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What dreams of tights on the dream books of Freud, Longo, Tsvetkova

Pantyhose dreamed — correct decoding of dream books

An unforgettable pleasure is received by a woman from the men’s gaze, fixed on her slender legs in beautiful stockings. What dreams tights, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Pantyhose is a female symbol. They are associated with something not always noticeable at first glance, but very important for the normal functioning of the dreamer. This may relate to the emotional mood, inner experiences, aspirations.

Often, such details of the female wardrobe are dreamed of by those who experience difficulty in relations with relatives, close friends, and lovers.

What dreams of tights on the dream books of Freud, Longo, Tsvetkova

For a man, a night plot with beautiful female legs in the form of bright, beautiful, expensive tights is a sign of future success in the conquest and seduction of famous and very visible women. It will be a difficult task — to charm the noble beauty, but your charm, dignity and excitement will be enough to get attention.

Dirty, torn, or worn items of this type symbolize danger to the dreamer. The young girl dreamed how a man accidentally tore her tights — to be disappointed in the opposite field because of his own naivety, negligence, curiosity.

Being cautious and serious when we first met — it does not mean appearing sweetheart and losing a potential fan. Fate is favorably disposed towards those who value their dignity and strive for the best.

What material were tights in a dream

  • subtle, kapron — reflect grand ambitions and plans of the dreamer. But these goals have few chances to come true due to the lack of influential patronage or support from outside. You are not ready to conquer the world on such a scale. Set yourself realistic goals. New positive experience and knowledge will not only please, but also give confidence and strength for more ambitious victories;

What dreams of tights on the dream books of Freud, Longo, Tsvetkova

  • dear, silk — in reality to quickly achieve stunning success, popularity. This will improve the quality of life and climb high on the social ladder. But such opportunities will badly affect the character and make your nature very mercantile and cynical. But it is worth remembering that such happiness can be very short-lived and in one moment everything will quickly return to its place;
  • woolen, prickly — on the one hand reflects the obstinate temper of the dreamer and the quarrelsome character. You find it difficult to establish a dialogue with others. Learning to compromise, show restraint, prudence, take someone else’s opinion, listen to it is a direct path to a successful career and rich personal life. Conflict situations only complicate your existence, pushing away from you influential and wealthy helpers;
  • new in the package — to meet with the infantile personality, which will impede your further development. The situation may be delayed and complicated by the fact that you will experience anxious and tender feelings for this person.

What does color mean

The color of hosiery in a dream personifies the character traits that the dreamer openly demonstrates or, on the contrary, carefully tries to hide.

  • white — shows the integrity and concreteness of the nature of the sleeper. You are a full-fledged formed person who is not tormented by doubts and is determined to succeed. For a young person, this connotation speaks of innocence and chastity;
  • gray is a symbol of mediocrity. You do not want to be visible and bright personality. Stability and comfort are important to you;
  • Black — says about the mystery, stealth and practicality of the dreamer. You are informative, but mercantile in their actions and deeds.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Tights in a dream signify the feminine, personifying the soft curves and nakedness of a woman’s body. For a man to admire the process in night dreams, when a woman puts on this item of clothing — it means to be completely satisfied with her sex life.

You confidently show your immutability of tender feelings and reverent attitude to the second half, even under the onslaught of temptations and temptations.

What dreams of tights on the dream books of Freud, Longo, Tsvetkova

Remove from your favorite stockings in dreams — in reality, be interested in the romantic mood of your passion, cherish a spark of passion. You want to maintain your former temperament in relationships, flirt and play intimate communication.

For a woman to take off or wear tights — in reality, show a craving for eksbitsionizmu, pay excessive attention to improving their body. You are excited by beautiful and perfect proportions, both your own and the prospective potential lover.

Such an approach reduces the chances of finding a truly worthy partner who can make you happy.

Torn pantyhose on female legs — to break the relationship. The reason for this will be the betrayal of the second half.

In a relationship, you want comfort and coziness, and trust is a very important sign of love, passion and intimate idyll.

Yuri Longo

Tights in female dreams can reflect the emotional — psychological attitude of the ladies, her attitude to certain things. It does not concern something material, but rather will affect the moral side of her personality.

Feel discomfort, stiffness and irritation in nylon stockings — in reality to experience discontent and claims to a very close and dear person. If this item of clothing is new, just from the packaging — then your relationship at the milling stage requires patience and time in order to better know each other, understand and strive for mutual agreement.

A man dreams of women’s wardrobe items, which she privately puts on her feet — to love intrigues, pleasures, flirting and role-playing games with women of the opposite sex. The period when you demand increased attention from a woman, your desires are easy to predict, satisfaction comes as quickly as interest in this regard goes.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

For a woman, tights symbolize her honor and dignity. Dreamed of losing or tearing this accessory to the bride before the wedding is a bad sign. The groom can catch you in immoral connections in the past and terminate the engagement.

A woman at the age of such a vision warns of soon love disappointment, which may affect your reputation and credibility.

To try to quietly remove holey stockings in a public place — in reality, make decisions independently in eliminating difficulties on the way to the intended goal. You will not be influenced by the opinions of others and adequately cope with difficult life circumstances.

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