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What dreams of washing floors: interpretation by dream books

What dreams of washing the floors — a detailed interpretation of the dream books

Washing floors in a dream is a good sign, but often carries a negative because of the person’s attitude to the situation. Both esotericists and psychologists agree that the main meaning of such an action is connected with the receipt and provision of assistance, interaction with the outside world and people who make up a close circle of communication.

But in order to decipher the dream, you need to remember who exactly was washing the floor and where it happened, as well as other details regarding the basic elements of sleep.

  • Married — to troubles, problems in the family that require immediate solutions. In this case, the spouse refuses to participate in this.
  • Divorced — the past will no longer be disturbed. All matters related to the previous marriage have been settled, and a new relationship can be started.
  • Young girl — if she does not change her style of communication with men, she will have to stay alone for a long time. In the presence of the gentleman, this dream warns of a quarrel or separation.
  • Pregnant — dirty floor, which had to be washed with hands to shine, says that pregnancy will be difficult. But the girl will make every effort to save the child, and she will succeed. Clean floor promises easy childbirth.
  • Married — due to the fact that he pays little attention to his wife, she is not in the best of spirits and scandals happen in the family.
  • To divorced — unwillingness to pay alimony for the maintenance of the child, regret for the money invested in the property that went to his wife.
  • Young guy — To meet a girl, because of which he will add problems. If he washed the floor, soaping the cloth with soap, the trouble can be avoided.

What dreams of washing floors: interpretation by dream books

It is important to remember who mopped the floor in a dream:

DreamerThe person has reliable friends you can trust
Spouse / Dreamer WifeHe / she will take on the main burden of problems, which will maintain a good relationship. But for our part, it is worth showing participation, giving support
Late mother or other close relativeTrouble will be solved as if by itself, a person will not have to make much effort for this
Dead personThere will be a difficult period in life, but then everything will be formed and will be even better than before
Unfamiliar man or womanThe case that the sleeper is busy with now will complete safely. Help will come from where nobody expected it, and it will be timely.
Ex-husband or boyfriendThe troubles that seemed to be in the past will remind of themselves again. It’s time to return long-standing debts
Boyfriend / girlfriendA close or trusting relationship will gradually fade away.
Someone from living relatives
  • Grandmother — in the event of difficulties you do not need to panic, a little later, the right decision will be found.
  • Daughter — the child of the dreamer feels guilty before him and repents, ready to do something to smooth the consequences of an unpleasant act.
  • Mom — do not hide your problems from loved ones, because they are always ready to provide all possible assistance.
NeighborRelationships with the person who helped the dreamer in everything will deteriorate because of the gossip spread by ill-wishers
Cleaning lady / housekeeperThe desire to shift your problems to someone else
A colleagueDuring the solution of work issues there will be a misunderstanding between the dreamer and one of the employees, in which the colleague will yield, and this will end the conflict.

In which room did this happen:

A placeValue
In a rented apartmentThrowing from one extreme to another, trying to please everyone at once.
In the House
  • His — flatter, to give signs of attention to those who can be something useful to the dreamer.
  • A stranger is to show attention to other people, to respond with good to good.
  • Parental — to care for someone from relatives, to look after elderly parents
At the entranceDoing something that will benefit in the future. The upcoming marriage of convenience. Purchase of goods for the outlet at extremely low prices
In the museumThe sleeper is haunted by memories, or he constantly thinks about the possible development of events, if he acted differently in some significant situation.
At workPlan events that will make it possible to move up the career ladder or improve your qualifications. Look for a higher paying job
At schoolIt is necessary to learn from those who are more knowledgeable in the field of interest to the dreamer, and not to seek the right solution through trial and error
In the hospitalExperiences about your health or well-being of close and dear people
In one of the rooms
  • In the bedroom — it becomes known about the betrayal of the partner.
  • In the living room — someone was plotting unkindly towards the dreamer, but he could not harm him.
  • In the kitchen — participation in peresudy, speculation.
  • In the corridor — refusal of authority, unwillingness to take on certain responsibilities.
  • In the bathroom — the desire to cleanse the negative, the desire to get rid of what has already become obsolete.
  • In the nursery — treatment for infertility. Unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant dreamer
In the churchSelf-flagellation. The sleeper feels guilty and wants to atone for it somehow, but does not see the opportunity for it.
In the bankSearch for opportunities to improve their financial situation. The desire to make money to achieve a specific goal.
In the old house (where the dreamer lived before)Unfinished business from the past all the time remind of themselves. Perhaps the sleeper wanted to tell someone the information and did not have time or did not fulfill the promise
In a cafe or restaurantThe pursuit of well-being. The man is ready for anything to provide for his family
On the shipInstability, precarious situation
In the shopAgreement on mutual benefit terms; assisting a person who has not previously refused to support the dreamer

In court or police station

A bad feeling after doing something illegal. Thirst for justice or retributionIn the bathA person is inclined to listen to the opinions of others, gladly accepts advice and follows them.

What dreams of washing floors: interpretation by dream books

The meaning of sleep will change depending on which floor you had to wash.

Wooden (boardwalk)
  • New speaks of good health, recovery, getting rid of psychological discomfort.
  • Old portends a disease; problems with money; perhaps the dreamer will fall into an uncomfortable situation.
  • Freshly painted hints at the need to renew friendships, to reconsider their views on life.
  • Rotten, rotten floor symbolizes death, dramatic changes
ParquetSomeone will recommend a sleeper to a good position or put in a word for him in an administrative institution.
LinoleumMan pretends feelings; pretending to be benevolent when dealing with those who he doesn’t like
GlassThe lack of personal space, the inability to keep something a secret. Too curious and talkative friends, relatives
TileObstinacy, confidence in something even after it has been refuted, disregard of reasonable arguments
Clay, earthyThose whom the dreamer will seek financial help will be too stingy. The unwillingness of parents to spend money on their adult children
Bulk 3D floorA man likes to embellish his life, achievements. Hopeful hopes.

Pattern or pattern on the floor:

  • Animalistic — sarcastic attitude to what is happening. The inability to adequately assess the situation.
  • Vegetative — the sleeper trusts intuition more than facts.
  • Geometric — the hardness of character. Confidence in the correctness of what a person is doing or what he believes in.
  • Abstract — inability to understand yourself, your desires and needs.
  • Cyclic — the desire to get out of the vicious circle. If the dreamer is satisfied with everything in life, it is a sign that nothing will change in the near future.
  • Non-repeating — thirst for change.

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