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What dreams of warts on different parts of the human body

Dreamed warts on the body: how to find out the meaning

Do not know what dreams warts? Refer to the dream book, remember all the details of the dream for its accurate interpretation.

What do warts foreshadow?

What dreams of warts on different parts of the human body

You saw warts on your body in a dream — you have enemies. They are trying to defame you, slander.

Everything can be fixed. It is necessary to make a lot of effort to identify enemies, to restore its reputation.

Dream interpretation advises not to despair, to be confident in their abilities. If in a dream the warts cause anxiety — in reality you will have to fight with enemies who will be very strong.

Location of warts

Pay attention to the places where the warts are located.

  1. On the hands — wealth, material well-being, profit.
  2. On the face — a lie, slander.
  3. Near the ear — to hear gossip, rumors spread by ill-wishers.
  4. On his feet — achieving the goal.
  5. Near the lips — postpone the case.
  6. On the stomach — you are greedy, not inferior to others, because of this you will suffer.
  7. On the back — the deterioration of relationships in the family and at work.

If you see warts on many parts of the body — in reality you can avoid danger, help relatives get out of a difficult situation. In fact, your body does not have any warts, and in a dream they are located all over your skin, wait for a large amount of money, an expensive gift.

If you see warts in others — wait for a meeting with a friend, which will end in profit. Dreams of a cheek with warts — futile efforts to improve the financial condition.

All attempts will not lead to success, it is better not to risk it.

What dreams of warts on different parts of the human body

The woman who saw the warts on her hands is frivolous. Man — avoids relationships with the opposite sex.

Do you dream that your hands are completely covered with warts? Remember their appearance and color.

  • One is the trouble that you quickly overcome;
  • Many — diseases of the skin, genital sphere;
  • A lot and big — you worry about your relatives;
  • One big one is profit, inheritance;
  • Black — sorrow;
  • The usual is a misfortune;
  • Red — beware of enemies.

Wart, located in a dream on the right palm — receiving good news. If it bothers you — you are afraid of possible failures.

When the growth is too large — the addition to the family.

A dream in which you treat medication warts means rest. You want silence, a break from the hustle and bustle.

If you cut the warts — in reality you will solve problems, but give up power methods, be able to negotiate with people.

It dreams that, after long torments for wart removal, it still remained — you had serious problems. Only great willpower will help solve all the issues.

Esoteric dream book Tsvetkova

Warts are bad news. If they are in their arms — wealth and wealth, other people — an unexpected threat for you.

Sonic Freud

An eruption on the body, according to Sigmund Freud, denotes sexual intercourse. If a young girl sees warts on herself — she is windy, she does not meet with any partner for a long time, she is not sure of herself.

What dreams of warts on different parts of the human body

For men, everything is very bad. Nayawa he likes individuals of his gender, he does not consider himself attractive, he thinks that women only insult, laugh at him.

Tear off a wart in a dream — the suppression of their desires, the rejection of sexual contact, considering them something shameful.

Dream Miller

Painful warts — you have slandered you, but you will not be able to restore your good name. If in a dream the warts disappeared by themselves — you will succeed, you can easily cope with all the obstacles.

See warts in others — look for enemies among your environment. Take out the growths themselves — everything goes well, enemies will not be able to harm you.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Sleep with warts on the body of a stranger is considered negative. Your enemies are too dangerous to fight them yourself.

Misery you have — wealth and prosperity.

Esoteric dream book

Esoteric dream book deciphers warts on his body, like receiving gifts, finds. Stranger in the warts — in reality you will meet a person who will help in achieving the goal, gaining wealth.

Big Dream

In the Great Dream Book, a wart means bad news. It all depends on the location:

  • on the hands — welfare;
  • on the other person — profit;
  • just see the growths — you will be happy.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

A wart means a successful fight for your honor. Lots of warts — the ill-wisher can reveal your secrets, secrets. In fact, you are absolutely healthy, and in a dream covered with warts — a quick wealth.

The disappearance of growths in itself — small troubles will quickly disappear, everything will be fine.

Islamic Dreambook

Warts promise wealth to those who see them in a dream. It will be so great that you will be afraid of losing it.

Moon dream

Warts are bad news.

Small Veles dream

Warts dream to news of a different nature. If the growths on the hands — get the money.

Family Dream

You have warts — enemies will triumph. It turned out to bring — in front of danger. If you see that the warts themselves began to disappear — success ahead, you will cope with all the difficulties.

A man with warts is dreaming — he is the enemy.

French dream book

Wart dreams of secret torment, doubts.

Dream Dream

Scalls on the hands — to the money on the face — gossip, slander about you. Warts in others — they are enemies who try to defame you.

Ukrainian dream book

If you see warts in someone — do not trust your surroundings, there is an enemy in it. Dream Interpretation predicts wealth when warts are on your body.

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