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What dreams of straw on dream books and interpretations of basic values

The value of straw in a dream by dream books and how to find the right value

Straw is what remains after the threshing of grain. Straw, unlike hay, is not a valuable pet food, because its nutritional value is minimal.

In fact, it is garbage that can be burned. The savvy of villagers allows you to use this useless raw materials in construction, when roofing, for kneading clay, flooring devices.

They make toys, make crafts, mats, blinds and even furniture from a specially processed straw. But if you are far from handicrafts and folk crafts, straw in a dream means extra volume, garbage, meaningless work.

Consider why dream straw dream.

What dreams of straw on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

The main meaning is fake values, deception, vanity without a meaningful result.

If you see a straw — do not rush to respond to the lucrative offers, merge into a new financial company that provides reliable investments. If possible, temporarily reduce financial activity to a minimum and do not enter into new deals.

If you are looking for a job — carefully check potential employers and do not waste time on idle chatter.

Straw in a dream is a sign of meaningless confrontation. Strength hurts straw — this saying characterizes opposition to stupidity. It seems that you have a lot of easy, but tedious battles, in which you have to defend their point of view.

Empty chores are annoying due to simultaneous necessity and meaninglessness. If possible, try to automate the process.

  • The wind carries straw — to waste, pay for ill-advised promises. All condition, the results of persistent effort with incredible ease turns into nothing. It is important that the place where dry grass scatters in the wind, precisely in such places, as you saw in the dream, the risk of significant in size and waste in utility is maximum.
  • Straw bed — to poverty. Straw hat — irresponsible flirtation, deception.
  • Knit sheaves, stack stacks — attempts to make empty but annoying relationships, angry chatter behind your back.
  • Burning straw — quickly flashing feelings that can burn, singe eyebrows and eyelashes, but do not give heat. For people involved in financial fraud and gambling, this sign can help to get rich quick or burn in one moment. If you happen to be an instigator yourself, the dream book says that you are absolutely right in your intention to solve complex problems in the fastest way.
  • Dry grass in a disheveled hairstyle is a sign that you consider a person empty-headed and frivolous, not worthy of attention or serious attitude. If this is your loved one — he or she is not trustworthy. Do not start a common business and try not to have common children. If this is your hairstyle, you will have to learn responsibility. Otherwise, you face threatened poverty, despite the beauty and self-confidence. Attractive appearance — perishable goods, according to the caustic, but apt remark of a female dream book. Dream interpretation of Medea even recommends choosing lovers for a short period from among those whose hair resembles straw, but in no case trust these people and show them where the values ​​are stored. Because of their stupidity, they will not be able to cause serious harm, but do not enter them into temptation.
  • To fertilize the earth, to ditch straw with ditches, to make cushions for beds — you are a practical person, able to benefit from everything that falls into your hands.
  • Weaving toys and making crafts out of the smoothed straw is beautiful and funny to lie, to inspire imagination, to tell fairy tales. I would like to warn you that these tales will not add respect and weight in society, although of course they will love you more.
  • Add straw to livestock feed — worry about food supplies, replenish storerooms. Pay attention to the quality of canned food and be sure to remove from the far shelves the swollen jars, which have changed the color of stocks, packed bags.

What dreams of straw on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • A female dream book interprets straw as empty talk, absurd inventions, waste of time for endless discussion of not too important topics to the detriment of real work. You run the risk of being left without money and lose all weight in society. You will be treated unfairly, but your position will not cause sympathy.
  • Family dream book assures that the dream means undertakings that do not bring success, but associated with loss, anxiety for no reason, a waste of time.
  • Dream Vanga warns about the dangers of chatter and gossip. Evil jokes and slander, inventions and unnecessary details, told to blacken another person, can be a stain on your own reputation. You may be faced with the requirement to confirm your words and prove false statements. This situation is extremely humiliating and leads to a complete collapse and reputation and conceit. Refrain from gossip and direct your fantasy in a different direction.
  • The English dream book treats a straw through which someone drinks a cocktail in a dream as a sign of vulgarity and unfounded claims, high self-esteem. Sleeping on straw mattresses, wearing straw bales is a sign of light work that leaves a lot of free time.

What dreams of straw on dream books and interpretations of basic values


To dream of straw — a warning against wasting time and empty people. What appears from afar a golden glow and a romantic adventure can turn out to be an empty breed and a huge number of minor problems.

In the near future it is not necessary to arrange carefree pranks, charming entertainment, aimless meetings.

Instead of pleasant idleness, you can expect sudden problems and loss of reputation. If your work is related to the telling of fairy tales, stories, gaming industry — you have the opportunity to get rich quickly and get a huge fee.

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