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What dreams of the stove for dream books — old, modern, erotic

I dreamed of a stove — we interpreted for different dream books on our own

Most modern people know what the oven looks like, just from the pictures — and yet, you saw it in a dream. What dreams of this symbol of comfort and warmth, whether the dream book will bring good news?

General interpretation of your sleep

  • Noble dream book sees in your dream some positive side. A warm stove testifies to a good friend, kindling a fire — learn about secret love, inflate it — get pleasant chores related to welfare, warm up near an open fire stove — to a long journey.
  • However, the sparkling stove in a dream symbolizes the imminent appearance of enemies (another interpretation — you are wasting too much on trifles), and if you saw yourself extinguishing the hearth — this is a danger. Watching someone familiar melt the stove is also a bad dream, but in relation to this person. It is believed that failures and health problems await him.
  • Gypsy interpreters like this dream. They consider: to see the stove — to move to a new, and even a big house.

What dreams of the stove for dream books - old, modern, erotic

  • A new family dream-book considers a stove to be drowned in good dreams (this is fortunate), a reddened stove (dream means the good disposition of the housewife). But there are bad «furnace» dreams. Broken stove foreshadows excitement because of their children, cold hearth — future problems in human relations, and if you burned on a stove — fear the enemies, they have prepared something bad for you.
  • Old French interpreters believed: the stove foreshadows a rich life. If you see yourself at the hearth, the trip is not far off, and it is quite possible — a long and long trip.
  • The dream of health warns: all this to disease. If the stove was hot, you could catch a cold, and if you just saw it from afar, you need to be wary of diseases related to digestion, as well as problems with the lungs.
  • Medium Hasse warns: after seeing a tiled stove, a young man (or girl) preparing for the wedding should reconsider their relationship. Perhaps they are very fragile.
  • The rest of the people, according to Hasse, are not afraid to see a beautiful stove — such a dream promises benefits. Well, and if you also baked bread in it, it means that you are the true master of your destiny.
  • Both the esoteric Tsvetkov and the compilers of the small Veles dream warn: if you see a stove-setter in your dreams, be on the alert. You are threatened by bad news. If you were a stove, do not rush to start a new business, until you are completely sure that you have a solid «foundation».
  • Did you have a dream bakery? In any case, this is a bad dream. To a man or a boy, he foreshadows a quarrel with a girl (bride, wife); girl or woman — your reputation is at stake. If you saw yourself as the owner (owner) of the bakery, at work you will soon be called «on the carpet.»
  • Finally, the folklore dream book, based on popular beliefs, assures: to see the furnace falling apart is a bad sign, it promises unhappiness.

Do the authors of popular dream books agree with this?

What dreams of the stove for dream books - old, modern, erotic

Humanity has existed for thousands of years, and all this time it has been trying to interpret its dreams. Therefore, the number created by seers, fortune-tellers, interpreters of dream books is so great. However, there are several books that people trust more than others.

What they’re saying?

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  1. According to this dream book, the stove is a bad sign, meaning quick sadness.
  2. Seeing the hearth or stove falling apart is a good omen. Soon you will be delighted with good news.
  3. See how you cook something on the stove — in real life you spend a lot of mental and physical strength to solve the «wrong» problems.
  4. See the stove with a built-in oven, in which bread is just baked or other food is prepared — you will have a rest in pleasant company.
  5. If you are basking on or near a heated stove, you will soon have a road ahead.
  6. Watch the stove-setter work (the person who repairs or builds the stoves) — soon you will get disturbing news.
  7. If the furnace in your dream was not the traditional Russian, but the factory, open-hearth — at work you will be deceived with payment.

Seasonal dream books say:

  1. Did you see the hot stove one spring months? Bad thing — soon you will worry about a loved one (close) person, or you miss him.
  2. If you were trying to “rake the fire” in the summertime, it means that at the moment you are trying to accomplish a difficult task, or have set yourself a difficult goal.
  3. If the stove you dreamed of in the fall, and besides, you threw firewood inside — wait for good news at work.

Freud interprets your dream so …

What dreams of the stove for dream books - old, modern, erotic

  1. A stove is (as you might guess, knowing the way of thinking of the father of psychoanalysis) a female symbol, and more specifically, a vagina.
  2. In the dream, you sat and looked at the stove fire? So, you will find a lot of happiness in the family.
  3. If you kindled a fire in a furnace, love fire will just kindle in you too.
  4. If your (or unfamiliar) stove you saw cooled, cold — this is a sad sign, meaning your loneliness, the present or the future.

Erotic dream book warns …

  1. Why dream of a stove? Of course, to meet with a very passionate, temperamental person with whom you will have a relationship.
  2. Have you seen a stove that is not heated or cooled? This does not cancel the future meeting, but one can hope not to develop relations.

It is also important to remember not only part of the dream, but also small details. Often important may be the situation in the house with a stove, lighting, the presence of odors. Some of these elements of sleep can mean something purely individual, which they will not write about in the dream book: memories from childhood, fears, emotions experienced in a day.

Analyze them, and you will understand the hidden value of your sleep!

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