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What dreams of sunflower seeds according to dream books and household values

Why the seeds dreamed — nuances of interpretation according to different dream books

Seeds are a favorite treat for children, especially in the southern regions. In fact, sunflower seeds love everything, but snapping sunflower seeds on people for adults is considered indecent.

For such a case, peeled seeds are sold, which do not need to husk and spit out the husk.

The benefits of sunflower seeds are huge, they are rich in vitamins, healing oils, fiber. Of course, there are contraindications. These are diseases of the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract.

Snapping seeds is a traditional sign of solving easy problems. To understand what dreams of seeds, remember how easily and with pleasure you clicked the fruits of sunflower.

You can cope with any task in the same way — easily, playfully, with great pleasure and without fail a tasty reward. Sunflower seeds mean easy money and lots of fun.

A big bag with a well-done delicacy — to the well-being in the family, in the house, good parenting, the world.

The second main value, what dreams of seeds — your game was easily disclosed and too simple. In other words, you got involved in your own business and you play at your own level.

Offensive value, but, unfortunately, no less common than the first, victorious and happy. Your emotional mood is important. If you feel hurt, embarrassment — the value of sleep rather negative

What dreams of sunflower seeds according to dream books and household values

Basic Values

  • Nibble seeds, while there are a lot of them, they don’t end — to easy profits, good money, positive changes. The most positive values ​​are for those engaged in trade, people professionally related to sales and purchases, logistics, and advertising.
  • Sunflower full of seeds — to fast matchmaking, prosperous and peaceful life in mutual love and respect.
  • Recount grains — you are too careful and pedantic. Your thoroughness and some copulation damages you in the eyes of friends. Allocate funds and time for joint entertainment.
  • Husk — empty memories, vain efforts, senseless vanity, stupid and ridiculous gossip.
  • Mark off the husk — cover their tracks.
  • Spit out the husk — lose sight of the important details, allow negligence. To losses in which you will be guilty. It is necessary to focus and take seriously the work and transactions, especially the paperwork.
  • Simultaneously gnaw and spit out — chatter, empty talk.
  • Scatter, hand out handfuls — scattered over trifles. Focus on really important tasks.
  • A bag of seeds is the same as a million small bills. You will get decent pay and appreciation.
  • In diseases, seeds always mean a quick and easy recovery of health.
  • Rotten, spoiled, bitter — vain hopes. There may be health problems, pay attention to the liver. Any spoiled food in a dream signals about problems with health and digestion. If you have a dream only once — minor problems. Often recurring sleep with spoiled products — go to the doctor and get tested.
  • In addition to sunflower seeds, pumpkin or watermelon seeds are popular in some regions. A bag of white seeds means respect, significant merit.
  • If the seeds have germinated — to pleasant and interesting surprises. Perhaps you will take an interesting excursion.
  • Pre-peeled seeds, kozinaki, especially in honey — you strive to take all the best and useful things from life, do not waste time on empty talk. Life will be rich, sweet and fascinating.

What dreams of sunflower seeds according to dream books and household values

What do sunflower seeds mean?

  • Dream Miller advises to pay attention to the appearance of treats. Smooth, large seeds in a dream — to prosperity and profit. Small and spoiled seeds — to discord, waste, many small problems. Germinated seeds — to gifts and pleasant surprises.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation claims that a dream means a multitude of unimportant connections, not always real, possibly fictional.
  • Dream Vanga assures that this is a good and positive sign. Sprouted seeds mean the help of relatives. Also, sprouted seeds can be a variety of conflicts that have appeared. If the birds pecked seeds — to the cost.
  • The female dream book says that black seeds mean empty fears, unnecessary relationships. If seeds are poured out of an object, it means parting with fears, neuroses, a new stage in life has begun, a revision of values ​​and life orientations.
  • White pumpkin seeds for female dream book means peace and prosperity, you will not need anything. Watermelon seeds mean serious business intentions.
  • Making crafts out of seeds — wasting time, quarreling with loved ones.

What dreams of sunflower seeds according to dream books and household values


To dream of sunflower seeds — a sign of addicted natures. All you can do with ease and without the slightest problem. This also applies to good and empty classes equally.

Take up the work — the work goes on, start talking and doing trivial matters — also for a long time. The only thing you lack is a competent self-control and self-confidence.

Do not listen to someone else’s chatter, not all people wish you well. Many people simply talk without any special goals, just to say something and take time away from you. change too talkative employees and discard fake friends.

To see the seeds in a dream is an excellent sign, promising good welfare, provided that you are able to control your activities. For trivial matters, you can hire special staff and not waste time on recounting and shifting.

Do big things, exercise general control, go to a high level and do not doubt your abilities. All you get.

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