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What dreams of sperm in Freud’s dream book, Lynn, Longo

Sperm in a dream — especially the interpretation of the popular dream books

Intimate scenes in dreams are very popular, especially among the younger, younger generation. What dreams of sperm, we learn in the famous dream books.

General interpretation

Cum in a dream is a symbol of readiness for action. You are concentrated enough on the result, have high potential for health and knowledge.

You need to realize your experience, share wisdom, reserve for yourself what you could be proud of before future generations. Plans and ideas are quite formed, and you are standing at the start, anticipating to be the first at the finish line.

For people of more mature age, such a sign indicates a quick solution to a long-standing problem. Illumination will visit you, and you will quickly find the answer to the question that has tormented you for many years.

But if after ejaculation you feel empty in a dream — this will be a direct hint of imminent sexual impotence. It means that you should refrain from regular sexual intercourse and avoid frequent use of the means of raising potency.

A business man to find sperm on a suit — a dream indicates a situation that can put you in an awkward position. We’ll have to bring a lot of arguments and arguments in my own defense, but reputation and authority can be undermined.

It is possible to restore the previous status in the person of people who are useful to you by getting rid of excessive arrogance and disorder.

What dreams of sperm in Freud's dream book, Lynn, Longo

The young lady dreamed of wiping this white liquid from the floor — in reality, you can easily become an object of gossip and gossip. Evil tongues will long discuss your personal life, which suddenly became the object of their attention.

It should be prepared for the fact that your adventures will be known to relatives. The scandal is exhausted by your personal success in career or study.

For women, to feel in a dream this warm liquid on their face means to acknowledge their submission and devotion to an authoritative and authoritarian man. You do not wish to break for leadership in your relationship, fully submitting to the will of your spouse or lover.

Sometimes this position is very profitable for you and helps to influence the decisions and actions of the beloved.

The girl dreamed of seeing sperm stains on bedding in the bedroom — this may indicate a betrayal of the second half. Easy passion on the side, which you did not notice earlier, has long drawn you into the resulting love triangle.

Correct this situation will help your attention and tenderness to your spouse. The more you show your love and care, the sooner you eliminate your rival.

An unmarried girl to watch her groom’s ejaculation and see his delight — waking up to disappoint in their intentions and desires. By his behavior, he will demonstrate that your hopes for a quick wedding were in vain.

Do not take this relationship seriously, comprehend the experience and have fun. Find another meaning for your life, act and be curious.

What dreams of sperm in Freud's dream book, Lynn, Longo

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Sperm in a dream marks the strong potential of the sleeper. The more a man throws out this liquid, the brighter and more saturated will be the events in his life.

It is worth preparing for the fact that fate will create obstacles for you, provoke actions, and then reward you generously for success. Sex contacts in this case will be regular, as before.

But now you want to leave behind a mark on this earth. You will begin to think about the children and unconsciously look for a potential mother to your future offspring.

The young girl dreamed how a man ends the sexual act by pouring seed on her belly, and she feels it — such a dream clearly indicates the conception of a child. Pregnancy in this case will be long-awaited and will only give charm and charm to your image.

To experience unpleasant feelings with such a plot signifies that it was not your plan to become a mother in the near future. Then this dream warns to be more careful and discriminating in sexual contacts.

Newlyweds to see in a dream a lot of sperm — a good sign, you have a stormy honeymoon, filled with bright moments and events. This will bring you closer and strengthen your family happiness.

For those who are not married, such a scenario may warn of your excessive immorality. You are ready to do anything for a fun, love adventure, without thinking about the consequences of such orgies. Constancy and harmony in relationships are not included in your plans right now.

But in this way you can lose the precious time of your prime, health, beauty, youth, having missed the opportunity to meet something really real.

Denise Lynn

Male sperm personifies a strong start of the dreamer, the rise of his activity. The rise of strength and energy can concern not only the sexual sphere of life, but also career, creativity, friendship and family ties.

The period when it is easy for you to find a new way to receive money, meet a new love, conceive a child and raise healthy offspring.

What dreams of sperm in Freud's dream book, Lynn, Longo

Dense ejaculation in dreams reflects your accumulated life experience, which will help you to set priorities and follow your preferences, without changing the course of success.

The woman dreamed that she was doused with male spermatozoa, and she had this disgust — such a plot — a sign of the dreamer’s long-standing solitude. You suffer from your own insularity, low sociability and lack of high self-esteem.

Sometimes we ourselves create barriers and difficulties, dooming ourselves to failure. Believe in your success, learn to enjoy pleasant communication with a friend of the opposite sex, do not be afraid to make contact.

Strive to take everything from life, because she is alone, you will not have another chance.

Yuri Longo

A man dreamed of how he had finished under the caresses of a mysterious stranger and feels utter devastation — in reality, it symbolizes the dreamer’s helplessness in the proposed life circumstances. You are not always able to control your own emotions, feelings, and will. Sometimes it brings you trouble, from which you feel weak and depressed.

Take care of the development of your emotional intelligence, it will help control your own desires and control the behavior of others.

A young lady feels the taste of salty ejaculation on her lips and does not resist this — a dream opens your devotion to your partner, the sincerity of feelings towards him. You are ready for a serious step, seeing in him your other half.

It remains to be easy to find out what a lover is capable of for you.

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