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What dreams of the river: interpretation of the dream

Dreams of a river can foreshadow both positive and negative events, depending on the condition of the water. Calm river and clear water dream to luck in all endeavors. You can safely implement the most daring projects.

If the water in the reservoir was turbid and boiling, then this is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream foreshadows great excitement, worries and troubles.

For a correct interpretation of sleep, it is important to pay attention to the presence of fish, algae in the water. Interpretation varies depending on who saw the dream.

The girl dream of a river with fish foreshadows pregnancy. See the waves on the river — a secret admirer wants to get acquainted with the dreamer.

A woman swimming in the river promises reconciliation with a partner.

A man dream of a river promises familiarity with the economic and beautiful girl who will eventually become his wife.

What dreams of the river: interpretation of the dream

If the dreamer remembers what the river was, the interpretation of the dream will be more accurate.

River condition and location

Interpretation of sleep

  • A sleeping person will enjoy the pleasure of everyday activities in real life. The mountain river foreshadows a series of interesting events.
  • The river among the rocky desert — a sign that a person will have to lead a secluded life

The dreamer needs rest. Otherwise, the probability of developing illnesses on the basis of nervous and physical exhaustion is not excluded.

The dream speaks of the dreamer’s strong physical and moral fatigue. You need to take a little vacation and rest. This will help to avoid health problems and take up work with new forces.

Dried river — to grief and resentment

To a lot of surprises and good news

The dream suggests that the dreamer wants to make his life more diverse, but he is afraid of new experiments.

Carrying a lot of litter

Man will have to start life from scratch.

  • For adventures and interesting events.
  • If the water was muddy, then it predicts an interesting meeting in a strange city.
  • To see animals drinking water — there is a road to a faraway country that will leave only pleasant impressions.

Stormy stream ends with a waterfall

Soon the hypocrite and the envious will call

Sign that the dreamer’s life will not be stable anytime soon

If the dreamer saw the river of blood, the dream foreshadows big problems in relations with native people.

What dreams of the river: interpretation of the dream

If the dreamer dreamed of a frozen river, then it promises difficulties and obstacles in the planned event. The reason for this will be the envious and detractors of the dreamer.

To go on strong ice in winter — a sleeping person will be able to quickly and easily solve all important issues.

A white thin crust of ice is a sign that the dreamer should be more independent and not rely on others to solve problems.

See the ice drift on the pond — to participate in a profitable event. It will be associated with trade or fishing.

Dirty stream with large chunks of ice — a sign of gossip and intrigue behind a sleeping person.

What dreams of the river: interpretation of the dream

For a correct interpretation of sleep, one should pay attention to the condition of the water.

Water condition

Meaning of dream

The dreamer is in complete harmony with himself and the people around him

To unpleasant changes in life

Dream promises good health and well-being

A sleeping person will be able to cope with all the obstacles to achieving the goal.

If the water burned the body, it promises great and mutual love.

Big trouble

To great and mutual love

The actions of a sleeping person will help clarify the meaning of the dream.


Interpretation of sleep

Sail a turbulent stream

It’s time to drastically change your life.

Means to make a rash decision that does not hurt to achieve the goal

Swim deep

Means the presence in the immediate environment envious who are trying to disrupt the plans of the dreamer

Having sex in the river

Soon will have to quickly make an important decision.

Walk on the bottom of a dried pond

To the rapid achievement of goals. There will be no obstacles in the path of the dreamer in the near future.

If the water was clear, it promises joy and well-being.

Drowning in muddy waters — to deception and betrayal by the best friend.

Aesop’s dream interpretation says that such a plot offers a difficult financial situation.

Dream foreshadows a long journey

Sit on the beach

For a long trip or business trip

Jump start

To a new romantic acquaintance

Swim in the hole

For surprise or cash reward

Move downstream

Symbol of fatigue, self-doubt and self-reliance, fear of changes in life

Climb up the river

A person will be able to achieve the goal, but he will have to work hard

Swim against the current

Symbol of assistance to the enemy in difficult times

If a person fell and water got into his mouth, then he will soon become an important person.

Plunge into clothes

Sign that a dreamer will stand on his feet in real life

Out of the reservoir

To receive good news

Sleep promises a period of failure and adversity

Sorrow will bypass the dreamer side

Hear the sound of water

Learn important news

Feel the taste of water

To participate in illegal actions

The desire to take a break from doing homework

Catch fish and animals

Fish — for a romantic date

Rakov — to great luck and success

Turtle — to sorrow and anxiety

Snake — to a rich and prosperous life

Crocodile — to unreasonable jealousy of the second half

Cows or horses — need to be more consistent in their actions

To purchase or build a house

Sail to the other sideTo achieve the goal

Do not find the river in the same place

Be drawn into someone else’s argument

Pave the course for the future river

Means self-guidance dreamer their fate

According to the universal dream book, the bridge over the river is a sign of the fulfillment of all cherished desires. However, this will need to work hard.

If the bridge was strong and reliable, it indicates the correctness of the choice of life path. It is necessary to appreciate all that is in life, and try not to lose.

The small bridge says that an important stage in the life of a sleeping person has ended and a new, equally responsible one will soon begin.

