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What dreams of white mice in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of white mice: interpretation of the popular dream books

Mice have always lived in the neighborhood of a person and rarely, who evoked positive emotions. But the appearance of white rodents attracts attention and glance, and some even want to stroke such an albino.

What dreams of white mice, we learn in the famous dream books.

There would be bread, and the mice would be

According to one of the mythological traditions, a white mouse is associated with the other world, destruction, hunger, poverty and disease. In other cultures, the mouse represents the home, comfort, fecundity of the family, satiety and measured life.

It is also a magic sign participating in divination and love spells.

Woman without a cat — mice expanse

To see that a rodent in a mousetrap is a good reason to look after a new dress for yourself, since a large profit is expected, in the form of a premium or a large sum winning.

To catch a mouse — to be in a stupid position, in which your absurdity will surprise not only outsiders, but also close people.

What dreams of white mice in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

A young girl is such an animal — a hint of careful communication with her friends. Try not to share the details of intimate life.

This may not be in your favor.

For an unmarried person, the more rodents in a dream, the better the circumstances of her personal life will be. There will be a choice among fans.

Chance to meet among them a future spouse.

The mouse family has dreamed up — wait for a positive pregnancy test. Baby will be healthy and strong.

Aggressive white rat — this is your fears of painful conversation with a partner. It seems to you that you have cooled to each other and no longer binds anything, except mutual insults and reproaches. It’s time to figure out the relationship.

You need to go on with a light heart and an open heart.

If the animal squeals, it is a call not to unleash a verbal skirmish, leading the conversation to a major scandal. Watch your actions in order not to harm yourself.

Male response to mouse attack

For people involved in business, to see a mouse fuss in a dream means to lose a lot of time and energy on a hopeless and unprofitable project. If at the same time small rodents were trying to bite you, you will incur financial expenses related to obligations to creditors and investors.

They did not feel the bite, but they saw blood — successfully get out of a difficult situation, which at first seemed critical. You will be able to see the problem and respond to it in a timely manner.

Perhaps this will bring you a small income.

Killing a few rat representatives is a good sign for those who are in perpetual confrontation with competitors and simply ill-wishers. Your inner strength, energy and talent will allow you to gain access to unique knowledge and technology, which means it will make enemies weak against you.

White hand rat jumps on your body — take care of your health. There is a high probability of problems with teeth, and people suffering from migraines may be bothered by headaches.

What dreams of white mice in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

To iron a snow-white rodent — a hint of idleness, you are not satisfied with the situation in life, but you are not doing anything to fix it. Feeding fluffy reminds you that you need to be softer and more friendly with others, to restrain your sharp tone and intolerable temper.

Untold wealth promises a dream where you see a lot of white mice in a cage. Soon you will suffer a great success in the work on which you have been working for a long time.

Monetary turnover will grow every day.

Computer mouse dreams too self-confident people. Assuming that you have everything under control, you are not trying too hard to control the situation, giving competitors a reason to fight and seize your business.

In another interpretation, these may be false promises of the leadership and deceived hopes and illusions.

Dura mouse, if the croup died. Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

These rodents promise domestic vain efforts, confusions, unresolved current business issues or friction with friends over financial disputes.

To kill or drive away the mouse is to defeat the problems and circumstances that have fallen down. You will take control of everything and deal with affairs with ease.

Girl dream with rodents foreshadows the maturing of the conflict at work. Someone is trying to remove you from office, undermining your credibility and belittling your professional skills.

Most likely this is the closest ally who is haunted by your successes and optimism. If the mouse jumped to the dress — expect reality scandal and proceedings.

White mice are harbingers of hungry and cold days. It is necessary to stock up on supplies, as the economic crisis and price increases approach.

Sleeping hand mouse — a good sign, in reality you have order and peace in the family. The children are full and healthy, and the wife is full of strength and love for you.

What dreams of white mice in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

A young girl to see an albino in a dream — to experience reality about hiding a secret from a loved one. It is more prudent to open up and share with your beloved, otherwise the secret will become obvious.

Sigmund Freud

All small rodents, including mice, are marked with reproduction, the appearance of children. A man such a sign alludes to his willingness to have a serious relationship, create a family and the birth of offspring.

For a woman, this means her fertility and excellent female health.

If a man hunts a mouse — in reality he is overwhelmed by obvious desires to engage in intimacy with a woman much younger than him. Caring for and caressing a rodent means that in real life everything is well with his family, and he feels anxious feelings for his children.


Fed in a dream a white bat — in reality you lack the thrill, and you are constantly experiencing fate. The dream speaks of dangerous turns of life, from which it will be difficult to get out, it will take all your courage, skill, patience and endurance.

Dead rodent — to material difficulties and financial losses.

A huge flock of mice dreams of a massive scale of trials and troubles, can be a harbinger of hunger, war, poverty.

David loff

The white rat is your opponent, trying in every way to harm you in reality. Soon you will know his name and further intentions.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

I dreamed how a mouse eats up the remnants of your food — a bad sign for those who do not value their health, clogging their bodies with alcohol and nicotine. It is necessary to urgently change the way of life, otherwise hidden ailments will soon make themselves known.

Sleeping bats mean your hidden intuition, which at the moment you most true. You have access to unravel the secret signs or to anticipate the invisible danger.

Act confidently in difficult situations, luck is now on your side.

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