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What dreams of the earth — interpretation of the dream

Why dream of dreaming earth

To unravel the dream of the earth, open this article and read carefully. Here are collected interpretations of dream books that will help you understand what fate has prepared in the near future.

For accurate dream analysis, try to recall it in detail.

Dream Vanga

Bulgarian clairvoyant attached great importance to dreams. And she believed that in dreams you can see not only your own future, but also to predict the fate of the whole of humanity.

What dreams of the earth - interpretation of the dream

Here are her interpretations:

  1. Fertile soil promises an excellent harvest for those whose work is related to agriculture. A city dweller expects prosperity and material well-being. His life will be comfortable, he can afford to buy whatever he wants.
  2. Deserted, desiccated soil dreams to drought or famine. But in the modern world such a forecast can be understood allegorically — for example, it foreshadows a black streak in life, a difficult period during which it is necessary to tighten our belts.
  3. Land in the cracks foreshadows a natural disaster. This could be a major earthquake that will hit the city and take many lives. Wang believed that such a dream — a sign that people with their unworthy behavior angered the higher forces.
  4. If in a dream you saw a huge fireball flying towards the earth, then a mystery about which you didn’t suspect would soon become apparent. The discovery can completely change your world view. Information that will be in your hands, is available only to the elect.
  5. Land covered with ice — to a long and very cold winter. Wang believed that this is a sign of the coming ice period, during which the soil will be covered with ice for several years. But in modern realities it is difficult to believe that such a prophecy can come true.
  6. A small piece of land, surrounded by the water surface — to the demographic crisis in the country. Newborns will often die, and the birth rate will fall. And such a period will last several decades.

Family Dream

The earth is a symbol of fertility, abundance and wealth. Based on this, interpretations of the Family Dreambook were created.

What dreams of the earth - interpretation of the dream

  1. Receive a piece of land as a gift — your family life will be happy, full of love and understanding with a partner, because you are destined to each other and you made the right choice when you entered into marriage.
  2. Well-groomed land in the garden — also fortunately in the family. But it does not come right away. In the near future, the spouses will face many challenges and difficulties. And when they solve all the problems, the long-awaited peace will come.
  3. Land with moss is a good sign that promises prosperity and material well-being. In the life of the dreamer will be easy money to come if he goes into business and leave bored work.
  4. Barren soil is an unfavorable sign. He promises many failures that you will encounter on the path of life. Frustration, loss, suffering will go in one continuous flow.
  5. The soil is densely sown with wheat — you can get rich, as you dream of, but first you have to work hard and hard. In this period of life, you plant seeds, and the fruits will emerge in a few years.
  6. There is a land — in real life you will come across humiliation, you will have to bow your head to those who have acted unfairly with you. Also, this event will entail financial losses.
  7. Vegetables on the black ground beds are a sign of disappointment in close people. They will not justify your expectations and will make you bitterly regret that once you gave them your trust.
  8. Chernozem — a symbol of the opportunities that are present in your life. But because of laziness, you do not use them, so often you do not get what you want. If you continue in the same vein, the chance to improve your life will not remain at all.

Esoteric dream book

These interpretations will appeal to people who are addicted to mysticism and are looking for secret signs in everything that surrounds them.

What dreams of the earth - interpretation of the dream

  1. Dig the ground — you show too much greed. It is necessary to moderate the appetites, so that in the future you do not have to regret about your own unseemly acts.
  2. Plowing the land and planting seeds in it — to profit and increase income, to the rapid accumulation of capital. If such a dream occurs in love, then in the future they will marry and create a strong, happy marriage.
  3. Wet land dreams of illness, but not always. If in a dream you are her soiled, then your reputation will suffer because of the wiles of detractors. If another person gets dirty, then a serious conflict with a relative will happen.
  4. Dig the ground — for the funeral. Your loved one will not necessarily die, but the life of the person with whom you often communicate and interact in financial matters is at stake.
  5. Sticks sticking out of the ground or pieces of wire — on the way to the intended goal will have to overcome many obstacles. Circumstances against you, so you need to engage in a stubborn struggle. And then you will be rewarded for perseverance and dedication.
  6. Seeing land from the sea — very soon you will become a successful person. Society recognizes your merits. You will be respected, you will admire. All this is thanks to hard work in the past.
  7. The earth opened up under my feet — to failure in love affairs. You expect a complete collapse of all hopes and expectations. But try to be grateful, because in this way it takes you away from the unworthy person.
  8. To bind in the ground — to interference in business. It will take more time to achieve the goals you are striving for due to unforeseen circumstances. Be patient and prepare to wait a little longer.
  9. Diggers — to the wiles of detractors. You have many enemies, the presence of which you did not suspect, because they did not show themselves. But in the near future they will become more active and will try to harm you.

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  • Earth is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity, as well as good luck in love.
  • Fertile soil is a favorable sign. Such a dream, as a rule, promises a good profit or happiness in love.
  • But a desolate, withered land in cracks promises bad events that will occur in the life of a dreamer.

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