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What dreams of vomiting in the dream books of Miller, Prozorov, Medea

I dreamed of vomiting — what does this mean for different dream books

Dreams do not always show us something pleasant. Sometimes unpleasant, repulsive things and situations appear in night visions.

For example, vomiting is not the most pleasant biological process through which everyone at least once passed. To understand why vomiting dreams, you need to open the dream book and compare with it many factors.

But such a dream has many meanings.

General interpretation

If a woman sees an unpleasant dream — in real life she will have to endure a lot of troubles caused by illnesses of her native people, for which you will need supervision and care.

Also, if the dreamer is a woman who does not plan to become a mother in the near future, she is advised to take care in intimacy, because sleep can herald a pregnancy.

Night vision, in which a sleeping person watched a child tear, is a bad omen, foreshadowing humiliation, problems, life trials. The fate of a person can get out of control if you continue to make mistakes.

What dreams of vomiting in the dream books of Miller, Prozorov, Medea

A sleep in which vomiting with an admixture of bile and blood appears is extremely unpleasant. Its symbolic meaning also does not cause positive emotions — it predicts conflict situations and problems to the dreamer.

Seeing such a picture, it is necessary to get rid of the abundance of negativity in real life, relieve psychological stress.

There is a more mundane interpretation of sleep, which suggests that the organism is trying to reach the dreamer. In this interpretation, sleep with vomiting directly speaks of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Watch from the side

The dreams in which a sleeping person watched an unpleasant biological process from the outside have their own interpretation. A dream in which the dreamer’s friend is sick is a bad sign that warns of the evil intentions of this friend in reality.

If a friend vomited blood — it is necessary to fear a knife in the back, his plans for a sleeping person are insidious.

The meanings of other dreams in which the dreamer does not feel sick:

  • Vomiting in a child’s sleep — to a difficult test;
  • If the old man tears — to a long, tedious job;
  • Tears the animal — to the economic troubles;
  • Other people — to the feast, triumph;
  • Vomited a spouse or spouse — in real life this person will create problems for the dreamer;
  • The partner of a romantic relationship is worthless — in reality a person does not feel love for the dreamer;
  • Stochilo mother or father — should heed the advice in real life;

Also, a dream with vomiting in a stranger is a warning that calls for real caution when interacting with unfamiliar people and not showing excessive trust in them. The life span after such a dream is dangerous because excessive sincerity and naivety can draw the dreamer into trouble.

What dreams of vomiting in the dream books of Miller, Prozorov, Medea

In the case when blood is present in the vomit, malicious people will try to harm the dreamer in a particularly dirty way — with the help of his relatives.

Interpretation on other details

A terrible and unpleasant dream, in which the dreamer vomited worms, urges him to get rid of an evil person pretending to be a friend in real life. Vomiting insects is interpreted as the need to get rid of heavy thoughts, memories.

Night vision, in which a sleeping person was sick for a long time, and then finally vomited, and the dreamer was relieved, heralds the deliverance from a major problem in reality, the ability to cope with a difficult situation that seemed unsolvable.

Vomiting, which occurs after motion sickness in the car, suggests that in real life a sleeping person is not resting enough. It should be more fun, providing a psychological relief.

If you do not do this, nervous stress can affect your physiological health.

Abundant vomiting dreams to a dizzying career growth. The period after such a dream is the most suitable to win in the competition and take a high position.

To the existing skills it is worth adding the natural charm used in dealing with the management and a little bit of flirting.

Vomiting with the earth in a dream suggests that the dreamer is difficult to accept the situation and the situation. Vomitus with particles of food dreams to a feast.

Remove vomiting, wipe it — to make a profit, and stepping into its puddle — to take over the obligations of another person.

What dreams of vomiting in the dream books of Miller, Prozorov, Medea

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation given by the dream book, vomiting is a dream as a warning about a disease that will cause a lot of suffering, or engaging in serious conflict, a scandal. If in a dream a sleeping person watched as he is sick and tearing others, then in life he will convict someone from close people of insincerity.

If a woman has a strange dream in which chicks or adult birds fly out of her mouth during vomiting, this means that her old expectations will not be justified. The dream also predicts a failure in business.

Vomiting of blood clearly foreshadows the disease.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

A dream in which the tears up a sleeping man, foreshadows his disease. If he observes how he tears someone else — to problems in the family circle.

Remove vomit — to perform an unpleasant, repulsive task, against their will.

Dream Medea

Vomiting in night vision embodies a waking situation that the dreamer does not accept. According to this dream book, a person who dreamed of this unpleasant biological process will manage to get out of the situation.

Feeling nauseous in a dream is an omen of an unfair accusation that will upset the person who saw the dream.

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