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What dreams of urine: man, cat, urine on the floor in a dream

In figuring out what urine dreams about, you should recall all the details of the dream associated with the natural physiological process.

Dream Miller treats the process of urination as the need to put a dwelling in order. The time has come to get rid of garbage and unnecessary things.

Urine in the snow foreshadows the road. A jar of analyzes warns of indisposition.

Muddy Urin — to a protracted course of the disease and even treatment in a hospital setting.

What dreams of urine: man, cat, urine on the floor in a dream

By Wanga’s dream book urinating on the ground is a sign of territorial claims, a willingness to assert property rights.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great indicates that if you dream of urine, you should not trust friends — among them there are insidious people. Also, do not abuse alcohol in the near future.

By Dream Grishin a lot of urine is treated as joyful events in reality. Dreams and toilet urine on this source foreshadow a romantic rendezvous.

Dream Dream Interprets puddles of urine as an unkind attitude of others. This displays the negative energy surrounding the dreamer.

Smell urine in a dream — to quarrels and disputes. However, the result of the confrontation depends mainly on the sleeper, and thanks to tact it will turn out to turn the situation in their favor.

Modern dream book suggests that collecting a urine test in a dream is a reflection of caring attitude to your own health.

By Dreamy Denise Lynn, the process of urination, is treated as rest and relaxation after a difficult period. Also, the source indicates that such a plot may be a reflection of a real desire to ease.

Chinese dream chow chow suggests that if the dreamer got the shit and urine dirty, this is a good sign. Soon comes the rich life.

Urinary incontinence is treated in the opposite way — losses are likely.

Urine an animal can mean both a threat to well-being and the onset of a light period. The exact interpretation depends on who it belongs to.

Troubles because of an imaginary friend foreshadows cat urine. It is also a symbol of the efforts of the dreamer to serve the success of competitors.

Little trouble means urine dogs. Friends will help to cope with them.

The cow’s urine is considered to be a sign of strengthening financial well-being thanks to the support of an influential person.

Alien urine spells an interesting acquaintance. The new man will enrich life with impressions.

When dreaming urine human the opposite sex, in reality you can get into the whirlpool of passion. The novel will bring a lot of dizzying emotions.

What dreams of urine: man, cat, urine on the floor in a dream

Urine is considered a good symbol baby. Unexpected profits will come from spontaneously launched projects, on which high hopes were not pinned.

However, also children’s urine symbolizes a lack of attention. The reason for loneliness should be sought not in others, but in a closed way of life.

Many sources recommend to pay attention to the appearance of the urine. Strong fatigue symbolizes own urine with blood.

However, this vision has a downside, a positive side: relatives will get rich soon.

Yellow urine spells joyful events. Light or crystal clear means making a profit without much difficulty.

Dark urine foreshadows revenue growth. However, the method of earning will not be too standard, or even violating the norms of morality and the law.

Spilled urine in a dream has a special meaning for parents. Children will soon be the cause of grief.

Urine on the floor in the form of droplets means small troubles. Flooded floor — to successfully overcome obstacles.

Dreamed toilet with urine is a warning about frivolous attitude to finances. Probably the acquisition of impractical and unnecessary things.

Well, if dreamed full bucket urine. Due to hard work it will be possible to achieve a high standard of living.

Bank or pot with urine symbolizes successful development of projects. The result will be the strengthening of material well-being.

If you dream of urine on the bed, in reality you should beware of trouble. Losses are likely due to annoying miscalculations.

Step on in the urine in a dream — to petty trouble. Dirt your feet with urine in the relief process — to a hazardous journey.

Men sleep in which drops of urine fell on the pants, is an excellent sign. Nayawa, you can safely start new projects and make deals, everything is waiting for success.

For those who keep pets at home, remove the urine behind the dog is a plot based on real impressions, therefore it does not contain a secret meaning in itself. The rest of this dream calls to decide on priorities, and not to waste your time on trifles.

Drink Piss in a dream is a symbolic reflection of meaningless work in reality.

Peeing in the toilet — auspicious sign of getting rid of negativity. Relieve in a public place — signs of mental discomfort.

Problems with urination in a dream means doubt if you need to make a choice.

Despite some “indecency” of the symbol, in the interpretations of what dreams urine, positive values ​​prevail. Warning interpretations also do not need to be afraid.

It is necessary to take them as advice to remedy the situation.

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