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What dreams of the river according to the dream books and the basic meanings of the interpretation of dreams

What does river mean by dream book — how to interpret correctly

The river in a dream and in reality is a recognized symbol of human life. At the source, the river is clear and turbulent, like a human youth.

Closer to the maturity of the river can be calm and wide. The largest rivers allow navigation and serve as trade arteries, becoming a source of many riches.

Then the rivers flow into the seas, become part of the world ocean. The water in the mouths of the river is often muddy, the current is weak, the fairway has to be cared for and cleaned of silt and sand, and the shallows are removed. Muddy water in the river according to dream books means illness and disease.

Pure water promises joy. Consider what the dream of the river dream.

What dreams of the river according to the dream books and the basic meanings of the interpretation of dreams

Basic Values

  • If you cross a river in a dream — you are not looking for easy ways and strive for self-improvement. Go with the flow — do not resist fate. In this case, the dream promises complete well-being, without shocks. This kind of happiness is not always suitable for active nature. If in a dream you are storming the rapids and mastering the basics of fortification — the happiness of your life in the fight. You do not want to receive gifts of fate and do not believe in victory without a fight. On the other hand, you choose your own way. Do not be surprised when you find that those who chose a peaceful swimming, without a struggle, managed to overcome many times greater distance and achieved more.
  • To sail in a boat is a sign of practicality.
  • If in a dream you thoughtfully peer into the river expanses — this is to new interesting ideas.
  • Bathe with the child, look after the splashing children — you have to mentoring.
  • To block the river, arrange dams, mills — big plans that can change the lives of many people.
  • Bridges mean the insecurities, frustrations that you had in life. Crossing the bridge to the other bank is a rejection of previous ideas and the beginning of a new stage, victory over disappointments. Build a bridge — to get stuck in one place for reasons of common good, to waste time.
  • To wade — to fight with difficulties.
  • Jumping into the river — rushing to meet new sensations, like a pool of water. If you hit the water — to great disappointment. He dreams that the water is drawn — deception. Snags, stones at the bottom — you happily escaped terrible dangers. Try not to repeat the mistake, the next time it may be unlucky.
  • Fishing nets — to great prosperity. If you dream that you are sitting on the beach and watching fish splash — you are thinking about a new business.
  • If you drink from a river in a dream, that means wisdom and well-being. Saltwater in the river means intrigue to be resisted. Do not settle for illegal actions. You will not get the benefits, but you will have to answer even for something you don’t have a clue about. According to the eastern dream-books the salty water in the river means poverty and shame.
  • If you are drowning — the affairs of you are overwhelmed, you are exhausted. The cause of the problems is improper work organization.
  • The dry course is the bitterness of disappointment.
  • To clean the bottom — to rebuild your life, the stage of rethinking and reassessing all the most important things in life.

What dreams of the river according to the dream books and the basic meanings of the interpretation of dreams

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller believes quiet and unhurried river with calm and clear water in a dream sign of special blessing and foreshadows joy, tranquility, unhurried prosperity. A muddy noisy river according to Miller means everyday quarrels, quarrels, petty intrigues. If the river obstructs the road or suddenly overflows its banks, widely spreading — the dreamer is expected to face serious problems associated with the impossibility of implementing plans.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo assures that the calm river surface means that you have already reached the limit of dreams at the current moment and your mind is not clouded by convulsive searches and unnecessary worries.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation, as usual, focuses on intersexual problems. The wide and clear river seems to Freud to be the perfect backdrop for bold and sudden sex. It is assumed that the dreamer loves to present various sexual scenes, to fantasize, and with pleasure realizes his fantasies. According to Freud, to sail in a river is to completely surrender to passion and not oppose the movement of the soul. It is recommended to wake up from love languor and pay some attention to current affairs.
  • The dream book of the prophetess Vanga is inclined to believe that seeing a river in a dream is an exceptionally favorable sign. Dip into the river, fall into the river right in the clothes — you will be able to wait for the desired changes and get a good material reward. If you had to fight with the course — you will have to overcome some obstacles to the desired goal, but everything will turn out well. If the water hands push you in the back and help move forward — you can count on the help of others.
  • Dream Interpretation Hasse largely agrees with Wanga and believes that falling into a river in a dream means receiving important news and then engaging in the cycle of events.

What dreams of the river according to the dream books and the basic meanings of the interpretation of dreams


To dream of a river is generally a good sign, because it shows your attitude to life. The river is dreaming, if you are inclined to control events in your life, you are not ready to let it flow.

You like to analyze events, draw conclusions, search for optimal solutions. Most likely, you have to answer not only for yourself, but also for other people.

This property managers, organizers, businessmen. You know how to improve the welfare of your family and provide other people. The habit of control allows you to predict profits.

In general, the river in a dream — to money, calm to overcome current problems, to success in business and general well-being.

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