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What dreams of talking on the phone, call the guy, a friend in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

A phone call in a dream — the meaning of a dream for a man and a woman

If you had to make a phone call in your sleep, this indicates a lack of communication skills in real life. It is difficult for a person to establish contact with people on whom the outcome of an important matter depends, or he is eager to communicate, but there is no one to talk to.

To call the number that was in doubt — to meet with a long-time friend. Hear the call — to the news.

To decipher the dream in more detail, you should consider the identity of the caller, the topic of conversation and the actions of both interlocutors.

Such a dream is a warning to an unemployed man: soon he will have financial problems, so now we need to direct all efforts to find a suitable job.

A guy who studies in a university should study the material more thoroughly and in no case miss the lectures; and if a student dreams of a call from a teacher, she has the opportunity to get relief from exams.

The girl on the vydane, which in a dream called parents, you need to prepare for the wedding. And if she received a call from her fiancé, there could be discord in their relationship.

A pregnant woman talking on the phone heralds the onset of labor. If the planned date is still far away, she will have a conversation with a doctor, during which the features of the course of pregnancy will be known.

Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his marital status, a telephone call can be interpreted as:

  • Married learns about his wife that she carefully concealed. If his mother-in-law or mother-in-law called him, he wondered in vain their favor. Talking on the phone with the children — to the hassle.
  • The idler will doubt that he likes loneliness. A quickly ended call indicates that this is a temporary feeling, and a long conversation foreshadows the decision to start a family.
  • Divorced after talking on the phone with his ex-wife, who happened in a dream, he will understand whether he received from parting what he hoped for, or this step was wrong. If a lawyer calls him about the dissolution of the marriage, the division of joint property will occur with the scandal.
  • A married woman will find evidence that her husband is cheating on her. If the call suddenly ended, one of the friends deliberately slandered her spouse. She herself calls her mother-in-law to ask for advice — in reality there is a subconscious rivalry with her husband’s mother.
  • Free will soon meet a guy with whom he would not mind to tie his life. A telephone conversation with her friends about the upcoming party indicates that there is a hostile person in close surroundings who loves to give bad advice.
  • Divorce suspects her ex-husband of fraud with documents and looking for a way to verify this information.

What dreams of talking on the phone, call the guy, a friend in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

  • In the morning — good news from people who are now far away.
  • In the afternoon — advancement on a career ladder.
  • In the evening, you will have to take responsibility for the collective decision.
  • At night — a small surprise, a slight profit.
MondayA week later, the sleeper will become an active participant in the events. If after a conversation in a dream there is an unpleasant feeling, then the events in real life will be bleak; if a person was in high spirits, he will have to be invited to a holiday
TuesdayThe call was a signal that you need to analyze your past and, if possible, correct the consequences of mistakes.
WednesdayIf someone from deceased relatives called, the dreamer will be paid a salary or rewarded with a premium for self-sacrificing work. A conversation with an official indicates the receipt of benefits that are not associated with any merit (a gift for no reason, sincere help)
ThursdayThe case started today is doomed to failure. An unexpected call indicates that a brilliant idea will overwhelm the sleeper.
FridayIf the bell was sounded when a person was unable to answer it, hopes would not be fulfilled, the dream would not come true. If at the other end of the line there was one with whom the sleeper has no desire to communicate, it is necessary to postpone business due to illness
SaturdayThat participant of the dream who called will provide invaluable assistance in real life. An unanswered call indicates that it is time to rest.
SundayThe dreamer will do the chores. If in a dream there was a conversation about entertainment, fun, in real life there will be more problems. Called the chief — error warning; wife — a reminder that the man promised something, but did not fulfill

What dreams of talking on the phone, call the guy, a friend in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

The behavior of the sleeper tells about future events:

CallIf the dreamer is familiar with the subscriber in real life, then he would like a closer or trusting relationship. A call to a person who does not really exist shows a desire to change, to become better in something.
Reset callThe girl has to quarrel with her beloved, the guy — disappointment in his hobby. Intentionally disconnecting during a conversation — the business of the sleeper is stalled, and in order to get it off the ground, you will need to resort to the help of a professional.
Call backWhoever is responsible for the quality of products at work will have to hide a large batch of defects. The family will have altercations about the upcoming purchase. It will not be possible to reach a consensus, and the acquisition of an expensive item will have to be postponed. If a person in a dream calls back several times, but no one picks up the phone, then in reality he will be denied service.
To hang up without listening to the interlocutor

The reason why this happened is important:

  • The dreamer had a more important matter — chaos in life, unforeseen circumstances.
  • The conversation was unpleasant — a person is gnawed by a grudge against someone to whom he is unable to take revenge
Wait for a callWith impatience — in real life, the sleeper feels anxiety and wants the situation to be resolved sooner. With horror, hostility — dissatisfaction with their achievements; the dreamer knows what is capable of moreWrong numberSuch a dream predicts a mistake to be made in the case where the sleeper is an expert. If at the other end of the wire a familiar voice answered, but it was not possible to remember to whom it belongs, the person himself realizes that he was wrong.Wake up callA reminder of an important matter that was postponed, and now the deadline for its implementation is approachingKeep silenceHigher forces warn that they will have to answer for their words. To call a husband or a guy and to be silent is a sign of a quick separation or chilling of feelings. If the interviewee is also silent, the dreamer will have a problem that will be incredibly difficult to solve.To answer the callThe sleeper is ready to accept others as they are. If you are asked to call someone who is nearby, the person does not want to give in to his opponent in skill or beauty.Ignore challengeThe dreamer is afraid of admitting something to himself. To ask another person not to answer the phone — fear of the future, the hope that troubles will be resolved without outside interference

A call to the emergency number indicates that the sleeper knows information that could ruin someone’s career or life, and he is afraid of letting out a random conversation.

