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What dreams of their funeral on dream books: Miller, Tsvetkova and others

Dreams of your funeral: how to interpret the popular dream-book

The death of any person in a dream always causes negative feelings and fear of the future. What are your funeral dreams about?

You should not be very afraid of these visions, most likely it is only a symbol that a certain stage in your life has come to an end.

Also this sad event may indicate deliverance or the need to get rid of unnecessary experiences, emotions or bad habits. A detailed explanation of what else dreams of this sad event will help the dream book.

What dreams of their funeral on dream books: Miller, Tsvetkova and others

General interpretation of sleep

Seeing your funeral is a sign that soon everything in your life will fall into place, troubles and hardships will pass, all unsolvable situations will end safely. Also in the dreamer’s personal life changes are coming.

This can be either a meeting with a loved one, or a marriage proposal, the birth of children, a magnificent marriage. Own funerals in a dream can also personify the inner state of a person.

Perhaps you are tormented by deep feelings, you feel melancholy and despair, fear of something or someone, loss of vital signs, physical or nervous exhaustion.

For a man to see his own funeral in a dream is a good sign. Soon in your life there will be powerful sponsors, lucrative new contracts, you will reach incredible heights in business and get the expected profit.

It is also possible the acquisition of new real estate.

Seeing many relatives around your coffin who suffer and cry is a symbol of bad family relationships. In your family, unfortunately, quarrels and conflicts constantly occur, there are hate and stupid accusations, negligence, disrespect.

It is worth trying to change this situation.

If a stranger was present at his own funeral in a dream, he kept aloof, then this is a bad sign. Someone was holding a serious grudge against you.

Perhaps this person is from your inner circle. In the near future you should be on your guard, because this person has insidious plans and soon he will move to decisive actions.

Sooner or later the truth will open, but you should not risk it and be too trusting.

To experience a terribly depressed state at your funeral in a dream is a welcome sign. Soon you will have a happy trip with your lover, a pleasant chat with friends and so on.

Running away from your own funeral is a good sign. Soon you will come to realize your own mistakes, you will try to correct what previously seemed impossible. This can be a reconciliation with a long-time enemy, or deep repentance, forgiveness of offenses and the choice of a different path in life.

Also, such a dream can portend a comfortable and long life to a great age.

What dreams of their funeral on dream books: Miller, Tsvetkova and others

A bad sign is to see your own funeral in a wedding dress. This dream predicts a whole lump of problems that is about to fall on your head.

If in reality you have already put on this dress, then soon you will face serious health problems and the strongest and closest relationships in your life will be destroyed. If you see a dress for the first time, problems with close people and financial losses are coming.

You should try not to make major purchases and minimize conflicts with your loved ones as much as possible.

If in a dream you were buried in an old dress, then soon you will have problems with finances. You may lose money because of your confidence or, on the contrary, problems with your own self-esteem.

If this dream has glimpsed a young man, then this is a kind of warning that you should not trust one intuition. It is necessary to more carefully calculate the possible solutions to various situations in life, otherwise it may end very badly.

If you were in your old shoes at your funeral, then soon you will get into trouble on the way. Perhaps the trip, which is scheduled for the near future, will be dangerous, there is a risk of accidents.

If in a dream you were buried alive by a loved one, then you should expect betrayal and betrayal from your partner. Perhaps because of his indifference and coldness in your relationship, you cannot change the situation around you and get rid of the immediate problems. You should be more careful, keep your nervous system.

Soon your black stripe in life will end.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

Dream Miller ambiguously interprets the funeral. He pays special attention to the weather in this dream. If you are dreaming of a good and sunny weather, then you will have a happy fate, the health of loved ones, and good luck in all your endeavors.

If your own funeral took place in case of cloudy and rainy weather, then illness, setbacks and losses await you.

According to the dream book Hasse

In this dream book, it is believed that your funeral in a dream predicts a long life and excellent health, as well as harmony and happiness in your family.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

According to Tsvetkov, his own funeral heralds a successful outcome of your affairs or an early wedding. Such a sad event is also considered a symbol of a long and carefree life.

What dreams of their funeral on dream books: Miller, Tsvetkova and others

According to the dream-book of the 21st century

This dream book has several interpretations of the meaning of a dream with its own funeral:

  • if the coffin with you was carried easily and smoothly — you will have happiness, prosperity, success and long life. To a sick person, this dream promises complete healing and deliverance from ailments;
  • hear the funeral march during their own funerals — a symbol of the beginning of a new life. Also, these nightly dreams urge you to reconsider your attitude towards other people and finally determine who is the enemy and who is the friend;
  • fun music during his funeral — a sign of danger. You should be very vigilant and careful. Somebody is plotting something unkind about you against you.

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