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What dreams of the ceiling in the house (how it flows, collapses): interpretation according to dream books

What dreams of the ceiling in the house: the current image of the dream

The ceiling in a dream is a sign that in real life the dreamer will achieve his limits. There will be some situation in which a person will behave as actively as possible, interested, but still it’s impossible to get what you want. Most often, such an image, seen in a dream, foreshadows disappointment, grief, sadness, but it also has positive values.

It is worth paying attention to the following details of the dream: how the ceiling looked, what was happening to it, what actions were taken, how the storyline developed.

There are several variations of dream interpretation depending on the sex of a sleeping person:

  1. one. A woman’s image, seen in night dreams, predicts the need for protection from the attacks of loved ones. Soon it will be necessary to make excuses, persuade someone, prove their case and defend their own opinions.
  2. 2 A man’s dream foreshadows failure in his career, professional plan, business. I really want to realize my goal, idea, idea, but this will not succeed.

The baby dreams of the ceiling — to the strong feelings, tears, grief and stress of the baby.

What dreams of the ceiling in the house (how it flows, collapses): interpretation according to dream books

You should try to remember how the ceiling was and how it looked. The following options are possible:

Characteristics and description of the ceilingInterpretation of sleep
Yellow dirtyTo unexpected troubles, bad luck
Pure, solid, beautifulTo financial wealth, the execution of the desired, the achievement of goals
Black burntTo trouble, a big problem, the hopelessness of the situation
Concrete, without finishingTo the beginning of a new business, possible prospects
Cracked, crumblingTo repentance and regrets about the act committed on the eve
Leaky, with holes in the materialTo quarrel, problem, anxiety, sorrow and grief
WetTo conflicts, quarrels, disagreements with close people
Going downCircumstances will not be in the best way, you should wait a little with the affairs
Illuminated (with built-in lights)To depression, self-doubt, self-doubt
Decorated, patterned, with stuccoTo the joy, optimistic mood, contentment of their current situation
Transparent (glass)All dreamer’s plans will be made public.

Also very important is the height of the ceiling:

  • Very low — to disappointments, disappointments, empty hopes and vain expectations.
  • Average — what man hopes will come true.
  • Tall — it will turn out to achieve the desired, to reach the goal.

The multi-layered ceiling is a symbol of difficulties and obstacles that will not be easy to overcome, including psychologically.

What dreams of the ceiling in the house (how it flows, collapses): interpretation according to dream books

It is important to take into account, when interpreting a dream, the development of the storyline and the dreamer’s actions:

ActDream interpretation
To glue a hole in the ceiling with duct tapeTo naivety, vain efforts, empty hopes
WashTo cooking, hassle, a lot of things
Shoot webTo illnesses and poor health, fatigue, fatigue
Crush insects on the ceilingTo minor troubles that will be very annoying
To colorBy wasting money on dubious pleasures
Paste overTo the loss of money, waste, and subsequent regrets about it
RepairTo attempts to adjust their personal life, career
Wipe the dripsWe’ll have to put up with someone, apologize, settle the conflict
See the roof collapseTo huge disappointments and disasters
See how the floors have fallen offThere will be a problem that will destroy all the plans.
See how the ceiling collapsed only in one room, and not in the whole apartmentTo problems in one of the spheres of life that will not give the dreamer a rest
See the ceiling fall on a sleeping person, but do without injuryAs a result of unpleasant events, the sleeper will get something pleasant for himself.
See the ceiling fall on a sleeping person who is injuredAs a result of unpleasant events, the sleeper will lose something important to himself.
Remove the ceiling and live without itTo honesty, openness, frankness on the part of a man or a woman
Walk on the ceilingA person will achieve everything he wants in one area and will find himself in something else, overcome the line of his possibilities and achieve great heights.

To see how blood drips from the ceiling, blood flows to fear and aggravation of phobias, as well as great obstacles to the fulfillment of the cherished dream. Tears are dripping — it is necessary to calm a loved one.

A separate interpretation of the stories about the flowing ceiling:

  • To rejoice at the flood, to dance under the stream — to inner harmony, calmness, despite external life circumstances.
  • Cry, run to the neighbors, call in some services — to strong experiences, tears, anxiety, increased nervousness and excessive emotionality.
  • Do not take any action and go about your business, depending on how water flows — even out of the ordinary, the situation will not be able to knock the sleeper out of a rut.
  • Watch rain from the ceiling — to unexpected joys or troubles.
  • Specially arrange a flood in your home — to the unconscious desire to get into some kind of trouble, to get help, compassion.
  • To flood the neighbors from below through the fault of those who live higher — you will have to answer for the actions of another person, to justify yourself.

If the water was clean — it is a sign of good luck in love, peace and peace in family relationships. Dirty, muddy, rusty water — to disasters, tears, frustration and sorrow.

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