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What dreams of suicide on dream books Vanga and Miller

Why dreamed suicide — the interpretation of the image of the various snoot

Suicide is a voluntary way of depriving oneself of life, which is usually chosen by very depressed and frustrated people. But the subconscious can project this image even to the most cheerful person on this planet. What dreams of suicide?

This will help to understand the dream book.

What dreams of suicide on dream books Vanga and Miller

Dream Interpretation: suicide — the main interpretation of the image

Even this very frightening image has quite a few positive interpretations. Before asking for help from the dream book, you need to remember all the details of the dream.

  • This image is your subconscious experience for the life and health of parents. Maybe you should visit your relatives? But if one of the parents committed suicide in the nightly dreams, then in reality they will live a long and happy life, nothing threatens their health. It can also predict a long-awaited journey with pleasant company;
  • When a teenager sees this image, then the parents will relieve him of unnecessary care and care. For the novice discoverer of the world will open a huge field for self-development and self-realization as a person;
  • If one of the spouses saw such a death of his mother, then the imminent threat of disintegration hung over the marriage. It is worth more time to give your soul mate, to be more compliant, and also try to solve all the problems together. In this case, the marriage bond can still be saved;
  • The father has finished with himself — to vital difficulties which should be solved most. Friends and relatives of course can come to the rescue, but their help will be useless, and may even delay the process. Also, this image is a symbol of deception. Perhaps, you will learn about the spouse’s treason, or some of your friends will start plotting intrigues behind your back.

Suicide friend

To see suicide in a dream of a close friend — you have to make a difficult choice. Your further fate will depend on this decision.

It may not always be a positive change. But the dream books argue that whatever obstacles the dreamer encounters on the new path, he will easily cope with them.

Your soulmate has committed suicide in your dreams.

In the near future, a terrible secret about the betrayal of your loved one will be revealed. Depends on you: forgive him or not.

Whatever choice you make, in the future you will be incredibly happy.

See the suicide of a relative

  • Older brother or sister — your enemies will be forced to admit defeat. From now on, no one else will knock you down and disturb you on the path of life;
  • Younger brother or sister. This image is your subconscious desire to get rid of childhood memories, bad habits or some traits of character.

Blood on the victim’s body

The blood on the body of a suicide is a warning sign. Be extremely careful, in the present life there is a high probability of getting a serious wound with bleeding.

It is possible that someone from outsiders can inflict this injury.

Unknown person

Dream books believe that the death of a stranger in a dream brings only disappointment to the dreamer in real life. And suicide is a very strong and negative image.

Nayawa asleep will meet with serious enemies who can very badly ruin the life and reputation of the dreamer. You can also witness some kind of incident, possibly with the participation of your relatives.

Try to kill yourself

This image marks the dreamer troubles and troubles that will occur through the fault of the sleeper. It should be more attentive and responsible at work.

Also, you do not need to subscribe to events with unfamiliar people and invest money in dubious financial projects.

Attempt to save someone from suicide

Nayavu you decide on a desperate step that can greatly affect your future life. Do not take on their shoulders too much work and commitment.

If there was blood on a person, it means that someone is plotting intrigues behind your back and spreading rumors.

On the other hand, this image is a sign that your family is very strong. Under any circumstances, you can always rely on your loved ones, they will help you.

Suicide method

  • In a dream, see death due to cut veins. In real life, you spend a lot of time and effort on other things that do not bring any benefit or pleasure. It is also worth reviewing your cash costs. Rough purchases can lead to a difficult financial situation in the family;
  • Poisoning — the dreamer moves in a completely wrong way of life. If you do not change the scope of activities or at least a plan of action, then you can forget about your dreams;
  • Suicide by hanging — the sleeper in real life lacks self-confidence;
  • If in a dream to see suicide with a gunshot, then the dreamer awaits the betrayal of close people. It is also a symbol of the fact that at work you make a lot of mistakes, so you can’t get up the career ladder. Henceforth, it is necessary to be more attentive in the performance of their duties.

What dreams of suicide on dream books Vanga and Miller

Interpretation of a dream by authoritative dream books

The interpretation of the image of Miller’s snepolkuvatel

If in a dream you are trying to commit suicide, then in real life there is a possibility that you will have a total failure in your career. This will happen due to the fact that you begin to carelessly treat your duties, thereby making it worse only for yourself.

Also, this sign serves as a warning that health problems may begin soon. It is necessary to take care not only about their health, but also about the health of their loved ones.

Interpretation of the dream of the dream Vanga

Dreamed of your murder — to a long and happy life. It is also a sign of purification, now there is more of a heavy burden on your heart.

It is necessary to turn the page of your life and start writing a new story.

What dreams of suicide on dream books Vanga and Miller

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