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What dreams of washing your hair according to the miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

I dreamed that my hair — features decoding for dream books

Since ancient times, owners of long thick hair have been considered witches who owned magical powers. What dreams of washing your hair, we learn in proven dream books.

In heaven for the hair does not pull, whose will, and the answer

Hair symbolizes the strength and energy of the dreamer, the more beautiful and brilliant curls, the more a man sent favorable events that can elevate him, enrich and protect from evil influence.

For men, it is a sign of power and vanity, and for women, it is an indicator of sexuality and female charms. Messy, tangled hair can talk about poor health, confusion in affairs, crisis situations with financial resources and various neglected situations that require outside support.

Previously, men and women did not cut their hair, believing that they were given by God in protection from misfortunes and evil spirits. The strong minds of mankind kept their long beards, claiming that they protect and increase their knowledge and wisdom.

Since the bulk of the hair grows on the head, they are drawn to the light, all that is holy and pure. Under the length hang down — it means eliminating all negative energy into the earth.

Washing the dreamer’s hair is a good sign. As if turning over a page, he is ready for new feats with good and light intentions. You are full of aspirations for morality and spirituality.

You have success in knowing the world and yourself.

What dreams of washing your hair according to the miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

Spit — girlish beauty

For a woman, hair is her health, beauty, and a key source of attraction for the opposite sex.

Apply shampoo on your head — your desire to move away from fatigue and monotony of fussy everyday life. The more pleasure experienced from the massaging movements of the hands and felt the fragrance of the shampoo, the brighter are the future events and emotions.

You are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for adventure and travel, do not try to stop yourself or to reproach something.

To wash with fragrant soap, in the foam and rose petals — to plunge into the romance and cloudless relationship. Someone is obviously trying to please you and make your life more carefree and happier.

Combing clean wet hair — your care and attention will be needed in the near future to relatives. It can be both your parents and children.

And you will not keep waiting for a long time, because you are eager to always create warmth, comfort for them and surround you with love.

What dreams of washing your hair according to the miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

The young lady washes her beloved head — there will be a strong quarrel with this man, because of your claims and accusations against him. Even a break in relationships is possible.

An elderly lady to wash in a dream gray curls — it means to find peace and tranquility. The situation that has recently caused you concern is beginning to improve.

And the reason for excitement seems no longer so significant.

Showered in the river — to the loss and loss of money. If at the same time you used expensive fragrant gels, the invested forces and funds will not return to you, except for fatigue and disappointment.

In men, the head does not cry for hair

You try to wash dirty hair with tar soap, but you hardly manage — you have to do a lot of hard work, the result of which depends on your further career and financial well-being.

A young man, taking a shower, saw black water running down the drain — get rid of evil gossip and slander. In the recent past, you had to hurt someone badly, and this someone is trying to harm your reputation and authority.

By apologizing to this person, you will save yourself from many impending problems and worries.

Rinsing your head with running water is a good sign for those who are trying to get approval and support from management. The project you have been working on for a long time still requires the elimination of a lot of shortcomings, but you are on the path to success and prosperity.

The guy is trying to comb, but he hardly succeeds — your lightheadedness towards the opposite sex has led to a confusing and dubious situation. You can declare paternity and force to marry a girl in position.

To fall under the rain and rinse with rain water promises a pleasant pastime, fun and carelessness. You will have a great time among interesting and outstanding people.

Felt on the head after taking a bath after a bath — to an unsuccessful marriage or future divorce.

If someone washes your hair, beware of someone else’s pressure and imposing your own opinion. Do not trust the advice and intrusive interference from the outside, act with your mind, otherwise you will have to blame everyone for your mistakes except yourself.

If this procedure is performed by your boss — wait for a serious conversation and complaints. Began a strip of blunders and deficiencies in the work. And your professionalism will have to prove long and hard.

Avoid dismissal is possible only through the strict implementation of all orders and instructions from above.

Where is the long hair, there is a short mind, author dream books

Sigmund Freud

All actions with hair personify the degree of activity of the dreamer’s sexual life. Bald head — a sign of complete and unconditional emancipation in intimate relationships.

You are ready and agree to any tricks that beloved will offer.

What dreams of washing your hair according to the miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

The long head of hair says the opposite — the stiffness and modesty of the sleeper hinder him in dating and further developments with potential partners. Comb long curls — to have doubts about their own attractiveness for the opposite sex and the complex of a poor inexperienced lover.

A woman to tie clean hair in a ponytail — speaks of the rampantness of her desires. She is trying to get involved in love adventures and comprehend all the delights of love diversity.

Personalizes clean hair with peace of mind and peace. Curls fluffy and golden promise a rich groom woman, and a man financial stability and capital increase.

To braid the braid is for a long journey through religious places, spiritual development, enlightenment.

The curls confused after bathing talk about the wrong choice of life, which will have to sip a lot of sorrow until everything is restored.

Gustov Miller

For a young coquette to wash in a dream thick strands — it means to be frivolous and not knowing a special price. You strive to commit rash acts, devoid of any meaning, wasting all the positive energy and their beauty.

Black color of clean hair promises to fall into a love affair and a trap. And red personifies a worthy choice of the wise, courageous and honest elect.

After taking a bath, they saw how sat a hair — an unkind sign, predicting a strong shock and stress.

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