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What dreams of torn shoes for dream books and the best interpretations

Values ​​of torn shoes in dreams with detailed interpretation

Torn shoes in a dream show the collapse of hopes, plans, deepest disappointment or inability to perform basic functions. If a person is good to himself, he certainly takes care of good shoes.

The teenager who dreams of traveling and will walk in his native city in tourist boots.

A girl who aspires to climb higher on the social ladder, will put on studs even on a picnic. An adult sensible person has comfortable shoes for every occasion. T-shirts for morning runs, oxfords or fords for business meetings, comfortable slippers for walks in your own home.

We will understand what dreams of torn shoes and what it means to see torn shoes for dream books.

What dreams of torn shoes for dream books and the best interpretations

The actual meaning of the dream

The discrepancy between the shoes and the moment is confused, disoriented person. This is equally true for reality and for dreams.

The combination of a ball gown and sneakers gives an extremely small experience of wearing ball gowns or a model for which to measure luxury clothing is part of tedious work and now she wants to rest her tired legs. Beach slaps in a good restaurant show not a high degree of ease, but poverty, lack of good shoes. Wrong shoes in a dream show the wrong place that a person takes, from your subjective point of view.

Perhaps such a person is not the one for whom he claims to be or who he wants to appear.

The rougher the shoes in a dream — the harder, rougher and more unpleasant the character of a person from your point of view. Impractical shoes, for example, torn shoes from rose petals mean unsuitability to life, the conflict of a tender soul, sublime and refined aspirations and cruel reality.

For example, the gentlest fairy is forced to work and earn her bread.

What dreams of torn shoes for dream books and the best interpretations

Basic values ​​of torn shoes in a dream

  • Torn shoes in a dream are even more categorical than incorrect ones. A gardener in ragged shoes in a dream means a poor gardener. A child in tattered sandals is a child from a dysfunctional family. In a dream, mercy is alien to us and we know for sure that we should stay away from such people, and not show kindness and tolerance.
  • Deciphering dreams, forget about tolerance. Torn shoes in a dream is not a reason to give new shoes or give away your old ones. Especially if you are asked about it. Old shoes or your old position, to recommend to your old friends, to take on the job of acquaintance, to assist, lend money. Ripped shoes clearly indicate — stay away and do not believe a word. Do not count on gratitude if you decide to help. Rather, you will get dirty gossip behind your back, from a person who will assure that he knows you well, enjoys your confidence, and therefore will not lie. Your own position may be at risk.
  • Dangling shoe straps mean loss of functionality, unreliability of a person. If the straps are torn on your own shoes — you are afraid of losing support at the most crucial moment and taking risks. Be careful, have a backup option and do not rely too much on the environment.
  • Well-worn soles mean not only old-fashionedness, but also hidden vices, unsightly secrets. In its brightest form, this refers to shining lacquer shoes with leaky soles.
  • Leaky, torn sneakers mean poverty, inattention to yourself, lack of hope and plans. To hold them in your hands means to indulge in memories. To put on and wear — to admit defeat in advance.
  • To sew up, glue up damaged shoes means to lie, to try to pass the desirable to the real, to deceive.

What dreams of torn shoes for dream books and the best interpretations

What does torn shoes by authoritative sources

  • Female dream book claims that torn shoes mean danger. Seeing someone in a torn shoe — recognizing a liar.
  • Dream Vanga warns that if you dream about the groom in a torn, but in decent shoes — you can easily get married. But if tattered sneakers or bare feet stick out from under a decent suit, it is better to postpone the wedding for a year in order to get to know a person better. Bare feet in a dream means a tendency to tyranny, despotism, increased demands on the world. Many believe that walking barefoot is a sign of unpretentiousness and austerity. But the reality is quite the opposite.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation connects torn shoes in a dream with disappointment, fatigue, desire to change the situation. Perhaps a divorce is nearing and good, if peaceful. Believe the person you saw in torn shoes, you can not even in small things.
  • Rough, worn out and cracked shoes without laces mean inconstancy, carelessness, cruelty. Such a person can be incredibly charming when he needs something. Having received the desired, he becomes cold, detached, you yourself rejoice in parting and getting rid of the burden.

What dreams of torn shoes for dream books and the best interpretations


To dream torn shoes means to know the secrets of the man. Perhaps you will see even more than planned and will inevitably be disappointed. The reality of the dream, supported by your observation, is often cruel.

About yourself, you also learn a lot of new things.

Do not seek to show pity for the destitute sirymi and barefoot poor things. It is possible that these hungry demons came to your soul. It is impossible to feed all the hungry and suffering, especially with an abundant appetite and greed.

They will always be enough. If they are fed, satiated and left you in poverty, they will leave to tell the world about your stinginess and cruelty.

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