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What dreams of stones: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of stones: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

A stone in a dream is a symbol of concentration of attention on something important in the life of a dreamer. Such an image in night dreams can have different meanings: negative, neutral and positive. It is recommended to take into account even the smallest details in order to make the most specific and accurate interpretation: the number of stones, location, appearance, condition, the dreamer’s own actions, plot, etc.

Famous dream books give their interpretations of dreams with stones.

The value of sleep may vary slightly depending on the sex of the person sleeping.

Both women and men stones dream of hard thoughts, reflections, making serious decisions. But the reason that made a person think, go into himself, will be different:

  1. 1. Girls dream of stones in the event that they are interpersonal relationships with someone. They can be any: romantic, friendly, partnership, kindred.
  2. 2. Men see such a dream either with problems in love relationships and marriage, or in work affairs, career, and professional plan.

What dreams of stones: interpretation of the dream

Initially, it should be remembered how the stone was in a dream, how it looked:

Characteristic stoneInterpretation of sleep
SmoothTo luck, success, luck, joy and finding a common language with all interlocutors
Ribbed (with a rough surface)Some question will hang over the dreamer, make you think, search for a solution
Smooth, round shapeTo rethinking, thinking, making some decisions
FlatThe situation will be presented to a person from a certain angle, which will later predetermine his point of view.
Square or triangularAn event will occur that will affect not only the dreamer, but several other people.
LuminousA useful idea will come to mind that will help you deal with the current difficulties in business.
Artificial (decorative)A person worries too much on trifles, fixates on trifles.
Broken (Cracked)There is a very difficult choice.
GrindingTo great joy, fun, happiness

The size of the subject also plays an important role:

  • Littlea rock — the usual household situation will lead to thoughts about something global.
  • Medium, large (cobble) — something strongly shock the dreamer, make you think.
  • Huge (boulder) — to rethinking, changing priorities and values.

To dream a lot of different stones — to change, diverse and eventful life, and many of the same — to the routine and boredom.

What dreams of stones: interpretation of the dream

In a completely different way, one can interpret a dream in which a person saw precious or semiprecious stones:

Gemstone nameInterpretation
AmethystTo difficulties in love relationships or parting
AquamarineTo find honest, selfless, loyal comrades
DiamondTo victory over enemies, rivals, detractors and getting the desired, the fulfillment of the cherished dream
TurquoiseTo luck, prosperity, financial profit, success in work or business
BasaltObstacles on the way to the goal
JetTo depression, loss, longing, sadness and sadness
HeliotropeSymbol of long life and happy, secured old age
PearlsTo tears or the betrayal of a close friend, girlfriend
EmeraldTo fame, success, luck, fulfillment of cherished desires
Cat’s eyeTo betrayal, deception of a loved one, suffering and longing
Lapis lazuliThe dreamer or dreamer will have very long, strong, happy and faithful love
MoonstoneTo dangerous and painted acts
OnyxTo devoted friendship, love, happiness, well-being
OpalTo illness, depression, attempts to deceive the dreamer in order to obtain some benefit
RubySuddenly, guests will come or relatives will come from afar
StalactiteTo a new turbulent romance, emotions, passion, feelings of love on the ground
SapphireGet rid of the dangers and problems
TopazIntuition will tell you what to do next, a fateful event will occur
TourmalineTo unexpected chance, unexpected sex, romance
ChrysoliteCare must be taken when communicating with people.
ChalcedonyTo the resumption of communication with someone from old acquaintances, friends, girlfriends, buddies
AmberFor a quick trip or a trip
JasperTo success in business, friendship and love

See minerals in a dream — a symbol of joy, overcoming difficulties, good luck in business. If they were crystallized — to inner harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

It is also important to take into account in which jewelry these stones were:

  • In earrings — to good, joyful news.
  • In a chain, necklace — to unexpected and dubious success.
  • In the ring — will have to take an oath, a promise to a loved one.
  • In a bracelet — to joy, wealth.
  • In the crown, diadem — to the contentment of themselves and their present position.

If, however, a decoration was dreamed, inside which there was an ordinary stone (pebble) — this is to inflated self-esteem. A person who has seen such a dream thinks of himself too well — better than it actually is.

In that case, when it was not possible to remember the specific name of the stone, you can be guided by its hue, color:

GreenTo find inner harmony and tranquility
PinkTo tender feelings, warm and kind emotions
Blue blueTo unexpected thoughts, new ideas
Red, burgundy, brownTo passion, experiences, new feelings and life circumstances
Purple, lilacTo inner experiences that a person will not show, tell about them to someone
YellowTo deception, lies, lies, doubts
The blackBesides, soon in real life there will be some kind of hardship, adversity, problems
WhiteTo bright and warm memories, thoughts, ideas
Golden (brilliant)To new circumstances, events, changes in life

Dreamed transparent stones — a sign that the life situation is perceived by a person calmly, the dreamer will not be nervous, will try to make a wise decision.

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