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What dreams of the train and the railway?

What dreams of the train and the railway?

At all times, people paid close attention to dreams: they were given great importance, they were seen with deep meaning and omen, they were perceived as games of the subconscious. But there were no people indifferent and indifferent to their dreams.

Especially if the dream is quite mysterious and, one can say, metaphorical. For example, it is very interesting to find out what dreams of a train and a railway are for.

After all, if you succumb to logical reflections, then you can interpret a dream about the railway and the train speeding along it as a harbinger of future changes in life. Is it really so?

What dreams of the train and the railway?

General interpretation of the dream of the railway and trains

If a person dreamed of a train moving by rail, this may mean that:

  1. in the near future are waiting for changes in life;
  2. to go on an unplanned (and sometimes, on the contrary, a very long-awaited!) journey;
  3. waiting for changes in career growth;
  4. you need to change something in your life;
  5. difficult choice to make.

If a person dreams that he is walking on the rails, This can speak about the dependence of his success on the ability to properly and skillfully manage affairs.

Any obstructions on the railway track, who ghosted to a sleeper, will testify to possible life difficulties. If, despite the size or shape of the obstacles (these can be stones, precipices, water, sticks, broken sleepers, faulty rails, etc.), the person clearly sees the railroad tracks — this is a good sign that he will be able to cope with all difficulties and return everything in its true direction.

What dreams of the train and the railway?

If a person in a dream is at a railway crossing waiting for the opening of the paths and sees in front of him rapidly rushing past the train, — this dream tells us that a person will have to be patient and wait for an important issue to be resolved to be resolved.

Interpretation of dreams in different dream books

It would seem that such a prosaic dream as a railway and trains can be interpreted without any dream books. Each person can intuitively understand why and why he had a dream.

But, nevertheless, various dream books offer their interpretation of dreams, sometimes quite strongly differing among themselves. Let’s see what they interpret popular dream books about trains and railways.

Dream Miller

Referring to this dream book, it is safe to say that the railway personifies the symbol of a long life, a long journey. It is desirable to pay attention to the important little things of this dream:

  • if you dreamed that you were driving in a train, — in fact, too, to go on a big or small trip;
  • motion sickness in the train, unpleasant feelings — difficulties will meet on the way;
  • the train is moving too slowly — excessive excitement about an important promising business, the desire to speed up the resolution of any situation;
  • freight train with many wagons — to favorable changes, to profit;
  • train, standing for a long time at the station, — life stagnation, stopping in business or career growth.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Almost all the dreams Freud interpreted, based on the two main impulses of man — libido and martido. These drives can also be recognized in a dream about the railway and the train:

  • see a train going by, escort him with a glance, escort someone on the platform — to a quick change of sexual partner, to parting;
  • ride the train for a long time — family life is boring, boring, lost former interest in a partner;
  • see yourself happy on the train, seeing beautiful landscapes through the window — family life will be happy, interesting, full of vivid emotions and events;
  • move in a dream from car to car in search of his place — to fleeting hobbies, to the long choice of a partner.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, the dream trains and the railway track speak of a situation in the business sphere of a person’s life. It is important to correctly interpret some details:

  • dream of a confidently rushing forward locomotive — quick success, career growth, things will go uphill;
  • slow moving, often stopping train — things are going hard, a lot of work problems that need to be solved;
  • meet arriving train — to business cooperation, favorable offer;
  • go by train — there is an important thing to do;
  • see freight train — accumulated fatigue, the need for rest.

Dreams of characters

In this dream book, much attention is paid to the details:

  • many attached cars — to a long and happy life;
  • a large number of trains at the station — waiting for a lot of events;
  • systematically moving train — the presence of a clear goal, the desire to improve, move forward;
  • railway with sharp turns — Difficult time in life, change.

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