To see the bridge of the ropes over the fast current — to receive unexpected news that will permanently knock the dreamer out of a rut. You should not give in to emotions, you need to solve all issues as they come.

Swimming and seeing the bridge is a sign that a person misses his old friends. If the bridge had a direct shape, then soon a sleeping person will see his friends, if the shape of an arc, then it will not be possible to meet them for a long time.

The presence of people on the bridge — a sign of desire to change the situation.

Seeing how the bridge shakes is a symbol of the fact that one should pay attention to one’s psychological health.

Wooden bridge means reconciliation with its second half, suspended — a symbol of the dreamer’s desire to express his creative potential.

If the river overflowed, this is an unfavorable sign. Sleep warns of possible problems at work.

It is not necessary to commit rash acts on emotions, as this can harm the dreamer’s reputation.

If the water flooded the whole area around, then it means that soon the dreamer will commit a bold act that will cause great trouble.

According to the twenty-first century dream book, a river spill promises the dreamer a great profit. A person can solve all his financial problems.

If the water was muddy and dirty, then this is an unfavorable symbol that predicts health problems. Do not ignore the obvious symptoms of ailments, you must immediately seek help from a doctor.

The boat is a universal type of transport for crossing the river. The interpretation of sleep depends on the circumstances:

  • Easy to swim on the river — you should be careful in matters related to business.
  • If the river was bloody — to the full understanding with relatives.
  • Out of the boat — to victory over the enemy.
  • Jumping into the water — to commit an insane act, which the dreamer will be very sorry in the future.
  • To catch a paddle for a snag — to an unpleasant conversation with colleagues.
  • To see the garbage passing by — to the feast at the old friend’s party.
  • Row two oars — to reprimand from the authorities.
  • To see a bridge over your head — you will soon have to sort things out with a close person, however, the conversation will take place in a calm atmosphere.
  • Trying to stop the boat and send in the other direction — to reconciliation with a loved one.

Other modes of transport:

  • A walk on a catamaran with a loved one is a sign of complete understanding. Night vision promises only pleasant events. If the sleeper was with a girlfriend or boyfriend, it is a symbol of dissatisfaction with the position held. Accidentally fall into the river — to a pleasant conversation with a loved one.
  • A trip by boat means calm and peace.
  • Traveling in a rubber boat promises to receive good news. To find a big hole in it — to the pleasant surprise from friends.
  • To sail on a boat — to achieve the goal.
  • Traveling by ship — to implement the planned event.
  • Go swimming on a raft — the dreamer’s husband will give her an unexpected gift.

In the dreams of the river there may be unusual scenes:

  • See many rivers — to increase capital.
  • A cliff above the river leads to a hopeless situation in life. Jumping from it directly into the water — to great trouble, which can be avoided only if the dreamer gathers his will into a fist.
  • Stand on the shore and look at the fish in the water — to the big profits or winning the lottery. Small fish foreshadows a small income.
  • To clearly see two banks in front of you — to a passionate night with a loved one.
  • If the coast is covered with fog, then the woman should be more likely to take the initiative in sex.
  • Algae in the river — a sign that the person is tightened by the daily routine. Sleep predicts health problems and in relationships with a loved one.
  • See how the river burns — to longevity and great happiness.
  • Sinking to the bottom in a diver’s suit — by a pleasant evening with your second half.
  • Swim naked — get a declaration of love.
  • To wash in the river — to the losses and disappointments.
  • Wash clothes — to an unexpected meeting with a former young man.
  • If the dreamer came out of the water and began to clean his clothes of mud and dirt, then in reality he would be able to get rid of all the problems.
  • Catching the palm of the river flow — to the appearance in life of a sleeping person a true friend.
  • Losing a swimsuit in the water or swimming trunks is a valuable find.
  • Drop a hat in the water — to a quarrel with a close friend or colleague.
  • Lose fishing gear in the water — it’s time to move to decisive action on the love front.
  • To drop something on the bottom of the river — soon a sleeping person will be able to profitably invest money in a profitable business.
  • Change the flow of river water — get the help of a loved one in a difficult situation.

Most esotericists, psychoanalysts, magicians and seers have their own point of view about what dreams of the river.

Dream interpretation


A quiet river with clear water promises familiarity with the second half or an increase in the career ladder, restless — to receive unexpected news from afar.

The muddy river is a symbol of quarrels and quarrels with colleagues.

Spilling water promises trouble because of a rash act that will harm the dreamer’s reputation.

Seeing corpses at the bottom — to a strip of bad luck and bad luck

The dream says that the dreamer often fantasizes on sexual themes, but he is afraid to tell his partner about his secret desires.

Swimming in clear water is a sign that more attention should be paid to the second half.

Watch from the shore for the boiling water — for a long journey.

Float on the river — to increase wages.

Wade through — to overcome unexpected obstacles in achieving goals

Fall into the river and swallow the water — to obtain a decent position.

Dip in clothes — to prosperity and well-being.

Fight the stream and swim ashore — to wealth

To wash — to losses and disappointments.

To swim across the river — to serious problems in reality.

Go to land — to the pleasant news from afar

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