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What dreams of the ocean according to Miller, Freud’s dream books, the English dream book

How to understand the value of the ocean in a dream for various popular dream books

The ocean is a sign of limitless and endless possibilities, hidden dangers and incredible power. The depths of the ocean have not yet been fully explored.

There are no identical waves in the ocean, there is no identical type. The ocean is constantly changing, breathing.

Ebb and flow, the continuous roar of the waves, unexpected finds on the shore, stones, ground by the continuous work of the waves. To dream in the ocean — it means that you are experiencing a powerful surge of strength, inspiration, standing on the threshold of significant discoveries and changes for you.

Referring to the dream, to understand what dreams of the ocean.

What dreams of the ocean according to Miller, Freud's dream books, the English dream book

Basic Values

  • The most important meaning of the ocean is soft, but enormous power. You feel part of a tremendous power. It would seem, what danger can be from water? We drink water from cups, use in everyday life. But in a significant amount of water sweeps away on its way any, the most solid and durable obstacles. Conquer the water element is impossible. But you can learn the unity with her. And you have just the right mood. We do not envy the one who now thinks of stopping you.
  • Water is a sign of intuition, inner strength. Listen to yourself, your inner voice is now the most important landmark. Follow your feelings, but don’t give way to crushing and destructive rage. If you take a rage in this state, you risk turning your whole life into wreckage. Keep the element under control.
  • To dream in the ocean — to realize their capabilities as limitless. We will not call for modesty and sober understanding and rampant inner critic. Do not miss the moment! Begin to act. Good luck will accompany you. Meet new people, act not on the accumulated, but on your own schemes, as you see fit.
  • Ocean storm, billowing, as in the pictures of Aivazovsky, trees — you are in turmoil and in doubt. We must wait with the adoption of significant decisions. You are not a boat lost in the ocean, you are the ocean itself. Keep the situation under control. Sometimes waiting for the weather by the sea is the most sensible thing.
  • The departure of the sea, exposing the bottom with different monsters and wonders — it’s time to understand yourself, to understand their secret motives. Collect treasures and get rid of garbage. Do not be intimidated by monsters and do not go too far. After the ebb tide will follow, everything is normalized.
  • If you see the ocean space — it is quite likely that your dream of vacation and rest is realized. Enjoy what you have, plan a vacation, save money. Council Do not look for exactly the beach that you saw in your dream.
  • Sea monsters that slide in the depths are your doubts, suspicions, fears, fears.
  • Diving and swimming in the ocean among colorful bright fish — enjoy the opportunity to choose.

What dreams of the ocean according to Miller, Freud's dream books, the English dream book

Values ​​by Authoritative Sources

  • A female dream book treats the boundless and calm warm ocean as the infinite happiness in love, peace of mind and balance. The oncoming waves symbolize periods of good luck and a steady flow of life.
  • Practical English dream book says that you are lucky and recommends to go ashore to see what the waves brought to you today. Wait for gifts of fate and in a hurry to pick them up. If the gift remains unclaimed, the sea will carry it back. What it will be — beautiful shells for jewelry, useful algae or a chest of gold — can not be predicted. Take away everything that brings you luck, use with benefit.
  • To sail with a fair wind, straightening the sails — to a happy love.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation interprets the ocean as conscious sexuality and the need for a relationship. The novel will be stormy, pleasant, short and leave behind pleasant memories. A kind of holiday romance, but with the sea inside you.
  • Dream Lofa is inclined to interpret the vision of the ocean expanses, as a union with all living on earth, a sign of the Jungian collective unconscious. Write down your ideas. They may be subtle forebodings, the very voice that people want to hear. Be a medium, a mediator between the unconscious and the universal. Maybe it’s time to write a terrific novel or adventure story.
  • Eastern dream book sees the ocean in a dream, as a long and dangerous road, fraught with many difficulties, but in the end brings a huge profit.
  • Dream Miller warns that a dream in which you can not see the coast, indicates the closed nature. You are well alone with yourself, you do not intend to contact the outside world. If you see a beacon in the distance — such a dream means following the goal. Land overboard, an island or just a strip of land — your wishes will come true. To dream of seeing the coast during a sea voyage is a sign of a possible depression. It is time to unlock the solitude. Visit a couple of parties, start a dozen light, non-binding dating.

What dreams of the ocean according to Miller, Freud's dream books, the English dream book


To dream about the ocean is the best sign possible. Stormy ocean or calm — this is your own inner space, your inner strength. Perhaps you are scolded for a complex nature and are persuaded to become more modest, to temper requests, to become a more comfortable person.

With the same success, you can persuade the ocean to become a duck fire pond.

You do not change, unless you yourself begin to build dams and obstacles to your own strength, to obey the conventions and gradually pacify the power. This is the only real danger that you may face — you yourself.

Use luck and good luck, once this opportunity fell. Do not pay attention to the envious and overcome obstacles.

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