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What dreams of the moon: a full, large, eclipse of the moon in a dream

The moon affects the tides, it is admired by romance. Conspiracy theorists believe that the night luminary is a secret base of aliens.

In interpreting what the moon dreams for, you can also find some very unexpected meanings.

By Miller’s Dream Book the moon encourages the sleeper to listen carefully to intuition. The eclipse is considered a sign of a serious disease, the treatment of which is necessary as soon as possible.

A full moon, the famous interpreter interprets as a stable position in society, stability in the personal sphere.

What dreams of the moon: a full, large, eclipse of the moon in a dream

Dream Vanga Considers the moon that appeared in the dream a bad omen. A full bright disk means an approach of global problems for all mankind, a rampant of dark forces. A scarlet-colored moon indicates the likelihood of an environmental disaster.

As a result, people will die. But the prophetess Wangelia interprets the flight to the moon as a good sign for the dreamer.

A person in reality will show his talents: make an important discovery, create a beautiful thing, write a book.

According to French dream book if the moon is dreaming, it is fortunately in your personal life. Sympathy can lead to the creation of a strong family. However, the disk, covered with clouds, indicates the need to monitor the well-being of loved ones in order to assist in time.

A bloody red moon for this source means a fascinating journey.

Growing the moon is a positive symbol. This is the forerunner of updates in life, the development of relationships and business projects.

New the moon in a dream is a good sign for absolutely everyone. Entrepreneurs and wage earners expect higher incomes. For lonely people, the young month represents the approach of a fateful meeting.

Romantic relationships will soon begin, which can develop into a serious deep feeling. A dream in love with a girl promises to marry a man whom she adores.

Full moon in a dream reflects the favorable state of affairs in reality. You can not worry about current affairs, everything goes as it should.

The full moon in the sky indicates the right moment for the realization of the plans. More precisely, the night light is interpreted depending on who dreamed of.

Full moon a girl personifies her readiness for a new life period. The dreamer should carefully look around — happiness is near.

Full moon a woman married portends a pleasant surprise from her husband. The single lady is comforted by a dream: a real feeling will soon appear in life.

Moreover, a promising gentleman may be a long-familiar person to whom they did not pay attention.

Full moon a man serves as a reminder that it is undesirable to revel in the achievements of the past, and it is necessary to develop. Bachelor full moon prophesies a quick marriage.

What dreams of the moon: a full, large, eclipse of the moon in a dream

When interpreting dreams, sources take into account what size the moon dreams about, how it looked. A special decoding has a reflection of the night light in the water or a mirror.

Events will develop in an unpredictable scenario.

Too awesome the moon reports a sharp surge of negative emotions caused by jealousy. It is worth being cautious, because even the second half can take easy flirting for treason. However, according to psychologist A. Meneghetti, the big moon is a wonderful symbol.

A sleeping sleeper awaits a harmonious period.

Black the moon is a bad sign, foreshadowing the illness of a female relative. Financial losses are not excluded.

Red the moon in a dream is interpreted ambiguously. The positive value lies in the unexpected support of a stranger.

However, in most sources the bloody moon portends trouble. Possible major conflicts and even hostilities.

The night light of a bright orange color means that soon someone will start to render to the sleeping signs of attention, to show ardent love. Dream warns: to trust the «sweet speeches» is unreasonable.

Beautiful the moon — to well-being. In the personal sphere, this symbol promises mutual love.

Unusual color warns against frivolous handling of money. Soon too easy to get into debt.

If the moon is dreaming behind the clouds, in reality you need to show all diplomatic skills. Netaktichnost can noticeably spoil the relationship.

Bright the moon symbolizes positive change. Fate will be favorable, and will please with generous gifts.

Falling the moon calls to listen to the inner voice when solving an important question. Intuition helps to make the best choice.

Decreasing the moon in a dream is a warning. Perhaps a decrease in vitality, care must be taken.

Two moons in the sky — image warning of excessive commercialism. Too practical approach in heart matters can be harmful.

Also a few moons means a tangled situation in the personal sphere, sexual disharmony. You must first understand yourself and your needs, and then prioritize the relationship. A lot of moons in the sky — a reflection of the hidden claims to the person who is near.

Straight talk will help to understand the existing relationship.

What dreams of the moon: a full, large, eclipse of the moon in a dream

There comes a favorable period for the improvement of personal life, this is what dreams moon and stars. Ahead is a promising acquaintance, a new stage of relations.

Dreamed at the same time moon and sun have a very positive interpretation. Nothing overshadows the joy of life, and will have enough strength both for work and for close people.

Moon and planets reflect the energy influence from the side. Alien opinion affects the worldview, forcing him to change.

Eclipse of the sun and moon — negative sign warning about the dangerous misconceptions of a sleeper. This is a reflection of the pursuit of false values.

Caution is dreamed moon eclipse. Because of the increased likelihood of contracting infectious diseases, it is worth treating health especially well.

Moon fusion in a dream — to an important meeting. Probably break out love at first sight.

Night light and stargazing foreshadow bright rest.

Having understood why the moon dreams, you can avoid some unpleasant situations.

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