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What dreams of the refrigerator on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Dreamed of a refrigerator — the nuances of decoding by dream books

Refrigerator — food storage, the main element of the kitchen. Sometimes on the contents of the refrigerator you can learn a lot about a person, his habits, attitude to himself, well-being. The refrigerator in a dream is no less important than in life.

Check in the middle of the night stocks of food — quite normal instinct inherited from the ancestors. Some people even wake up and actually go to the food store, open the door, take something from the shelf and eat it.

This is done not from hunger, but to confirm the ownership, possession of edible treasures. The refrigerator keeps many secrets — open and see for yourself.

Have you left a piece of cake? Where to do mustard, which stood on the shelf for 5 years?

Find out what dreams of the refrigerator in the dream books.

What dreams of the refrigerator on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Basic Values

  • The main value of the refrigerator in a dream — food stocks. You are probably afraid of hunger due to some considerations, afraid of losing your job or fear of natural phenomena. Most likely, your concerns are baseless. But stocks of food anyway. Just not to worry.
  • Put the products on the shelves — to prosperity. Sort, shift — you are satisfied with the situation. If among the products are found spoiled and you throw them out — to great selectivity in the relationship, demanding. If you leave spoiled products in place, your own infantilism and inability to make independent decisions depresses you. Perhaps you should begin decisive changes in your destiny. Do not give up and do not leave the battlefield to the enemy. To leave and slam the door is easiest, but it is a defeat. This is precisely what detractors are seeking from you.
  • Get food — wait for dear guests, good friends or a significant person.
  • Empty — an alarm, a sign to the fact that you need to fill it with food. It is quite possible, in reality, the freezer is packed full of food, but the alarm and possible hunger does not stop. This means that you have increased anxiety. There may be troubles that you feel on the basis of elusive signs or depression.
  • If the freezer is not in the kitchen, but in unexpected places — on the street or in the park — you are hungry. Dreams with a clogged refrigerator can literally haunt people who want to control their weight. Appetizing sausages, fragrant cheese, fruits, curds and desserts float before your eyes and excite the imagination. In this case, you will have to act contrary to the recommendations of an empty freezer and really empty the refrigerator in reality.
  • A broken, broken freezer means that you have lost hope for a better life and are thinking about major changes, moving. Rotten food in a damaged refrigerator, lack of light — aversion to the current lifestyle, depressed vision of the world.
  • Industrial refrigerator, large freezer. To dream of an industrial chamber — to the cold, danger, or you reviewed the militants where in the industrial refrigerators carry the corpses of dissent and lethal vaccines.

What dreams of the refrigerator on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Authoritative interpretations

  • A female dream book reproaches the dreamer with egoism and claims that with mercantile and harsh judgments you hurt the tender soul of a person who is near you and is trying to make some money.
  • Young girls refrigerator in a dream is as a sign of unrequited love. In the interpretation of a large iron and cold object, as a sign of cooling relations, a female dream book coincides with the Wanderer dream book.
  • Meshchansky dream book assures that the condition and content of the refrigerator is your expectation from the world. If you see bare shelves, mold, tasteless food — you expect from the world of boredom, empty troubles, disappointments. Most likely, you are right. If the inside of the freezer is crammed with delicacies, delicious and beautiful dishes — you expect wealth, luxury, wealth and success. Your expectations do not cheat, you will get your success.
  • Dream Longo says that to see the refrigerator in a dream, especially open — your sincere generosity will not be appreciated.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats the refrigerator as a sign of dissatisfaction with sexual and emotional relationships. You are not satisfied with the coldness and angularity of the partner. If the freezer is empty — you believe the relationship is completely exhausted, complete. Do not rush to conclusions and even more so, do not rush to get rid of a bulky item. The situation is quite amenable to regulation.

What dreams of the refrigerator on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books


Dreaming of a refrigerator is a good sign that shows you a practical vision of the world, anxiety about family subsistence, home comfort. As a refrigerator in a dream, you can easily determine your own mood and correct it.

A moderately full fridge means prosperity, satiety, well-being for a long time.

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