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What dreams of the lover of her husband: interpretation of various dream books

What does the husband’s lover in a dream — deciphering the dream books

In most cases, her husband’s mistress dreams of divorcing, blocking bank accounts and credit cards, spending on a lawyer and sharing property. You are jealous and do not trust your husband, suspect him of treason and you have reason to think so.

Exceptions are possible if the husband occupies a prominent position and the deceived wife sees more benefit in the position of a deceived but acting wife than a former spouse and free in her choice of woman.

Of course, the rejection of freedom and the willingness to tolerate adultery for the sake of dependence — financial or spiritual, destructive and hard impact on the psyche, health, self-esteem. Let’s try to figure out what the dream of her husband’s mistress on the leading dream books.

What dreams of the lover of her husband: interpretation of various dream books

Actual sleep value

The husband’s mistress in a dream does not always mean the presence of a real mistress or temporary friend. To see a husband’s mistress in a dream and in reality are different things.

But such a dream always becomes a reflection of doubts about the loyalty of the spouse, its attractiveness. Doubts rarely manifest just like that.

What if you see such dreams? The psychologist will give you a complete answer. Previously, you can only give simple advice — pay attention to her husband.

Do not impose. Just be present.

Anything can happen and the reason for the distance at the moment is unknown to you. Catch the mood, understand how to enter the right track, tune in to it.

It is probably worth reminding modern women about tolerance. The dream of her husband’s mistress is not the worst. A dream of his lover can deliver a lot more excitement.

The situation with the mistress in reality or in the imagination was solved by many women. The situation with a lover has no reverse.

What dreams of the lover of her husband: interpretation of various dream books

Basic Values

Basic values ​​are extremely unpleasant for the dreamer. You understand that marriage exists only fictitiously, you are not the very favorite for your husband and are free to look for someone else, just like before you met your husband. But then the whole segment of life becomes incomprehensible.

If you love your husband, to the perplexity is added insult and wounded pride.

Sleep can be a warning, not a fact.

If in a dream you see your husband’s mistress and beat her — you have a good chance to regain control. Another question is, do you need such family happiness?

Are you ready to kill all women to become the only one?

Pregnant lover of her husband — a serious threat to the family. The dream clearly shows that the husband has a serious passion on the side. Maybe it is not a woman.

This may be a card game, roulette, secret drug addiction. Take care of the safety of family and personal assets until you are in an apartment sold for debt.

A terrible dream with her husband’s mistress still has a positive meaning. In the event that in your dream you find your husband and mistress, you understand everything, she also understands everything and clearly sympathizes with you — everything is fine. The second woman is you too.

You are very similar. Perhaps further in your dream you go to drink tea or have fun together. In this case, the lover of her husband is obviously more interesting to you than the husband herself.

Despite a slight narcissistic disorder, as evidenced by the fact that you like the mirror version of you most in the world, everything is fine with you. Your love for yourself saves you. It still makes sense to go to a psychologist.

The basic distrust about which a dream with a husband’s mistress speaks needs professional attention.

What dreams of the lover of her husband: interpretation of various dream books

Authoritative Values

A female dream book recommends not to shower reproaches on her husband, and not to demonstrate paranoid complexes. If this is a dream with her husband’s mistress, it’s true, it’s not in his interest to admit and he will get angry. If not, the husband will be furious at the unfair charges.

In any case, you lose if you start too frank conversation, relying on dreams.

The English dream book believes that such a dream hints at the debts and vicious passions of your husband, which you do not know. Attempting a frank conversation will not give positive results.

If the news of debt, gambling addiction, mistress — the truth — do not forget to protect your own property. But if a mistress in a dream is your friend, a friend, you are talking with her lively, a dream means only that you are distant from your family.

Your friend in your dream is another version of you.

If you see your husband’s mistress, but your husband in a dream is a completely different person, the family lacks understanding. But with a certain effort on both sides, you will manage to overcome the crisis.

Freud’s dream interpretation directly informs that to see a husband’s mistress in a dream is to think about treason and take care of justification in advance. Sleep creates a false excuse for treason.

You attribute to your husband an act that either committed, or plan. In family life, anything can happen; it is better not to rush either to conclusions or rash actions.

What dreams of the lover of her husband: interpretation of various dream books


To see the husband’s mistress in a dream is in most cases a sign of the collapse of the family, the separation of the spouses, the extinction of feelings, jealousy. It is worth noting that your dream is your own vision and it is quite possible that the lover exists only in your imagination.

But maybe sleep is a reflection of reality. If sleep is disturbing, it is better to contact a psychologist and try to find out the reasons.

The most important thing — do not panic, do not imagine yourself as a visionary, do not blame your husband for seeing a strange dream, if you have no other grounds for dissatisfaction. First you need to think about everything, and not in the company of girlfriends who will support any of your decisions, but with psychologists and lawyers.

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