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What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality

What dreams of sperm or a few unexpected facts about Spider-Man

Sperm in a dream — an integral part of puberty and erotic dreams. Such dreams are more common for boys than for girls and have a simple factual value.

Excretion of sperm may be veiled due to shyness and too bold dreams.

It is not easy for young people to accept changes in physiology that separate childhood from youth. An additional factor is a stained bed and the inability to sleep in pajamas.

To dream of sperm for young people means to be proud of yourself, feel shy about the changes and attention to them, fear reprimand for dirty laundry.

What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality

Actual value and Peter Parker

It is not in vain, Peter Parker — a youth of adolescence. At this age, there are some changes in the body, allowing you to splash everything with a white, viscous liquid.

No, in fact, this is not a magic web at all. There is a kind of superpowers, the true meaning of which is usually silent.

You may not be able to watch more movies about Spider-Man, but the fact remains that sperm is of paramount importance in human consciousness and Peter Parker seeks to splash his sperm to the maximum distance. Unlike ordinary teenagers, he is not criticized for this, but praised. He saves the world.

That’s what a teenager represents.

Don’t be surprised if sperm in a dream takes up half the room — just remember Peter Parker. Indeed, boys dream of something like that.

The standard volume of ejaculate 3-8 ml, this is not enough even to fill a glass of yogurt. That, however, does not prevent to dream of more.

Dreams just reflect dreams, showing an unattainable maximum. The dream reflects the maximum delight.

The ability to allocate sperm can be perceived by the subconscious as a superpower. In the real world, the result of such dreams can be stained bedding.

Do not scold the new superheroes and do not force them to wear pajamas. Try to treat innovation as delicately and with understanding.

It is not in vain superpowers should be kept secret.

What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality

Basic Values

  • A lot of sperm in a dream — complacency, self-reliance, boasting.
  • Powerful jet — to luck and success.
  • Smearing on the surrounding objects and on your own body, trying to shoot a jet to the sun or the neighboring building — is the process of self-knowledge, the study of their own capabilities.
  • Fiddle with test tubes, pour sperm, study it under a microscope — to new discoveries. Search your place. Such a dream shows a positive attitude towards the world but also a high level of criticality. You clearly doubt your decisions and are looking for solid evidence. A scientific approach is really capable of providing more arguments than any other. Doubts are good, as they keep from rash and hasty actions.
  • Sperm, which is sprayed on the girls, leading them to delight and humility — a sign of power, or rather the dream of superiority. Good dreams, just do not get carried away. Real girls are very different from obedient and enthusiastic gurias from dreams.
  • Web is a frequent allegory of sperm in female dreams. The need to remove the web to go further — you have to put up with some inconveniences in order to develop relationships.
  • Black, green, dark sperm — fears in their own insolvency, fear of internal aggression, imperfection. For women, the abnormal and unpleasant color of discharge means promiscuity in contacts and fear of sexually transmitted diseases, fear of pregnancy, fear of a partner. It makes sense to slow down a bit and limit the ease of contacts, perhaps changing the social circle.

What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality

Values ​​of sperm in a dream according to recognized sources

  • A female dream book treats sperm in a dream as an unexpected enrichment, excellent health, possible pregnancy, a happy affair with a good sexual component. To smear a male seed over the face and body is a possible dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance, coquetry, practicality. It is known that the seed contains zinc, magnesium, potassium, collagen in such concentrations that are impossible even in the best cosmetics. In addition, you can not doubt the naturalness and high environmental friendliness of the product.
  • A Chinese dream book interprets sperm in a dream as the seed of a celestial dragon — a sign of complete victory over competitors and absolute superiority. What is significant, this dream has a common interpretation for men and women.

What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality


To see sperm in a dream is a great sign for young people or for women who consciously want pregnancy. For women, sperm in a dream can be a sign of male sexuality without rejection.

Most likely, this means that you have found the man who is good for you. Rejection of sperm, disgust, disgust show that either you are not quite ready for sexual relations, or you have not found a suitable pair.

But most importantly, the importance of sperm in a dream for young people. The example of Peter Parker can help to survive the difficult period of the restructuring of the body.

Please note, the sperm initially dreams of whatever sex and relationships.

This is a private opportunity, something that distinguishes men from women. In a dream, a feeling of omnipotence awakens, new opportunities usually evoke pure and unclouded delight.

What dreams of sperm in a dream for dream books and what does it mean in reality

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