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What dreams of washing the windows according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Longo

My window in a dream: how to interpret for different dream books

Not always dreams can be prophetic. Intense work, reflections on any problem lead to the fact that the images from it all the time flash in night dreams. Housewives often see planned dreams in their sleep.

What can dream of washing windows if you do it infrequently or never? It is necessary to deal with this story in more detail.

What dreams dream with washing windows

What dreams of washing the windows according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Longo

In ordinary life, the window represents for us the most simple and familiar thing. We do not think about its meaning, and our subconscious mind behaves completely differently.

A person feels protected, if there is a window in the wall — it allows you to increase the width of the view, lets sunlight into the house.

In addition, the window with the correct design and carries a decorative function and is an integral part of the overall concept of the interior. In a dream, a window may appear together with strange, but significant images that require careful consideration.

Yes, and the process of cleaning can take place in different ways, which is of great importance to the interpretation of sleep.

Washing windows in a dream — values ​​for women and men

A woman with a window wash, who appeared in a dream, says almost nothing. Perhaps she needs new impressions, a break in a constant routine. Most often, a dream in which a woman washes a window means trying to make plans for the near future.

It can also be a signal of undesirable circumstances that will soon require a solution.

What dreams of washing the windows according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Longo

You can on the degree of purification of window glass to draw conclusions about their own prospects. If, as a result of diligent work, we managed to get perfectly washed glasses, this can be seen as a sign of a clean road in life, the absence of problems on the way to the goal. If it is not succeeded to get rid of the dirt, the battle with unpleasant circumstances will continue.

For older women, washing windows in a dream means understanding current problems that are usually associated with relatives and children. Difficult decisions, unexpected discoveries are coming.

When a man dreams of such a dream, things may not be so simple. This is directly related to the fact that men rarely do housework.

In this case, a dream about how to wash windows will be more meaningful. For example, if in a dream dirty window glass attracted the attention of a man, this is a signal of the ill intentions of ill-wishers.

To wash the windows in a dream with your own hands for a man most often means to fight. How successful it will be depends on the result of washing. The ideal result of work means an unconditional victory.

If the work was not successful, the fight will have a long time.

Observing another person washing the windows, heralds the need for a choice — which side would you rather stand in in a conflict situation. In real life, you’ll have to tighten security controls.

Fears and anxieties in a dream

If in a dream you feel a desire to wash the window and at the same time a fear that does not allow it, such a vision may indicate weakness. A person does not have a desire for change, although he is constantly offered new attractive prospects.

Broken window glass — getting good luck thanks to a sudden, perhaps frightening turn of events. Falling into the window opening — to the misfortunes and troubles in real life.

Try not to risk in vain in the near future. If the glass breaks and cuts you, it is an emergency illness.

But it will not be so much heavy as unpleasant.

Washing windows in most cases means that the dreamer is trying to set up his own future. As windows can be judged on how you do it.

Interpretations of sleep by dream books Vanga, Miller

What dreams of washing the windows according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Longo

Dreams, which involves washing windows, are ambiguous — they can be interpreted in different ways. For example, if you believe the dream Vanga, washing windows in a dream means the end of the dull period of your life. Then everything will be much more interesting.

With the release of the window opening from the accumulated web, you are likely to extricate yourself from a difficult situation into which a close person will drag you. Washing window frames indicates that your family relationships have cracked.

The dream of Miller foreshadows trouble for the one who had a dream about washing windows. It may be possible to prevent them if you overcome significant difficulties. If you dream that you wash the windows in someone else’s housing, its owner can have a big impact on your life.

When the owner of the property is a stranger, in real life you will have a quick acquaintance with a person who will help you overcome difficulties. You can take a fresh look at the world around you.

The meaning of sleep in Longo’s interpretations is somewhat different. Any kind of cleaning, in his opinion, dreams only to those who have accumulated a lot of problems and worries in reality.

A person doing cleaning in his sleep unknowingly trying to restore order in his own life. Laundering a window of accumulated dirt in a dream, we subconsciously try to get rid of what we are not comfortable with in current life.

Washing window glass is a difficult process in the first place. Anyone who dreams of such a dream can have a variety of problems in the realms of life. To explain the dream you had, remember exactly where you did the cleaning.

For example, washing windows in a dream at your workplace may mean prospects for employment and earnings for you. Erasing dirt from your own windows — quick changes in life, new meaningful acquaintances.

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