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What dreams of the death of a loved one who is alive: interpretation by dream books

What dreams of the death of a loved one: interpretation of the dream book

Dreams of death always cause fear, panic, and anxiety, especially if you are dreaming about the death of a loved one or relative who is alive and alive. But do not expect the worst after waking up.

Psychologists believe that these dreams reflect the subconscious fears and thoughts of people, and do not always predict something awful in reality. Esoteric and astrologers symbolize death as the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Therefore, the interpretation of such visions is often the opposite of feelings experienced in a dream.

To properly decipher sleep, you need to follow a certain pattern. Attention should be paid to the following details:

  • Who from family members had a dream.
  • One relative or several died.
  • Circumstances of death.
  • Experienced during night vision emotions.

Any death in a dream is a sign that a person has approached a new stage in life. The unpleasant period is over and the dreamer is on the verge of new events. He may be promoted or moved to another city.

Or maybe he will meet his second half or change his habits and lifestyle.

If, after awakening, there are disturbing emotions, tears come to you, then you should pay attention to sleep. Perhaps this is a hint that difficult times are coming soon and that we need to prepare for trials.

If, despite the tragic plot of sleep, a person feels joy, then this is a sign of future positive changes, the attainment of freedom and independence.

Vision is important information, where the dying said something before his death. It is worth talking to him in reality. He has important news for the dreamer.

But if the speech of the deceased was incoherent and could not be understood, it is a sign that the dreamer is only busy with himself and does not want to hear people close to him. It is necessary to establish contact with relatives.

Some common transcripts:

Sleep plotInterpretation
The sleeper reads a suicide note in a dreamComing important and life-changing news in reality, which will turn life and direct it to another direction
A relative dies somewhere far away and the sleeper does not see him, but simply receives news of his death.Dreamer is waiting for promotion on the career ladder. At this stage, you need to direct your attention to the working moments, and everything else is relegated to the background.
Close dies in the arms of the sleeperDreamers expect changes in their personal lives. New acquaintances and a few suggestions from the opposite sex, which you will need to look closely
A relative dies from a long and painful illnessSuch a vision promises a «departed» long life
See the fresh grave of the nearDanger threatening or someone’s thoughtless act will cause great suffering
Cry over a dead family member in a dreamDreaming marks joyful events, liberation from all bad

What dreams of the death of a loved one who is alive: interpretation by dream books

Of great importance, who died in a dream. How close was the relationship with the deceased, or was it a distant acquaintance:

Who exactly diedInterpretation of the plot
Mom (but in reality she is alive)Such visions are a reflection of personal life. For woman such dreams show the state of affairs with a love partner, marriage relations. She should reconsider her married life and understand what is wrong with her. For a man a dream indicates his inadequate attitude towards his marriage. Sleep reminds that you need to pay attention to the education of their children. This is a sign — at this stage, the children of the dreamer do not receive sufficient maternal or paternal love.
DadSleep is always associated with a career or financial position. It is worth reviewing your work plans, contracts and relationships with partners. It is possible that positions in these areas are unreliable.
Both parentsIt promises to receive a significant amount or a big win. Indicates that the sleeper expects success in all business and commercial endeavors. Purchased lottery tickets are sure to be winning.
Brother or sisterA vision defines a relationship with them. Perhaps in real life there are conflicts and misunderstandings between family members.
Grandma or Grandpa who are still alive in realityTo long life for them. Receiving from elderly relatives quick news. If they are sick now, they will get better very soon. For a sleeper, a vision foreshadows a change in status in a career or personal life
Own childHarbinger of difficulties and worries. Do not be afraid and cry in this case. This is not a signal of illness. Problems do not affect the health and life of the child. Troubles will be associated with education, study or problems of adolescence
FriendIt is a warning about the need to pay attention to health. There is a possibility of the onset of the disease, which does not yet make itself known and it is important to prevent its progression.

Own death in a dream is interpreted as a positive vision. This indicates that a tipping point has come in life and it is worth starting from scratch. It is time to acquire other values ​​and goals.

Find the other half, have children, get a new job. This is a sign that a favorable moment has come for fateful changes.

What dreams of the death of a loved one who is alive: interpretation by dream books

Authoritative dream interpreters decipher these visions as follows:

Gustav MillerConsiders such visions as warnings of the imminent independence. There may be a gap between the spouses. It is sad when love dies, but remember that in the future, new acquaintances, feelings and perspectives are always expected. The death of a friend in a dream foreshadows separation from him in reality. Or his career success. The dreamed death of loved ones, according to Miller’s dream book, has no prophetic meaning. Most often this is due to the dreamer’s anxiety about the life and health of relatives
Seer WangHe treats such visions as a promise of a long and happy life to the one who was in the role of the deceased. If a person who is ill in reality dies in a dream, a great injustice awaits the sleeper. Nayawa he will be offered a deal that is doomed to failure
NostradamusHe interprets such dreams as the end of a sleeper’s relationship with the man whom he saw dead. If the wife sees her husband dead in dreams, then it can be assumed that they are in for a complete break. Other interpretations of the soothsayer of dreams are global. He was sure that if the death of a sick person dreamed, this promises the discovery of a new medicine in medicine. And to see someone dying a painful death predicts the birth of a man, through whose fault many people will die in the future.
FreudIn his interpretation, if a person sees in a dream living parents or loved ones deceased, it means that they interfere with it in real life, interfere with the fulfillment of desires, and the sleeping unconsciously wishes them to die.
FlowersDescribes these visions as a precursor of good news, positive change, or the birth of a baby in a family.

What dreams of the death of a loved one who is alive: interpretation by dream books

It is of great importance at what time the dream had occurred. Daytime dreams are insignificant, but nighttime are most often prophetic. The interpretation changes depending on which day of the week the dream fell:

Day of the weekValue
MondayUnexpected guests
WednesdaySeveral problems are expected
ThursdaySpiritual priorities should come to the fore
FridayBig changes
SaturdayImplementation of the conceived
SundayUnplanned obstacles

Dreams, in which people see the death of relatives and friends, remain in my head for a long time. They constantly scroll in the memory, linger in the heart of anxiety and interfere with living in peace.

But do not get hung up on them. After all, such visions usually simply reflect the inner state of a person and do not signify anything terrible.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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