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What dreams of the bridge on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Hasse

I dreamed of a bridge — decoding on various dream books

If you had a chance to see a bridge in a dream, you should pay attention to its features: in what condition it was, where it led, which was in shape, whether it was attached. It is also worth remembering where he was located and what he passed over.

All the subtleties come in handy to find out in more detail what the bridge dreams about. Often the dream book interprets this dream as an approximation of career growth and financial profit, but this is not the only meaning.

General interpretation

If a bridge appeared in a dream in an unsuitable place, where it was never expected to see it — this heralds help from a friend from whom you never expected support and did not hope that he would take part in the personal life of the dreamer. If the bridge in the night vision was stable, well designed — this predicts you a tremendous success in the planned events.

If the dreamer overcomes the bridge in a dream, then the difficulties of life do not threaten him, and he will overcome them with ease. Also in such dreams, the terrain that surrounds this bridge is of particular importance.

If you like the environment and you feel comfortable there — in a short time, life will start to form incredibly well.

What dreams of the bridge on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Hasse

If the dreamer sees in a dream a bridge stretching over a precipice — this may mean possible difficulties in life that need to be overcome. If you happened to go through it without any difficulties, then the problem can be solved with the same ease, but if you have any difficulties in switching to the other side, this informs you of helplessness and tendency to stress in experiencing life difficulties.

If the bridge in a dream is neglected, partially destroyed and unusually bent, and the end of the bridge goes into impenetrable darkness — this is a sign of a long depression and disappointment in your own life. If the bridge dreamed of a man in love — soon you will be upset because of your second half, you will become very anxious and restless about this situation.

If in a dream the bridge suddenly appeared on your way — you should be ready for the betrayal of a loved one. If in a dream the bridge has spread over a clean river — your business will go up and you will achieve success in your endeavors. But if the water was dirty, you should put all things aside, otherwise you will fail.

If in a dream you happened to cross the bridge during a severe thunderstorm, this sign predicts the beginning of changes in your life and you will be able to avoid the oncoming life difficulties on the way to changes.

Other interpretations

If the dreamer dreamed of a small bridge, it promises him a short-term and frivolous love relationship. In the old days, the bridge in a dream from the side was interpreted as a sign of engagement.

Now this dream has become more of a sign. Night vision with a small bridge can set the dreamer into frivolous but exciting romantic relationships with the opposite sex. This also applies to seen:

  • Park bridges
  • Small garden bridges
  • Bridges with carved railings
  • Children’s bridges

What dreams of the bridge on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Hasse

Some sources also need to take into account the time of day in a dream. If you overcome the bridge in the daytime, while the sun is still at its zenith, this foreshadows changes in your personal life.

  • If on the way through the bridge a barrier is waiting — this indicates a failure in love affairs.
  • You managed to cross the surface crossing without much difficulty, then wait for the lady’s luck.
  • If in a dream you have already gathered to cross the bridge, but it suddenly began to collapse — this tells you about the possible damage due to your decisions that you will take to change circumstances for the better.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to this dream book, the bridge can promise you as a grandiose change in your life, it can also prophesy a sudden death.

If in a dream a sleeping person crosses a bridge in company with a person close to his heart, then the dreamer has no intimate problems. To be shipped in transport through a massive structure is an omen that foreshadows significant changes in your destiny.

Sigmund Freud also divides the interpretation of sleep into a man and a woman, namely:

  • If a man had a chance to see his flight from a bridge, this indicates problems with intimate life.
  • For a woman, flight speaks of dissatisfaction with her life as a whole.

What dreams of the bridge on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Hasse

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation of Miller’s dream book, a dilapidated bridge covered with darkness speaks of the dreamer’s uncertainty in his life path. Such dreams often cause prolonged depression and depression.

For a man in love, this such picture speaks of uncertainty in its second half. If the dreamer had a chance to see a bridge that arose on his way out of nowhere, he should think about his friends.

It is worth checking whether they are all completely honest with you and whether in your friendship only mercenary plans are pursued.

Dream interpretation Hasse

In this dream book it says that the bridge observed by the dreamer foreshadows him the urgent completion of business ventures. If the dreamer crosses the bridge — it is worth thinking about the next things, they can only bring you failure.

If you happen to fall on the bridge and hit, then be prepared for problems at work.

Walking in a dream under the bridge tells you about success in real life and unhindered overcoming the difficulties on the way to the desired goal. If you had a chance to see movable bridges in a dream, then it is worth considering whether it is really possible to put your plans into practice.

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