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What dreams of the ghost of the dream Vanga, Esoteric and English dream book

Dreamed a ghost: how to interpret according to dream books

Some events that are impossible in real life are not unusual in the world of dreams. One example is a meeting with a ghost. It is not easy to unravel the mystery of the dream in which this mysterious intangible image appeared.

To find out what the ghost is dreaming about, you need to open the dream book and compare the interpretation of the dream with its details.

General interpretation

It is possible to interpret a dream involving a ghost in different ways. One of the interpretation options is repelled by who exactly the ghost was in a dream.

  • the ghost of a woman, especially dressed in black and long, oddly enough, foreshadows the dreamer scientific discovery, idea, invention.
  • the ghost of a man, if he dreamed of a girl, symbolizes her desire for stability and harmony, coming from the subconscious.
  • the ghost of a girl, especially a long-haired one, promises the dreamer a long journey, the impressions of which will not be the most pleasant because of his nervous, conflicting temperament.
  • To see in his night vision the ghost of a living person with whom the dreamer is waking is an extremely bad omen. It warns that the colleagues or business partners of the dreamer want to remove him from the joint business and are ready to go to many meanings for the sake of it. It is worth avoiding situations in which the dreamer can be put guilty and stop cooperating on this basis.
  • The ghost of a girl, soaring in the heavens, oddly enough, a good omen. In the implementation of projects, luck will come, profits will rise, but harmony and peace of mind will still have to work.
  • If the dreamer himself became a ghost in a dream — the dream symbolizes a desire to stand out from the gray mass, to attract attention. And also the disappointment that the dreamer does not notice the reality.
  • The ghost of the child speaks of the desire of the parent to take care of him or other relatives.

What dreams of the ghost of the dream Vanga, Esoteric and English dream book

Interpretation on other details

If a girl in a night vision watched a house with ghosts — in reality her health could be shaky because of her constant stress. If a sleeping person in a dream looks in the mirror, but instead of his reflection he sees a ghost there — such a dream speaks of his low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, inability to open up to an outsider, alienation.

For a young unmarried person to see a dream in which ghosts chase him, it means to get a warning: in reality with girls it is worth being careful. If the same dream dreams of a young lady — he foreshadows the appearance of many annoying admirers who will bring nothing but empty troubles.

A dream in which a sleeping person kills a ghost speaks of his desire to fight his own shortcomings in reality. If the dreamer succeeds in doing this, then in real life he will be able to change in a positive direction, rethink life values ​​and discover new horizons for himself.

To see a ghost at a remote, safe distance — to be in doubt while awake. The dreamer cannot decide on something, make a choice.

Uncertainty oppresses him. If you rely on your inner feelings, listen to your heart, then it will be easier to make a choice.

What dreams of the ghost of the dream Vanga, Esoteric and English dream book

If, in the role of a ghost, a dead person, once familiar to the dreamer, is dreaming, this is the personification of incompleteness. The spiritual connection with the deceased is not broken due to the unfinished business.

If the dreamer did not forgive the deceased — it is worth forgiving, if he did not fulfill the promise — to fulfill.

Contact with the otherworldly being

It is one thing to watch the ghost in your dream, and another thing to contact him. Those dreams in which they had to interact with the otherworldly creature have a symbolic meaning.

  • A dream, in which a ghost swears at a sleeping person, blames or criticizes him for something, calls on the dreamer to wake his way, without listening to anyone. The meaning of sleep is that the advice that people give in real life is illusory. Do not go astray under their pressure.
  • Making friends with a ghost in your dream is a wonderful omen. In life there will come a bright strip that will cover all areas — from matters of the heart to work and business.
  • If contact with a ghost frightened a sleeping person, causing him to experience fear and horror — this is not a warning about any threat, but simply the personification of the real worries and anxieties. The positive side of a dream is that it speaks of the dreamer’s fearlessness baseless, their ghostly. The problems are certainly contrived and exaggerated.
  • Fleeing from the ghost by flight — in reality try to escape from difficulties. But to do this forever will not work, sooner or later will have to turn to face them.

Dream Vanga

As the dream-book written by the famous seer says, the ghost seen in a dream is usually a bad symbol. To dream of yourself as a phantom is a disease.

Many ghosts — to the possible death of a relative.

To dream of a living person, behind whom stands a ghost — an omen that speaks of a mortal danger to this person. If the ghost calls the dreamer with him — it is worth examining your body, a serious illness can be diagnosed.

Creepy, shaking scary ghosts — nothing that foreshadows a dream. Just the subconscious and the body at the moment «unload».

What dreams of the ghost of the dream Vanga, Esoteric and English dream book

Esoteric dream book

A dream in which the dreamer’s house was filled with ghosts has two interpretations:

  • If the ghosts were good — to joy, happiness;
  • Evil ghosts foreshadows troubles, misfortune, sadness;

A ghost telling something to a dreamer in a dream warns him — he will soon receive a message that will shock him, frighten him. But do not worry — maybe it will be a lie.

If the ghosts visible in the dream disappear — in the same way problems and difficulties in reality will dissolve. Fight with an anomalous opponent and win — brilliantly overcome the difficulties of life in reality.

English dream book

A ghost in a dream is a symbol of frustration. Almost completed plans can suddenly fail.

Almost conquered female heart can take another man. A quarrel with a close friend, danger on the road, loss of finances.

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