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What dreams of the war in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Longo, Lofa

Dreamed of war — what can it mean for different dream books

To visit the hearth of hostilities, to hear the whistling of bullets and see the death of people — this means leaving an indelible impression in your soul. It is not surprising if the war will come in dreams after.

Why dream of a war to completely peaceful people, far from the soldiers’ life, we learn in the dream books.

War is good to hear, so hard to see

War, like rain and thunderstorms, is extremely necessary for the purification of a stagnant atmosphere. In the languages ​​of his flame, unity and brotherhood of people are being reborn.

If people sit in easy chairs, engaging in excessive consumerism and hoarding, and theft, laziness, powerlessness and nothingness hold leading roles in the state, then the great battle is the baptism of blood and fire through which humanity will find the way to a new life.

What dreams of the war in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Longo, Lofa

Therefore, for a dreamer, such a dream can predict turning points of fate, where everything will be: the threat of defeat, an implacable sense of duty to the family or the homeland, awareness of honor, dignity, sacrifice and happiness of victory.

For a woman, a thin world is better than any battle.

A business woman to feel herself behind enemy lines is to doubt the loyalty of a close circle of trust. Your suspicions are not unfounded, someone is preparing a cunning plan of attack on you.

Here your intuition, experience, determination and ruthlessness will be useful.

To contemplate the outbreak of conflicts and terrorist acts from the outside — the situation of a disorderly state of affairs has dragged out too long It is necessary to deal with current issues and determine further strategic goals.

A girl send a guy to war — find out about him a lot of unexpected facts that are likely to put the final point in your relationship.

An elderly woman on the radio to hear Levitan’s voice about the number of dead and wounded — to illness or loss of relatives.

Participation in the parade of victory promises the establishment of family relations, harmony and joyful moments in the circle of relatives. If such a dream has been seen by an unmarried person — to a fateful meeting with a man who will offer you to marry him.

To see people in uniform — to prepare for a change of place of residence, change of job or type of activity. The soldiers are involved in the battle with you — in reality there will be a lot of difficulties and hard work. It is important during this period to take care of your health and well-being.

Possible severe fatigue or hypothermia.

What dreams of the war in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Longo, Lofa

There were friends and neighbors with weapons and supplies in their hands — wait for the general rise in prices of products and the rise in prices for all necessary goods.

Running away from the battlefield — trying to avoid current problems, without going into details. Your position may affect wage cuts, deprivation of bonuses, or cause dismissal from a promising job.

The consequences of the atomic bomb dropped on the city have been apprehended — you are tormented by your conscience for acts committed in the past. You are ready to repent and try to correct the consequences, but this is no longer in your power.

Men are not joking with war and fire

Participation in a military campaign is a foreshadowing of persistent and long labor. The difficulties and the upcoming tests will not be in vain, this is the period of laying the future capital for further self-realization.

The difficulty will be in deteriorating health and reducing immunity. Care should be taken in advance of maintaining strength and general well-being.

The bloody battle was a dream — you have to be very nervous because of problems in business. They heard a lull — there will be a temporary relief and the opportunity to gain strength, to think about the subsequent actions of confrontation with competitors.

The young guy on the eve of the wedding dreams of a slaughter on the ice is a sign that one of the relatives is clearly against the future marriage. Finding out all the critical moments in advance, you will avoid the scandal at the festival.

You are escaping from a city that was captured by terrorists — you are planning to move to another city in reality or are preparing to emigrate to another country, in search of a better life. And the further you run from aggression and bloodshed, the happier will be the real life.

The path will not be easy and thorny, starting from learning a language and looking for a job, but your hopes are fully justified.

I dreamed of a girl in the form of a military nurse — expect support and anxious care from a man who was previously indifferent to you. In a desperate moment of your existence, this angel will be your salvation and travel thread.

Discovering for yourself the new facets of her meek disposition, kindness and love, you will understand how she was mistaken before.

Hearing a declaration of war — to be in a situation that will require your determination, courage and good physical preparation.

What is taken from the battle, it is holy, the author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

War personifies sexual intercourse, the act of merging two elements — male and female. Watch the battle — to conceal hidden sexual desires, which sooner or later affect your character and general mood.

To participate in the battle means to fulfill your intimate fantasies with elements of masochism and sadism.

Such a dream is the personification of impending evil and hard times. The scale of the consequences can affect both the whole nation and a single family.

Hunger, disease, epidemics, death of people — all this can be expected after such visions. Take a direct part — in the wake of trouble will touch your close relatives.

What dreams of the war in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Longo, Lofa


War is associated with blissful events and changes. It carries purification and release of stagnant energy.

For a lazy person, such a dream is the desire to take an active position and begin to act in the name of the wealth and prosperity of his family.

Defeat in the battle of reality can mean protracted disputes, feuds and scandals.

David loff

Military actions symbolize the release of accumulated emotional stress. If you yourself observe, but do not participate in it, you try to work a lot and painstakingly to avoid complaints from the management. You saw your own loss — the result of your efforts will be frustration in yourself, undermining self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is necessary to avoid prolonged depression, temporarily retire and allow the body to relax.

Yuri Longo

Seen a war across the country — expect economic and political instability. Obviously defeat — the crisis will be exacerbated and delayed for several years.

Victory — an increase in the welfare of the population, an increase in the birth rate.

Rejoicing over the celebration of victory — a decent financial reward from the transaction or high profits from a new business project.

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