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What dreams of someone else’s wedding on dream books and interpretations of basic values

How to understand a dream, if someone else dreamed of a wedding and how to find the right interpretation

A wedding is a solemn day for announcing to the whole world that two people have decided to tie their lives together by one fate. For this reason, weddings are always noisy and crowded action, because you need to notify all relatives, friends and acquaintances and, thus, fasten your union in public opinion.

A foreign wedding in a dream, a cavalcade of cars, slipping past — a reminder of family, home, responsibilities towards loved ones. Perhaps this is an appeal to conscience, a sign that you have moved away from your relatives.

Consider what dreams of someone else’s dream wedding.

What dreams of someone else's wedding on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

Someone else’s wedding always means envy. You can assure as much as you like that matrimonial plans and idyllic family pictures —

it’s not about you that you don’t want to meet old age with someone, share other people’s diseases and share your weaknesses. You can even say that now is absolutely the wrong time to create a family, that you are too young or have already outgrown romantic illusions.

This is all untrue, because the dream gives out your cherished desires that you may even harbor from yourself.

You dream of a warm home, but do not burn with the desire to care for him. That is why the wedding in your dream — someone else.

This is what the wedding procession, passing by, says. You are not ready for family life at the moment.

  • An extraneous, absolutely alien wedding in reality is always fortunately. Strictly speaking, it is considered a good sign to see the bride in wedding clothes. The more brides — the more good luck you will meet soon.
  • Walking at the wedding as a guest — to the fulfillment of desires, meeting with friends. If you dream that you are an official friend of the groom or bridesmaid — it is quite possible pleasant news in your own personal life. It does not matter if you are familiar with the bride and groom in reality. Dreams have their own laws.
  • Magnificent festivities with a crowd of merry people in nature or in a spacious hall, in a palace, in a luxurious villa — it looks like you are lucky. Enjoy your life and catch your luck.
  • To be in the role of leader — a dream warns that you often confuse work and entertainment. Trying to have fun at work and work during the holidays. Get together and focus on your current tasks. If you come to work — work. And having allocated time for entertainment — do not be distracted by work.
  • To dream of a wedding of your young man or your girlfriend is not a completely foreign wedding, but in fact, it is a sign that you will soon become completely strangers. Such a dream — to parting because of irreconcilable differences, fatigue from each other, a mismatch of views on a better life.
  • To be a guest at a secret marriage, which is held without notifying relatives, in a narrow circle of friends — the danger of being involved in a dubious affair. The unpleasant thing is that if you find out about the details of the case, it will be harder for you to refuse, even if you don’t completely agree, because they will look at you with suspicion. You risk losing the friendship and favor of good acquaintances.
  • A scandalous ceremony with an escaped bride or groom means a ridiculous situation in reality. You will not get the promise, but if you try, you will be able to get a good compensation that suits everyone. Do not rush to admit defeat or be disappointed. Firmly and aggressively protect your interests.
  • The scandal that you yourself are plotting — to the troubles of loved ones.

What dreams of someone else's wedding on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller interprets someone else’s wedding completely strangers, where you happened to be a guest, not understanding how — to a misunderstanding at work. If the celebration concerns your buddies — this is an increase in business, new opportunities and interesting acquaintances. Do not refuse to communicate with people and try not to look closed, so as not to miss a profitable offer. Miller girls assures that the marriage of a young man in a dream does not matter, it is a manifestation of jealousy and anxiety.
  • Dream Vanga calls for help to relatives and friends who may get into a difficult situation. This is especially true of the dream, in which you were at the place of honor after the young.
  • A female dream book treats someone else’s wedding in a dream, as a sign to hurry up with her own or refuse it. If your girlfriend gets married — this is jealousy. If a friend marries your husband or young man, it is possible that jealousy has some grounds.
  • The Chinese dream book interprets a dream, on which you were expelled from the celebration, as a sign that all the worst has already happened in a dream. In reality, there is nothing to worry about.
  • The Persian dream book says that you will meet a greedy woman who drinks from you all the vital juices, captures the heart and tries to take away all the money. For a woman, the situation is a mirror; she should be wary of a beautiful young man who will deceive with false speeches, seduce and try to ruin.

What dreams of someone else's wedding on dream books and interpretations of basic values


To dream of someone else’s wedding is characteristic of people with their own unsettled personal life. You are trying to try on the solemn part of the action, but you understand that it is more comfortable for you to remain as a guest.

This is a good decision, no less pleasures and delicious food will be gained than the hero of the day, but no duties and ruinous accounts. Sleep promises pleasure and luck in all your endeavors, good news, success in business and light scandals in your personal life.

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