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What dreams of the deceased father alive in the dream of Miller, Vanga, Longo

The dead father alive — the prediction of famous dreaming

The loss of loved ones is always a heavy loss that leaves a strong imprint on the soul of loved ones and relatives. What dreams dead father alive, we learn in the famous dream books.

General interpretation

Relatives from the other world do not come in dreams by chance. There may be various explanations. A common version is the interpretation that focuses on the psycho-emotional state of the dreamer at the moment.

The grief of loss, longing is transmitted to our subconscious and reflected in dreams. In this case, time, care and responsibility for living loved ones, as well as memories of good and happy moments of life, will help to release the situation.

What dreams of the deceased father alive in the dream of Miller, Vanga, Longo

In another interpretation, a dream about a living father, who in reality has long died, can become prophetic and prophetic. Remembering what father said, how he looked, with what gestures he expressed his mood. After evaluating all the nuances, you can understand what the future holds for you.

Such a dream can be a warning of danger, indicate your carelessness or immorality, instruct on the true path, as well as become a reminder of the coming time for you to fulfill a promise, a contract given to the deceased.

It is also worth paying attention to the situation and the area in a dream. If something is depressing or reminiscent of past failures — this reflects the negative situations that should be prepared for in the future.

Far-reaching plans in this case, it is desirable to revise, most likely they will be unpromising. Your time spent, your strength will not affect the growth of overall financial well-being.

Young lady to see a joyful parent before the wedding — it means you should not doubt the choice of the chosen one. And if, on the eve of an important exam, a gloomy father dreamed, it rather speaks of your frivolous approach to study and your future life.

Wrong values, fuzzy goals will lead to wasted valuable time when you are still full of strength and health to realize your own talents.

What dreams of the deceased father alive in the dream of Miller, Vanga, Longo

Kissing the deceased daddy on the cheek in a dream is a sign that soon you will achieve recognition of your own professionalism on the part of your colleagues, management and close friends. Your hard work, diligence and serious approach to work made you believe in your business skills.

The authority and respect of your employers will be expressed in the offer to take a new highly paid position.

I dreamed of calling your parent, who for a long time in the other world — in reality you are experiencing anxiety, uncertainty, you need help and support from a loved one. Do not rush to the answer to those who persist in these days. Avoid making important decisions, do not succumb to influence and pressure from others.

You should also be more careful with oaths and promises, they may remind you in the future.

Author’s dream books

Interpreting a dream with a dead person comes down to warning the sleeper about future negative events. This is the period when you need to be as careful and attentive as possible to details. Especially if the father died a few years ago.

This foreshadows difficult situations that can get out of your control, and you will not be able to solve something on your own.

What dreams of the deceased father alive in the dream of Miller, Vanga, Longo

If the dead person is extremely aggressively opposed to you, scolding, trying to hit — it means that your forthcoming mistakes will extremely undermine your reputation, credibility and influence your position in society. Father’s instructions and reproaches may indicate destructive habits and an antisocial image of real life.

This is a sign that a relative is trying to get you back on the path of spirituality, enlightenment, humanity, love for loved ones, the desire to create.

You saw your father from the next world, who is walking among children — a dream hints that it is time for you to settle down and think about your family and future offspring. The longer you delay meeting with the second half, the less likely you are to get rid of loneliness.

Gustov Miller

The deceased father ghosted alive — get ready for events that will test your character, checking your stamina, endurance, sensitivity and emotion. This reality can be both negative for the dreamer, and bring about positive changes, pointing the way.

In any case, such dreams are connected with the future achievements of something. If you started a business and a loved one dreamed on the eve of an important transaction, it is worth remembering the face of the deceased. A joyful and inspired father is a good sign.

Business promises to have a promising continuation and a good financial return.

The sadness and doubts on the face of the Pope reflect the situation when it is worth reviewing and once again calculating everything before signing the commitments and investment agreements. Maybe someone is trying to capitalize on your inexperience and simplicity.

In order not to lose the latter, postpone the project until better times.

To see a dad who went to the next world alive and drunk is to beware of deception and dishonesty on the part of the circle close to you. This may concern both personal relationships and collaborative partners.

This is the moment when you should not lend or become someone’s guarantor. From such operations, you will only suffer losses or become liable for other people’s obligations.

Hugging a dead man, seeing him young and healthy — to experience big changes for the better. An excellent time for recuperation, filling with positive energy, new emotions and sensations.

The trip, travel, vacation away from home will have a positive effect.

The girl before the wedding to see in the dream of the deceased parent, who leads her to the altar — a symbol of the fact that you chose a worthy groom. The family will be happy and strong thanks to your love and loyalty to each other.

If the dead person had a disapproving face, it is worthwhile for the bride to be wary, and whether it is worthwhile to rush with marriage in such a way, there are so many charming and wealthy fans around.

Yuri Longo

A deceased parent has been glimpsed alive — this is a sign of instruction. I had to swear with him — it means that in reality it is time to calm down your temper and foolish character, to listen to wise advice and your heart more often, and not to act according to the will of instincts and desires.

Thinking about your responsibility for actions, you may have to reconsider your future plans, goals that are in desperate need of adjustment. For your success there is not enough more maturity, dedication and perseverance.

The sooner you grow up, the sooner you will enjoy your own self-sufficiency and financial independence.

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