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What dreams of the mouse on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

Dreamed mice: a detailed interpretation of dreams

Why dream in a dream mouse? Like any other dream, visions involving mice often foreshadow different situations that need to be considered depending on the details of the dream.

The mouse is able to act as a harbinger of minor troubles, the upcoming fuss, anxiety, concern. If in reality in life many small problems have come over you that need to be solved, do not be surprised at the presence of rodents in your nightly dreams.

What dreams of the mouse on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

From the color, the type of rodents may depend on the specifics in the interpretation of sleep. Should I believe the dream books that cite the values ​​of such dreams, you should decide yourself.

The mystical background is not in every dream — perhaps your subconscious mind so reflected the image seen in the film.

What do dreams mean with mice of different colors?

Gray rodents are a sign of inconspicuousness. Their appearance in your dream means a hidden fear, the expectation of trouble. If a gray rodent in a dream is you, your life flows quietly and quietly, no changes are planned.

Perhaps you often think that no one notices what you are doing. In life, to correct the situation, you can try to restore the old acquaintances or make new friends, perhaps in your free time you could become a volunteer.

Dreams with the participation of a black mouse mean approximately the same as with gray animals — the invisibility of the dreamer, the absence of changes in his ordinary life. Often, such a vision portends gossip and ridicule, which in reality people let go of the dreamer behind their backs.

White mice in a dream — slander, gossip spread by someone from the closest environment. This dream often warns that the spouse of the dreamer has embarked on the path of infidelity.

If you dreamed of white mice, fairly calm, well-fed and obviously satisfied with life, this is a favorable omen — your marriage is happy, and all the problems that bother you will soon be safely resolved.

A flock of mice, what they dream of in large quantities

According to many predictors of dreams, a lot of mice you dreamed means war and civil strife, hunger, disaster. A large number of mice that fled around the room, with a relatively peaceful topic of vision, can mean a large number of small worries — if in reality there are prerequisites for this, it is worth interpreting a dream in this very meaning. Another meaning of vision is significant financial success.

If at this time you have a controversial situation with finances, sleeping with a large number of small rodents is a good omen.

What dreams of the mouse on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

Dead mice catching mice

Dead mouse, you had a dream in a dream — a herald of difficulties in financial terms. The consequences of these difficulties can be overcome, but with considerable difficulty.

Sleep can signal upcoming unpleasant events in the family, scandals with relatives, quarrels with children, spouses.

If you dream about how you set a mousetrap, it means your enterprise and purposefulness. Find a solution to any problem for you is not difficult.

A mouse killed or caught with a mousetrap can mean that you need to put a lot of courage and strength on your way to the goal. In many cases, the mouse killed by the dreamer is his victory over ill-wishers. Catching rodents for fun is a chance to find yourself in a foolish position.

Purposeful fishing means the right way chosen to achieve the goal.

A mouse caught by you in a dream is a sign of profit on the farm, which may portend a gift or a successful purchase. Running after the mouse to catch her — matchmaking is expected. If animals are gathered around you in an attempt to bite — at home and in the service you have a lot of problems that need solving.

The mouse that managed to bite you is a sign of revenge or adultery.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book, mice are in a dream to future troubles in business and personal life; deception by people you have known well for a long time is not excluded. A rodent sitting on your clothes warns of a scandalous incident with your participation.

For a girl, such a dream means secret detractors.

Freud’s dream interpretation claims that dreams with such characters foreshadow a host of slanderers and enemies trying to interfere in your affairs. Mice are life in poverty, failure in business, poor relations between spouses, disobedience of children.

According to the dream book, many rodents are a sign that food prices will skyrocket. Sleeping with the presence of mice from Monday to Tuesday is a secret that you manage to hide from a loved one.

It is better to try to open up to him, because gradually all the secret becomes clear.

In Aesop’s dream book, the mouse is spoken of as a symbol of agility and a flexible mind. In a dream you can see how the mouse runs away from the cat — this suggests that in reality you will be able to get rid of serious danger. Feed the rodent from your hand — you may soon need the help of others.

Not only simple vole mice, but also their flying variety can foreshadow something entertaining. Seeing a bat during a hunt is a good omen, promising good luck in commerce, respect from others, and pleasant events for the dreamer.

The dream interpretation of Yuri Longo (the White Magician) states that dreams with a mouse are harbingers of danger. Beware of unnecessary or unpleasant dating.

Catching a mouse — profit or successful purchase.

What dreams of the mouse on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

Nostradamus in the dream book mouse calls the harbinger of war, famine, mora. Dead rodent — to serious material difficulties. A flock of bats in a dream is a great evil that you have to endure in reality.

Feeding a bat from your hand is the need to gather all your patience and endurance to prevent terrible and dangerous events for you.

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