The person dials the number, but the call fails — a good sign. In life, everything goes in the best way; only a lack of optimism can prevent the early achievement of goals.

A missed call indicates an unwillingness to participate in a collective case.

Record a message for the subscriber to voice mail — the sleeper will easily find his way in the new circumstances and make the right decision.

What dreams of talking on the phone, call the guy, a friend in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

If you manage to remember what was discussed when talking on the phone, the decoding of sleep will be more detailed:

Please return the debtA man committed an act for which he was ashamed of, or made an injustice to the weaker. If the collectors call, it is a sign that the payment for sins is inevitable and will happen soon
Invitation to visitThe one about whom the dreamer dissolved gossip, learns about the source of false information and will start revenge. If the guest calls sleeping, he will face slander and gossip behind his back
Important messageAn attempt by the subconscious to report on future changes or on lost moments, the importance of which the person has not yet realized
Congratulations on the holidayIf you had to congratulate someone, such a dream promises success and victory; accept congratulations — to failures. Congratulates the dead person or passes the congratulation through someone — the dreamer has lost something very valuable and can not accept the loss
Request for helpIn real life, not to do without consultation with those who are better versed in an exciting sleeping issue.
Workflow DiscussionPredicts the collapse of a new venture. If a housewife dreams of such a dream, she will get inspiration for creative activities (embroidery, drawing) or learning foreign languages. Subsequently, this hobby will bring a good income.
Chatter about anythingYou should not interfere in other people’s relationships, because the dreamer himself will suffer from this. A person is not interested in the essence of the conversation and he supports him only for the sake of decency, without delving into the words of the interlocutor, — the relationship with a good friend or acquaintance will deteriorate

Call yourself — feel envy or passion for someone who is on the other end of the wire; need his help.

Seeing another person dialing a number or talking on the phone, the opponent will achieve the result first. If the wife dreamed that she found her husband talking on the phone with another woman, in reality you can not doubt the loyalty of her husband.

If the dreamer received a call and answered it, it matters who was at the other end of the line:

StrangerA stranger calls a lonely woman to a whirlwind romance. A call from an unknown woman suggests that the dreamer has an enemy who nevertheless fails to harm her.
ParentsThe sleeper needs help, but he does not know who to turn to for her. You should report your problem to close relatives or friends.
Girlfriend or boyfriendA warning about the wiles that the one whom the dreamer fully trusts prepares
Husband or wifeHouseholds do not have enough attention. A call during working hours means problems in the relationship with the second half, arising from excessive dedication to professional activity or business.
Boy or girlBy parting and jealousy. Calls and drops a call — both partners are bored with each other, they need a shake
dead personSolving a problem that worries a dreamer is somehow related to a dead person. If it is a relative, you can search for an answer or a hint in the things that remain from him, documents
NeighborsSomeone who lives nearby is not satisfied with the behavior of the sleeper.
Work colleague or bossChanges in the personnel policy of the enterprise are outlined. The call of the chief promises promotion, and if the subordinate calls, it means that someone from the team works unfairly
PoliceDreamer awaited the danger, which has already passed, you can relax
Bank employeeSuch a dream brings trouble in the financial arena. It is possible that you will have to borrow money or take a loan.
Former husband or suitorThe person still believes that old relationships can be restored, although there are no prerequisites for this. The call ended with a scandal — the facts will become known that will make you disappointed in a person

The subscriber made a mistake with the number — the troubles that the dreamer was afraid of would pass him by.

Dream interpretation interpret those plots of dreams in different ways, where the sleeper had to dial or talk on the phone:

Dream interpretationDecryption
MillerThe phone of the dreamer rang — someone would try to mislead him; a woman does not hear well what her interlocutor says to her — to the loss of her beloved. Business conversation means the ability to resist evil
EsotericA person learns important information from a source he is not used to trust — from a conversation with neighbors or from the news in the yellow press.
HasseThe case has dubious prospects and is likely to end in failure
ModernWe will have to change our plans because of the irresponsibility of other people and their inability to keep their word. A young woman should be wary of the wiles of a rival
LofaIn real life, a person has a need to contact the person to whom he called in a dream
ItalianTalking on the phone symbolizes personal loss, loss of some skills, forgotten information
FreudA call from a former boyfriend indicates uncertainty about his attractiveness; call a friend — on shyness in bed; parents call — on the inability to relax or fear that someone will find out the details of intimate life

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