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What dreams of the birth of a son according to dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

What does the birth of a son in dreams mean and how to interpret the meaning correctly

In real life, the birth of a son is always a joy. The birth of a son in a dream usually also means joy, material well-being, good luck, a chance to try yourself in a new business.

But at the same time, the sign accompanies trials, difficulties and their overcoming, difficult relations in personal life. Consider what dreams of the birth of a son in the dream.

What dreams of the birth of a son according to dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

  • A healthy and strong boot, smiling and contented with life, as on postcards or in diapers advertising is a happy omen. You will get what you expect — a formal offer of a hand and heart, a grand offer within a business, promotion and career. You will be lucky. In order not to scare away good signs, be careful, do not talk too much, do not distribute happy news prematurely, do not brag. Hide your success even from those closest until it becomes a fait accompli.
  • For people engaged in creativity, the birth of a son in a dream means that it is quite possible that you will be visited by the idea of ​​creating a real masterpiece that will make you famous.
  • Immediately the process of childbirth means that you have a very strong idea. To implement it in full, you need the active help of others. Quite possibly, you will manage to interest everyone with your future child. The boy in this case means material success, the birth of a girl — your credibility will increase.
  • If a baby of another race is born in your dream, do not rush to grab your heart. Dreaming means amazing news, incredible luck. Agree to the ridiculous offer of the strangest job without delay and will not fail.
  • An infant who immediately after birth walks, runs, chats, smiles, plays the violin and speaks different languages ​​- this is certainly an idea. An excellent and viable idea that can bring millions if you approach the venture wisely.
  • A baby who only talks, but with no signs of a wunderkind — to the visit of old friends who will please you very much. There may be pleasant news, invitations, surprises.
  • A child who is crying, scandalous, requires food, is ready to eat solid food and you feel a strange coldness towards this creature — outdated relationships.
  • For a married woman, the dream of having a son is most favorable. Sleep means peace in the family, love and respect. Especially if you don’t tell anyone about the dream. If you begin to tell, the meaning of a dream can be reversed with frightening ease. If you do not want to receive reproaches instead of compliments and gifts — try to keep silent.
  • Taking birth from someone else — to receive good news from afar.
  • If the birth of a son in a dream rather shocking you than pleases — double your caution and vigilance. Such a dream is a warning. A cunning man is coming up to you, who himself would like to take the place of a baby and receive unconditional love, care, care, without giving anything in return, except for the right to settle in his kitchen and look after his house. You will have to show firmness, otherwise even your memories will not remain from your luck, luck and cheerfulness. Do not think that you are strong and manage. Do not buy into the challenges — the previous ones failed, but you are special. However, do what you want, we warned you.
  • The birth of a sick son in a dream — to the hassle, scandals, difficult situation. In this case, the child means the quality of your relationship — you were looking for joy and happiness, but you didn’t get exactly what you were aiming for. The main meaning of such a dream is fear and disappointment.
  • If you dream that you have given birth not to one son, but to a whole string of babies — do not be intimidated. Just you will enjoy great success. Do not rush into the first embraces.

What dreams of the birth of a son according to dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Oriental and Chinese dream-books unanimously assure that the birth of a son in a dream is an exceptionally favorable sign, meaning complete well-being, prosperity for the whole house.
  • The female dream book promises fast and steady growth of social status, success in work. At the same time, the material situation will improve. For the blessing in general, it is not very important who in the family becomes the immediate source of wealth. You can use it yourself. If for some reason you refuse — luck will be intercepted by a person next to you.
  • To see the birth of the son of a friend or girlfriend, to experience exciting moments of expectation — the appearance of a person in your life who will take care of you and solve many problems.
  • For an unmarried woman, sleeping with the birth of a child is a call for caution.
  • Dream Miller interprets the dream as a sign of future prosperity, peace in the family, good health. For a man, a dream in which he has a son is born — to success. It is not necessary to complement the dream with the birth of a real child, if you are not ready for this.
  • The dream interpretation of pregnant women says that having a son in a dream means relatively easy childbirth without complications. The dream is not related to the real sex of the infant. If you dream of home birth — it is to the world and well-being. Do not refuse medical care.

What dreams of the birth of a son according to dream-books and interpretations of basic values?


The birth of a son in a dream is always a good sign, for well-being, advancement, creative disclosure in reality. For the implementation of ambitious plans requires caution, the ability to hide good news, diplomacy.

Use your charm and the ability to convince, do not be afraid of minor interferences, failures — they are inevitable even in the most favorable scenario.

And, most importantly, do not transfer control over your life to another person. Together with the right to dispose, you transfer your luck, in this case you will have nothing left. Take care of your luck, luck and firmly hold the wallet.

Try not to waste money or sympathy and time on losers.

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