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What dreams of someone else’s wedding: interpretation of the dream

Dreaming someone else’s wedding: interpretation of night vision in dream books

In the esoteric, the wedding and the rites preceding it are the personification of love and devotion of two loving people. Therefore, dreams in which a person is present at a wedding reflect his dreams and love experiences. The presence of a sleeper at someone else’s wedding is a symbol of changes in life and the emergence of new perspectives and opportunities.

Marrying close relatives indicates that the dreamer must spend more time with his family. The wedding of friends is a harbinger of dizzying changes.

Having fun at the wedding of strangers — to meet with old friends.

When interpreting a vision, it is important to consider the sex of the sleeper and his marital status.

What dreams of someone else's wedding: interpretation of the dream

  • A young girl dream promises the fulfillment of a cherished desire in the near future. If in a dream she saw someone else’s wedding, then it is likely that a stranger will help her to fulfill the dream.
  • To a divorced woman, night vision heralds acquaintance with a man who will arouse her sympathy. Interest will be mutual and soon a novel will be born between the dreamer and her admirer.
  • For a married woman, a dream in which she sees herself as a guest at the wedding of her spouse promises quarrels and domestic conflicts with her beloved. To maintain relationships, the dreamer will have to be diplomatic and compromise with her husband.
  • Being present at the daughter’s wedding and feeling like a stranger at a holiday is a sign that the sleeping person tends to spend more time with her child, but she does not always succeed. A woman is upset that she cannot devote more time to communicating with her daughter.

What dreams of someone else's wedding: interpretation of the dream

The treatment of night vision:

  • The marriage of a colleague or boss promises to the dreamer success in professional activities. An alternative interpretation indicates that the man’s dream, about which he had long dreamed, will soon come true.
  • For a married man to play the role of toastmaster on a holiday is a sign that he should devote more time to his family and more often help his spouse with homework.
  • Mourning at the wedding — a warning to the subconscious of the danger. For the near future, the dream book recommends that flights and long journeys be postponed.
  • A guy who sees a merry wedding, a dream foretells a pleasant evening in the company of his girlfriend or a meeting with old friends.

What dreams of someone else's wedding: interpretation of the dream

Interpretations of dream scenes in the dream books of famous authors are presented in the table:

Dream WriterInterpretation
  • For a person who finds himself in a difficult life situation, a dream in which he had to walk at someone else’s wedding is an auspicious sign. Soon the problems of the sleeper will be resolved, he will again feel the joy of life.
  • Watch from the side of the wedding of his young man — to baseless anxieties and unrest in reality.
  • Mourning on someone else’s wedding is a bad sign. In the life of a person close to the dreamer, a difficult period will come. There may be health problems, failures at work and frequent quarrels with others.
  • Being an honored guest at a wedding is a sign that in real life the dreamer will have to give support to a close friend or family member. We should not ignore the requests for help — in the future this will negatively affect the life of the sleeper.
  • Having fun on a holiday — to have a good time with friends. If the dream is seen by a person who does not have the second half, then soon he will meet his love, and his life will change radically
  • A happy and joyful celebration is a sign that the sleeper has correctly set priorities in life and is confidently moving towards the achievement of his goals.
  • A sad wedding attended by strangers is a sign that the dreamer has taken on too much responsibility. It is likely that, despite all the efforts made, he will not cope with his obligations
  • For an unmarried girl, sleep is a reflection of her subconscious fear of serious relationship. She wants to meet a loved one, but is afraid of responsibility.
  • If the sleeper has a soul mate, then the dream prophesies him passionate sex. Alternative treatment indicates good news.

In the life of the dreamer unpleasant events will occur. Morally he should have been prepared for the difficulties, having survived which he will become wiser and gain self-confidence.

  • An unmarried girl / unmarried man sleep promises a quick marriage.
  • Married woman wedding foreshadows the addition of a family.
  • Dance on a holiday — warning of the danger from the opposite sex. If a dream dreamed of a young girl, then she should be careful when dealing with unfamiliar men so as not to become a victim of a seducer

Participating in preparation for the celebration is a sign that in real life the dreamer often helps people and takes on the solution of other people’s problems. He must learn to think first about himself and not allow others to use his kindness for mercenary purposes.

A foreign wedding without a groom is a dream — a reflection of the problems that the dreamer experiences in his personal life. Dream interpretation indicates that the sleeper’s jealousy prevents him from finding his love and building a strong family.

You should trust your soul mate more and respect her personal aspirations.

Helping the bride to wear a white wedding dress is for passionate sex.

Getting ready for a wedding is the personification of the dreamer’s desire for change. If he is not afraid to take risks and get out of his comfort zone, then he will be able to bring diversity to his usual way of life.

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