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What dreams of washing the floors?

What dreams of washing the floors?

What dreams of washing the floors? Cleaning done before an important celebration or event. In a dream this value is preserved.

However, the accuracy of interpretation is determined by many details, for example, the place of cleaning or the color of the floor. Consider in detail.

What dreams of washing the floors?

General interpretation of cleaning sleep

The traditional interpretation of sleep with washing floors in your home — to move or temporary absence. If you do not plan to leave, then get ready to meet guests.

We washed the floors in a dream? Get ready for a change in life.

What they will be depends on your life position and the details of the plot of the dream. For example, people concerned about career growth may receive a long-awaited promotion and increase in salary.

If the dreamer was disturbed by other life issues, change should be expected in the area of ​​interest of interest.

The scenario of the dream plot can be different:

  • the dreamer himself washes the floors;
  • cleaning is done by someone else;
  • floors are washed in your / someone else’s home;
  • floors are washed in an unfamiliar / unexpected room;
  • what water do the cleaning — dirty / clean;
  • than wash the floor — mop hands.

Floor cleaning promises reward for your efforts, successful career growth. Your achievements in the labor arena will be noticed and appreciated.

In order for the prophecy to come true in full, be modest with your superiors and do not uphold your point of view persistently — this can be left for later. It is important to be able to make compromises and be flexible in communication.

Cleaning Location

If dreamer washed floors with hands, in reality, this means the desire to quickly deal with an unpleasant situation, to hide unpleasant moments as much as possible. If a saw mop in hand, it is necessary to accept the offer of a stranger before a person — it promises good luck in business, profit or gain.

  • To clean the floor in your own home — expect a favorable change in your life.
  • To clean an entrance — to the prospect of improvement of living conditions, moving is possible.
  • To wash the floors in the parental home is unfortunate in the family.
  • Getting out of the house of a deceased grandmother — to the resolution of family conflicts with your help.
  • To do the cleaning in the store — will add numerous household chores.
  • To clean the church premises — warning of danger, be on your guard; also worth repent of sins.
  • Cleaning school premises — to success in career or school.
  • Cleaning the kitchen — to enhance mutual feelings with your loved one.
  • To wash the sidewalk on the street — to the big troubles in life.
  • To clean the house of friends or relatives — you will soon take part in solving their problems.
  • Cleaning in the cemetery territory — to a new life turn, which promises good luck.
  • Cleaning office space — to change jobs or change positions.
  • To clean the old house — to change the place of residence.

Scrub thoroughly with a rag. stain on the floor — in reality, you want to hide some fact from others and make every effort to this. However, the secret will still be made public.

What dreams of washing the floors?

Type and color of the floor

What gender did you dream in? Purification of a new durable flooring promises reliable support in life.

Swinging old flooring — close people will let you down. Leaky flooring spells the flow of happiness through your fingers.

Clean dirty room — to favorable events in the fate. Wash clean room — to adverse changes and circumstances.

Floor cleaning dark color — you do unnecessary things, fuss and pay attention to the little things. Washing light flooring (especially tile, laminate) — to the joyful events in life.

In the interpretation of the dream, it matters who did the cleaning:

  • if the dreamer is pregnant, it is time for delivery;
  • washes the floor of the mother — expect problems in communication;
  • washes her husband — the envious fought on you.

If a the water in the bucket is clear — expect a favorable change. If you see dirty water — expect gossip and condemnation of people.

What dreams of washing the floors?

Interpretation of dream books

  • ABC interpretation of dreams believes that the image of sex symbolizes the dreamer’s life position, habits and foundations. Accordingly, the purification of the room means getting rid of the old and the familiar. Seeing the garbage in the room and trying to remove it — to eliminate the blockages in your life.
  • Modern dream book gives the following interpretation: cleaning the room — to the disease and deterioration of health.
  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century believes that a washed floor in a dream portends conflicts in the family. At the same time, washing the floor — to the guests.
  • Dream Dream Morozova interprets this story to separation, change of place of residence and even death. If you see water trickling out from under the floor, get ready for a strike: a family is in danger.
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova gives a negative interpretation of the dream: it prophesies death.
  • Online dream book interprets this story to the deterioration of health.
  • Dream Vanga spell success in his career, thanks from the authorities.
  • Dreaming nostradamus sees in this story a positive change in the relationship with a partner: you will get new feelings from love. Washing floors in an unfamiliar room — you will influence other people.
  • Dream Miller interprets the dream in accordance with the characteristics of the room. Dirty room — to negative changes in fate, clean — to positive.

Folk interpretation attributes to dreams with this plot negative coloring. However, you should not literally take signs — the interpretation of sleep depends on the events in your life and on the inner perception of what you see.

Often the correct interpretation can be obtained by listening to the inner voice of intuition.

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