. Loud hour battle is an alarming sign. Some of your loved ones are in trouble and need your support. Soon he will admit what happened, and you will need to come to the rescue as soon as possible, abandoning your own business.
  2. The absence of a dial is an unfavorable sign. Something very unusual will happen to you. We’ll have to quickly adapt to the new circumstances. Because of this, you will be in constant stress mode, you will experience all possible anxiety.
  3. Wristwatches are dreamed of by people who are experiencing an acute lack of time. They, as a rule, set themselves many goals, but do not have time to achieve them. Because of this, a growing sense of dissatisfaction. they need to slightly lower the bar and sensibly assess their capabilities.
  4. Wall clocks — to cardinal life changes. They will be favorable if in the past the dreamer laid a solid foundation for his future financial well-being. Otherwise, the changes will take by surprise and grieve.
  5. A very ancient clockwork says that soon you will have to seriously repent for actions committed in the distant past. It may give itself felt stormy youth. Try to let go of regrets and live in the present — still nothing can be fixed.
  6. Miniature pocket watch promises improved relations with the spouse. Your feelings will flare up with a new force and you will again endure a romantic candy-bouquet period. It is possible that it will be possible not just to save love, but also to multiply it many times.
  7. Watch-finding — a reminder of the subconscious that you are too often late, disrupting the plans of other people. You need to learn punctuality, otherwise fate will punish neglect and teach a serious lesson.

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  • The dreamed hours are a very ambiguous sign. They can both be a symbol of lost time, and testify to the occurrence of some important events in the life of the dreamer.
  • To determine exactly what fate has prepared for you, remember the plot of the dream in full detail, and then analyze it using predictions of dream books.
  • And do not forget to listen to intuition — it will prompt the most correct answer.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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