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What dreams of stones and the value of a dream with stones in a dream

Dreamed of the stones — the nuances of decoding for different dream books

We will understand what dreams of stones for dream-books and national signs. Large natural stones, rocks, boulders, mountains are a sign of calm strength, but also danger if you want to harm a stone, climb it, roll it down from the mountain, and mine. Small stones are those that can lie on the heart and create a number of different intractable problems.

Pebble beach in a dream — a lot of small difficulties.

What dreams of stones and the value of a dream with stones in a dream

Precious and ornamental stones in a dream have their own value. If you dream of “your” stone, or a stone that you consider your own — this dream means support, increase in internal forces, connection of reserves.

Just beautiful stones often mean deception and deceit.

Why dream of seeing stones under water, at the bottom of a river or the sea — a dream means that you see hidden dangers and should not ignore them. Do not rush into a new business without first examining all the details and possible risks.

Well, when the water is clear and the stones are visible. In this case, you can calculate the risks.

The stones in the muddy water, which you can guess by the flow and whirlpools — just do not take up the muddy cause.

The actual value of stones in a dream

If you remember the princess on a pea — the poor thing dreamed about rocky roads and boulders. The reason for that was a pea laid under a feather bed. Check your mattress.

Do not protruding springs, failures. Maybe you are uncomfortable to sleep. Change the mattress if it is uncomfortable or if you sleep on a dreadful folding sofa.

The second reason for dreaming with stones can be a health problem.

Pinched nerve in the neck and spine causes pain anywhere in the body, swelling, numbness. Possible problems with the cardiovascular system. One of the characteristic nightmares for heart problems is a gravestone, which slowly descends on the chest and squeezes the lungs.

The problem is easily solved by changing the mattress and buying an orthopedic pillow. Go for a massage, do gymnastics.

Quite often nightmares in a dream are just signals of your body.

What dreams of stones and the value of a dream with stones in a dream

Why dream of gems

  • Dazzling diamond, bewitching and fascinating with its brilliance — be careful, they are trying to fool you. Sparkling jewels are a clear sign that a not-so-good manipulator appeared in your company, trying to put dust into your eyes and bewitch you with flashing and sparkling. Ludicrous boasting, stupid praise and dubious compliments — all this is not just. They want to deceive you. Do not believe fake shine and not a single word.
  • Ruby — you have a secret passion or are infected with lust for power. In short, you are desperately lacking in love, and you really need it.
  • Emerald. You are actively engaged in intellectual activity. Feed your brain with beneficial vitamins and microelements, magnesium, potassium. You like your lifestyle. In general, you are fine.
  • Amber. You have a certain treasure and special warmth, warming the family hearth and are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your friends. Of course, and you have a bad mood. Mostly because you can’t ask for gifts. Believe me, the people who give you a gift will receive three times or four times more from fate. Stop being shy.
  • Ornamental stones, malachite, jasper, agate — you are very busy self-development and, perhaps, self-admiration. Unfortunately, this brings you only disappointment, although your inner world is truly developed and more than deserves attention. You will not hurt to open your hands a little and try to look around, learn to control emotions, soften them.
  • Coal, black shiny stones with fire inside. Maybe you are not having the best days. But you can handle it because of the heat of the heart. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, do not warm outsiders who want to just warm up and get care, warmth, comfort without the slightest care.

What dreams of stones and the value of a dream with stones in a dream

What do the stones mean by dream books

The dream of Veles says that seeing a stone in a dream means a serious obstacle and difficulty. The stone blocking the road — you will encounter difficulties in the work.

If the stone fell on the rails or on the highway, and you move on transport — you should seriously attend to the security of your business. The obstacle may be insurmountable.

Quarries, mines, galleries — you have a rather slow, but growing career. You may well rely on your own strength.

Throw stones — aggression. Throw stones at people and animals — you should learn to cope with your anger and temper. Throw small pebbles — crumble in the reproaches that you think you are entitled to.

Slow down. If you do good and good things, this is not a reason to humiliate those who got a little warmth from you.

Piles of stones — callousness and rudeness of others, indifference to your fate.

Freud’s dream interpretation interprets the stone as a sign of emotional coldness, indifference, even frigidity. For a man, a stone in a Freudian dream means rather offensive things — such a man absolutely in vain boasts of his victories and skills.

His merits are not in it. you still need to show more activity and sincere interest not only in the process of sexual intercourse, but also in the partner.

Dream Miller treats the stone as a sign of the difficult path with a high probability of failure

Some dream books treat such an event as tripping in a dream on a stone, as a herald of imminent death. This is a misinterpretation.

In a dream, you can even run up and jump from the highest cliff, and at the same time survive and not earn a single bruise.


To see a stone in a dream is most often a danger sign, a warning of fate. Who warned — that is armed.

Try not to grab the stones, but go around the obstacles and find the best way.

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