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What dreams of wake of Freud’s dream book, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

Commemoration — the prediction of famous dream books, nuances of interpretation

When relatives, friends, acquaintances leave this life — it always leaves a big mark on our memory, causing a serious emotional trauma to our soul. But every year, on certain days, we certainly remember them at meals with relatives or at a cemetery.

What dreams of wake, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Commemoration is always associated with sadness, oblivion, repentance of the soul, suffering for the loss. Having seen such a plot in a dream — this does not mean preparing for the blows of fate.

For many nations, the commemoration cult and everything associated with death personified spiritual rebirth, the emergence of the gift of foresight, the craving for new knowledge and the discovery of one’s own potential.

What dreams of wake of Freud's dream book, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

Visiting your own wake in a dream is a good sign for those who are waiting for cardinal changes. This means your own rebirth, renunciation: from addictions, bad habits, empty fuss and problems, as well as from those who constantly create them for you.

You will feel positive changes in all areas of life. The rapid progress on the career ladder, a happy marriage, the birth of a long-awaited baby — any of these significant facts can directly concern you.

Guests who have come to remember you are having fun and smiling — this should not embarrass you at all, since in reality it reflects your improvement in financial well-being. The richer the table and more fervent relatives, the stronger the wave of cash flow will overwhelm your family.

In another interpretation, young people — it promises a long life and a wealthy old age.

Dreams with commemorative rites for people who are alive and well in reality predict certain changes in their future fate. The extent to which the vision was pleasant and comfortable for you depends on its interpretation.

If the one whom you commemorated in reality is an elderly person — the dream hints at the deterioration of his health.

To grieve for the deceased, who is actually alive — marks some important event in your life, where the role of the hero of sleep will be high. This person will do a lot for your personal growth and financial stability. Thanks to him, you will feel stability, confidence in the future.

You will be less worried about unforeseen problems, circumstances, the situation in the country, because by that time you will have enough experience from a mentor and will know what to do.

A negative outlook awaits elderly dreamers, who dreamed their own farewell to another world. This is how your inactivity, energy depletion manifests itself.

You feel weak and sick old man. Such a life stance may have the worst effect on health, leading to irreversible consequences.

What dreams of wake of Freud's dream book, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

To avoid this will succeed in the event that you will be more mobile body and spirit. Do not sit still, get used to physical exertion, and let us think and analyze the brain.

This will not only invigorate you, ensure a good mood, but also make you dream about something bright and kind.

I had to remember in a dream the one who really died — such a vision may indicate the actions or mistakes of the past. If you promised something to a dead person — this is a reminder that it is time to fulfill what was said.

What else to expect from a wake in a dream

  • I have dreamed of going to the funeral service of an old man — to accomplish in reality a noble deed that relatives would appreciate;
  • remembered father in a dream — to the loss of stability and a sense of security. Something will happen in life that will significantly affect your position and status in society;
  • the memorial meal is scanty at the table and takes place in the dining room to complex and monotonous work, material difficulties;
  • to lay a table in a dream for a commemoration ritual — to unforeseen expenses or the loss of large financial assets;
  • a lot of white bread on the ritual table — to the devotion and friendship with those whom you commemorate;
  • unusual food for remembrance — to rashness and ill-considered actions, actions that will lead to unpleasant circumstances.

What dreams of wake of Freud's dream book, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream book

Sigmund Freud

Your own funeral feast represents the abandonment of past life, where you were often alone, refraining from sexual contacts and contacts with the opposite sex. Appearances in your life of some kind of opportunity, reflected in your character, giving confidence, optimism and charisma. Such a reincarnation comes to those who have been on a long trip for a long time, a trip to work, or military service.

Where the lack of conditions and material means was a deterrent.

To see a lot of girls on their wires to the other world is to gain a lot of fans. Changing your views on the female gender, you will not be difficult to win any yoke.

Gustov Miller

A positive interpretation is predicted by the scenes where a personal remembrance has dreamed up. This is a harbinger of unexpected changes in the future dreamer. The brighter and more emotional the dream, the more radical it will be possible to reincarnate.

If at the same time people say a lot of good things about you, remembering past achievements and feats — it means you have to work hard to achieve good prospects.

With such a plot, people often change not only their habits and lifestyle, but also their profession, making sure of their different vocation. This can affect tastes, preferences, affect the change of social circle.

Those who previously seemed to you too abstruse, ridiculous and ridiculous, now arouses interest in communication.

To be present at the remembrance of an unfamiliar person — in reality, to feel the difficulty in understanding with the people around you. Conflict and confrontation will arise with colleagues at work, quarrels and clarification of relations with close relatives.

The reason for this will be your reasonable claim to them.

You have ceased to see in them support, dedication, readiness to help out at any moment. They simply stopped noticing you, remembering your existence only at the moment when your help or material support is needed.

Even if it will be difficult to find a compromise, try to behave with the utmost restraint, not bringing up the scandal.

David loff

Seeing gloomy and sad faces at the memorial meal is a sign of hard and ungrateful work. The case for which you undertake will be very unpromising. You are threatened to be completely disappointed in your own professionalism, putting talents in the ground.

It’s time to switch to something really worthwhile. It will bring additional experience, knowledge, decent monetary reward and self-confidence.

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