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What dreams of strawberries: interpretation of the dream

Most dream interpreters say that to see strawberries at night means auspicious events in a person’s life. Dreamer expects success in all spheres of life, receiving joyful news, healing from ailments.

However, for a more accurate interpretation, it is important to try to remember the appearance of the berries, their size and quantity. In addition, it is important to pay attention to where the strawberries grew, as well as the accompanying actions of the dreamer.

If a person accidentally discovered a strawberry field in the forest, then this promises to receive an unexpected gift or a pleasant romantic date. Dream characterizes who saw him as a hardworking and purposeful person.

To a woman, such a dream promises the appearance of a secret admirer in her environment.

If you dream of strawberries in large quantities, it promises familiarity with a pleasant companion. A conversation with a new acquaintance will be so exciting that it will be difficult to complete.

For an unmarried girl, a vision with strawberries promises a quick offer of a hand and a heart, and for a married woman — replenishment in the family. He promises a warming relationship with his wife to a married man.

It is important to pay attention to where the strawberries grew:

  • In the woods — to a pleasant surprise.
  • On the garden — to perform a large amount of hard work, the reward for which will be worthy.
  • In the garden — to the invitation to a family celebration.
  • By the road — for a long journey.

What dreams of strawberries: interpretation of the dream

One of the important criteria for the correct interpretation of the dream of strawberries is the appearance of the berries.

Appearance of strawberries


The dream promises great luck and good luck. A person will be able to improve their financial situation. The probability of a large lottery prize or inheritance is not excluded.

To improve the material situation

To the unexpected and generous gift from a loved one

A person expects success and well-being. Soon he will be able to implement his idea and get a decent reward for hard work.

Sign of receiving unexpected news that will make a person believe in a miracle. For a man, the dream foreshadows positive changes in business

Unripe berries are a sign of a pleasant evening in a noisy company.

In the dreamer’s inner circle there are many envious people who are trying to spoil the reputation of a sleeping person.

To positive changes in the life of a sleeping person

If you dreamed of plants without fruits, then this is a bad sign: it warns you of unforeseen expenses or even loss of work.

What dreams of strawberries: interpretation of the dream

For a more accurate interpretation, it is important to pay attention to what actions the dreamer happened to perform:

Actions, dreamer behavior


Eating in a dream the fruits of strawberries — to the fateful acquaintance, which will radically change the life of the dreamer.

There are berries with friends — to strengthen friendly relations

Yes, but not to fill up

To unrequited and unrequited love

It will take more time to reach the goal than the dreamer expected.

A sign that a sleeping person will have to work very hard, but the reward will be worthy.

Harvest for the winter

The dreamer with extraordinary ease can achieve the goal

To great success in all endeavors

Meeting your love and finding family happiness

Plant near home or office

To advance on the career ladder, the transition to a higher position

To increase your own income

To achieve this goal, you have to work very hard.

To improve the material situation

Weed bushes in the garden

To victories on the love front

To sort out dirty berries

To be in the center of scandal and gossip, the reason for which would be the dreamer act of the dreamer

Throw rotten fruit

Miss your chance to change life for the better

Treat berries to friends or relatives

To commit a noble deed, which will be highly appreciated by others

Distribute to strangers

To respect, honor and improve their position in society

What dreams of strawberries: interpretation of the dream

Dreams, in which food is featured, are often prophetic. The interpretation of dreams about strawberries depends on which of the dishes included strawberries:

Dish, drink


For a nice gift

Do not tell anyone about your plans.

Receive good news from afar

To the invitation to a romantic date

By the arrival of distant relatives

The dreamer will soon be invited to the gala event

There is a lot of work ahead to be done that will bring decent material rewards.

Many psychologists, magicians, psychics and seers give their point of view about what strawberries dream about:

Dream interpretation


Dreamers expect erotic pleasures and mutual love

Looking at strawberries — to tears, to eat them — to become a victim of intrigue and gossip

To collect a large number of berries — to great joy

To cardinal changes

To receive an unexpected gift. If you dream of a lot of berries, this is a sign that the dreamer will soon fall in love.

Collect the fruits of strawberries — to cardinal changes in the life of a sleeping person. There are berries — to the disease

To receive good news, a pleasant surprise or the arrival of long-awaited guests.

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