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What dreams of vegetables for dream books of Medea, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dreams with vegetables — how to interpret according to popular dream books

If in a dream you dreamed of vegetables, the interpretation of such a symbol may be different. When you try to make an sensible explanation of sleep, it is better to rely on the quality of the dreamed vegetables, their appearance, and the actions that the dreamer performs with them.

The image still differs in its versatility — rely on intuition if you want to clarify your future exactly.

What does such a dream mean?

Sleep, where vegetables are involved, is very difficult to find a logical explanation in life. Such plants are diverse, and therefore the explanation of such a dream can be developed and versatile.

What does vegetable wealth seen in a dream mean? Vegetables are often some kind of choice, and their appearance in a dream carries a negative character — these are big financial losses, hard work and losses.

You have seen in your dreams a lot of different fruits — it is a symbol of grief and grief that you will have to go through. Dreams of a basket of food, so you expect success and you will achieve it without effort.

Also, you could have been given this basket in a dream — this is a good sign that promises well-being and prosperity.

What dreams of vegetables for dream books of Medea, Miller, Tsvetkov

If you went down in a dream into the cellar and found there are a lot of vegetable stocks, then expect that in real life you will be offered. If for some reason you refuse it, you will most likely miss the opportunity to get rich.

In a dream, they saw a garden with vegetables planted on it — your affairs will be fine, but a more detailed interpretation depends on what the garden was like.

Interpretation of sleep by dream books

Psychotherapeutic dream book. You saw a cabbage or greens in a dream — it is a symbol of profit and money.

Red tomatoes or vegetables mean pain and suffering. Carrots, potatoes, and other gifts of the vegetable garden that grow underground are a sign of hidden desires and secrets.

Miller’s interpretation. Wait for unexpected luck in case you ate vegetables in your sleep.

But behind happy coincidences, probably, the deception will be hidden. Rotten plants foreshadow grief and failure.

Culinary dream book. Eating vegetable dishes in a dream means spending a lot of money on fun.

Growing plants is a sign that the dreamer will start spending time with his family well. Spoiled vegetables mean that things are getting worse, or that the development of events in your new enterprise will be completely different from what was expected.

Female dream book. Eating the gifts of the garden foretells that luck will come soon. But with high probability it will be deceptive, and soon all the benefits obtained will turn into nothing.

Rotting fruit is a sign of grief and frustration. The woman dreamed that she prepared several dishes from vegetables — this foreshadows the dreamer to break with her lover.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century. You saw fruits in a dream — a sign that we should expect tears and grief for good reasons. Eating raw vegetables is a serious, time-consuming labor, for which you will receive pennies.

Cutting them for cooking is a sign of something pleasant, perhaps enjoying a delicious dish. You need to be on the alert if you were peeling vegetables in your sleep.

Planting, digging or growing plants is a symbol of that, in the future, you will start a useless and ungrateful business, that is, you will do something stupid for which you will have to pay for it later.

Various interpretations of dreams with vegetables

What dreams of vegetables for dream books of Medea, Miller, Tsvetkov

Autumn dream book. To see a fabulously large crop of vegetables in a dream is a sign of considerable profit.

Buying them on the market is an unexpected, unbelievable success. Take advantage of it for your own benefit.

Vegetable markets and stores where you look for good quality goods to buy — your dream will come true soon. But be careful — perhaps the people close to you will be deprived.

Small Veles dream. A variety of fruits in a dream means failure, perhaps a lot of debt that will make you feel bad.

Harvesting means tears, eating broken fruits — health, if they were ripe and beautiful in appearance, and poverty, if vegetables are rotten, spoiled. Bitter fruits can also mean a quarrel, and stale — a quick illness.

Gypsy sources mention that picking vegetables may portend tears, frustration, and big problems in the dreamer’s life. Sour and bitter in taste — this is discord, quarrels, lack of agreement.

According to Tsvetkov, this image means debts and a poor lifestyle. It is also possible that seemingly reliable partners will seriously fail you. Actually, one will cause another.

To eat the spoiled gifts of a kitchen garden — many failures are waiting for you.

What dreams of vegetables for dream books of Medea, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dream interpretation of Smirnov: negative, states of dissatisfaction with existing state of affairs, way of life. There may be grief and indisposition, lack of resources, elementary care.

Cutting vegetables into pieces for cooking in real life means economic turmoil.

Medea, in her collection of interpretations about vegetables, says that they are a symbol of strength and energy, especially potatoes. The last symbol means material satisfaction or the need to apply physical strength.

To see tomatoes — to love relationships, onions and cabbage mean a variety of complications in current affairs. The elongated fruit according to Dr. Freud is a phallic symbol.

Cucumbers or carrots for men can mean problems with sexual health, for ladies are a harbinger of a long-awaited meeting.

Family dream explains the dreaming image of the need to pay for the pleasure once received. Your own garden where you grow vegetables is a precursor to a pleasant stay in a close family circle.

Damage prepared to eat vegetables — the deterioration of the financial situation.

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