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What dreams of wood on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Firewood dreamed — features decoding and interpretation

Those who have been to the village know that for a Russian stove, dry woodpile is the best friend. You put a bundle of firewood in the fire, and it becomes warm and cozy in the house.

What dreams of wood, we learn in the dream.

Further into the forest, more wood

The tree is a symbol of development, the universe, from the roots to the crown reaching for the light and the peaceful sky. Firewood for the dreamer has a creative function, the beginning of something new, an idea that should turn into a worthy incarnation.

It can mean your stop, pause. Raw firewood means that the case requiring continuation does not develop because of the ill-conceived plan. Dry, large logs, neatly folded high hill, promise spiritual growth, development and the emergence of all earthly goods.

The smoother the wood in bundles, the calmer and more measured your life will be in the near future.

Different interpretation prepares this sign for men and women with equal situations in sleep.

Woman, don’t stand where the wood is cut

For a woman, everything from which you can kindle a bright flame of a fire embodies her feminine energy and strength.

Flooded the fireplace, feeling like a breath of warmth and comfort — in real life you will find a partner that is ideal for family life. Perhaps the first time you will seem too calm and boring with him, but this is until you know his passionate, sensitive sense of nature.

A neatly folded piece of a young girl says that everything in your life is too calculated and there is no place for happy coincidence. Your excessive organization and diligence do not allow you to just relax and enjoy life.

A married lady to cut and saw by herself means not to rely on the help and care of her spouse, but to rely only on her own strength. If the work is like and brings pleasure — to find happiness, joy in children and favorite business.

What dreams of wood on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

The business lady saw the logs on the counter of the counter — to the original and timely elimination of the problem, which will raise your authority among the subordinates.

Men without an ax do not walk on firewood

For men, neatly folded logs — waking success on the path to self-improvement. You are tireless, hardworking, and fortune favors you for optimism, ease, speed in making decisions.

Saw the stubborn stump — expect discontent and nagging spouse. The quarrel may not be long, but it will be unpleasant for you.

What else do the firewood dream about:

  • throwing into the oven — get rid of old unnecessary trash, clear space for rest and meditation;
  • dumped out of the truck under your gates — expect hard and laborious work;
  • a bundle to see — to quarrel, misunderstanding with a loved one;
  • one big log — a period of joyful and complete surprises of days;
  • cross the stream along them — to avoid losses or hidden dangers;
  • hand-picked — trying to get you in trouble;
  • raw hack — to become addicted to an influential person;
  • scattered around — to minor troubles.

The young guy can easily chop down the wooden chocks — in reality it is in danger of getting into trouble, thanks to its carelessness, arrogance and excessively high opinion of its superiority. Risks will be completely unjustified, in time to settle down, you will avoid mistakes.

What dreams of wood on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

A businessman in a dream walks through a dark dense forest in search of a dead tree — in real life you should only rely on yourself, your creditors and investors at the last moment will refuse the proposed amount. Resolving issues, and even more profit will be postponed for a long time.

Burning wood was hot, it was in the park. Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The wood in the stove is the personification of the feminine creative principle, indicating the coziness of the home and the family idyll. For a dreamer to kindle a fireplace — to arouse passion and lust in a woman.

What dreams of wood on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Watching a bright bonfire — in reality experience pleasure and love from intimate intimacy with your partner. Sparks from the fire burned clothes — expect scenes of jealousy from her beloved.

Her anger can be pacified only by tender hugs and kisses.

The logs scattered on the lawn speak of the promiscuous sex of a sleeper. To search among them the most direct and dry ones — to strive for a permanent, serious connection with the only desired woman.

Gustov Miller

For a woman to carry heavy logs in her hands — to quarrels with households, busy gray days and dissatisfaction with the behavior of her chosen one. You are not satisfied with the low salary of the spouse and his inactive behavior.

Your desire to please, tasty feed, warm exactly proportional to its complete indifference.

For a man, buying firewood means big bargains. Your financial situation will improve dramatically due to resourcefulness, ingenuity and the desire to earn. To hold a purchase in hands — to reconciliation with those who were offended.

There will be peace and quiet in the soul.

Your purchase was damp and rotten — wait for disappointment, and after it moral burdens and experiences.

Sell ​​- to the loss of value that is dear to you, as the memory of a person.

Chop beautiful big trees for a fire — be afraid of doing incredible stupidity. Your carelessness and frivolity will allow you to commit a bad act, which you will long regret.

If chips fly in you — you lose the authority and respect of others, gossip and condemnation will become companions.

Chopping wood is a good sign for a successful and active person. Work boils in your hands, and the result pleases the heart and eyes. An excellent period for creating a family and the birth of offspring.

Your body is full of masculine energy and strength.

To see a cart full of kindling for the stove — to the loss of a loved one. Watching the woodcutter is to comprehend the wisdom and value of being.


With such a plot, it predicts a good state of affairs for those who will not demand too much from people, especially what they do not want or cannot give you. By observing this condition, you will plunge into a creatively rich and varied life.

For those who are too picky about others, this is more true for women, they will experience mental anguish and anxiety from their own powerlessness over someone to dominate and command.

Special luck promises to those who are trying to put all the logs in an orderly pyramid in a dream. Fate will allow to solve all the sore problems and tasks.

But you have to spend more effort than expected at the beginning of the enterprise.

David loff

A complete firewood shed sleeping, who has long and hard worked on something, — in reality, the fulfillment of desire and the implementation of the most ambitious projects. Women such a dream promises a lot of surprises.

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