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What dreams of the funeral of a stranger?

What dreams of the funeral of a stranger?

The funeral procession, all in black clothes, around crying and despondency, goes goodbye to the dead, you wake up in shock, trying to understand what the funeral of a stranger dreams about. Sleep, admittedly, unpleasant, does not contribute to a good mood.

But let’s try to figure out whether he promises trouble or foreshadows something good: what is the dream of a stranger’s funeral?

What dreams of the funeral of a stranger?

Why dream of stranger’s funeral?

After such a dream, you woke up in a terrible mood and with an unpleasant feeling in your soul. Should I worry?

The following values ​​of a sad funeral sleep are given in the dream books.

  1. Funeral in a dream is a symbol of quick reckoning for past mistakes. The more you sinned, the more severe the punishment will be presented by fate. Look back — what will you have to pay for? What missed? Be alert.
  2. A funeral in the realm of Morpheus may foreshadow a close separation from someone or something in real life. You will lose a dear thing or break a close relationship with a friend. Everything will happen unexpectedly, but it will not cause strong emotions, as if it should be so.
  3. Or maybe you and a nightmare, worthy of a horror movie, had a dream? A dream in which a stranger is buried alive, foreshadows big troubles, which you will be the culprit. Activated enemies will become even angrier envious. Be careful not to blunder.
  4. But! If the failed dead, buried alive, in a dream gets out of the grave, be calm. So, in your life, although there will be a great difficulty, you will overcome this test with honor.
  5. And if you watch a funeral from the side and with horror you realize that they are going to bury you in the ground? Wake up, do not panic. Such a night vision is a good sign, foreshadowing great successes and achievements in real life. And on a personal front, and on labor.

In short, the funeral of a stranger does not dream of anything good. But this does not mean that one must necessarily wait for something bad.

Try to get a bad dream out of your head and do not program yourself for failure in advance. No one has yet canceled the placebo effect: the more you believe in the ability of sleep to affect your life, the higher the likelihood of this effect.

So do not dwell.

What dreams of the funeral of a stranger?

Why dream of the funeral of familiar people?

Such a dream is doubly unpleasant: after all, to be buried in the realm of Morpheus, you will be close people. Is a dream good or bad? Let’s try to figure it out.

The following possible meanings of mournful sleep are indicated in folk dream books and psychological interpretations.

  1. The dreamed (and in real life still alive) relative who is buried, — a good omen. Such a dream speaks of a close solution to conflicts and problems, and the upcoming growth of financial well-being. Much depends on the circumstances of sleep. If the farewell ceremony takes place on a bright, clear day, the relative will always be strong in health and strength. Or the weather is cloudy: there is no sun, clouds and the wind, then a “buried” person will soon get in trouble.
  2. If in a dream everyone says goodbye to an older person, gone into another world, get ready for petty everyday troubles. Serious problems such a dream does not portend, but the nerves of trifles spoil you pretty.
  3. Also a dream in which a farewell ceremony with an elderly relative, may promise future difficulties. Do not be upset: they will help you develop, become stronger. These are not events that break, but that contribute to progress.
  4. If a relative who died in real life is resurrected in your dream and calls for him. This is a bad sign! Expect illness or death of a loved one. It is best to go to church after such a vision and light a candle for the dead person. You may not believe it, but go anyway.
  5. If you still dreamed about a living person, who are buried in your sleep, do not be intimidated. Most likely, the «deceased» will live happily ever after. The meaning of such a dream is interpreted from the opposite: he died in the realm of Morpheus — will become a long-liver in real life.
  6. Are people at a funeral in a dream sad and dejected? Wait for a holiday soon! You will be invited to a major celebration.
  7. On the contrary: people in the funeral procession are cheerful and actively discuss something? Bad sign: such a dream foreshadows a quick quarrel with a friend.

To interpret the «funeral» dream is definitely impossible. We recommend not to dwell on finding the right value.

Just forget about bad visions, and concentrate on good ones.

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